endless summer

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Dancing around because it’s the weeeekend! I’m still working Saturday and Sunday but regardless- the principle is still there. Kind of been a tough week so it’s nice to know it’s almost over. Friday night’s plans fell through so I ended up ordering pizza and binge-watching That 70s Show and YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD A GREAT TIME. Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American loves! This Aussie-Australian family celebrated last weekend with cream-topped pumpkin pie and VB beer because both cultures had to be honoured.

Can you tell I’ve got a thing for this rust colour? It reminds me of summer and sunsets and makes a (fake) tan look so good. And hats. Always hats. Also have been pairing this black belt with everything and would highly recommend you guys pick one up too. They are a godsend.

Well I’m off to get a very large coffee before work. There’s a new video out tonight and I’ll talk to y’all very soon! MUCH LOVE ♡

Wearing: Luck & Trouble playsuit via Universal Store, Glassons hat, Supre belt (similar), Finery boots.

a perfect day

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Yesterday Kurt and I drank four cups of coffee each respectively and watched a seriously beautiful sunset. It was, truly, a near-perfect day- minus the 40-degree heat, that is. Wondering why my face isn’t in these photos? OH, maybe it’s because I was sweaty AF. Because I was.

I love taking little adventures like this and sharing them with you guys. My life isn’t all that exciting but I guess it gives you a little glimpse into my everyday. Speaking of- have you seen my latest Youtube video? We’re so close to 5000 subscribers so if you have any requests let me know! ♡

Wearing: Dissh Top, jeans c/o Justa Local Store.

little black dress ♡

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Hello sweet lil angel cherubs. How are we all tonight? I feel like it’s been 5ever since we talked so lemme catch you up.

I was working a tonne this week and also not feeling 100% myself- I just had no motivation to do anything, really. It’s not a feeling I’m used to and I can’t say I enjoyed it too much. Really didn’t help that Queensland decided to turn into the fiery pits of hell either. It was upwards of 40 degrees more than once. AND THEN last night went from 0-60 real quick when somebody thought tequila shots might be a good idea. Needless to say I slept/recovered for most of the morning- only surfacing for this afternoon’s Thanksgiving event. Now I’m full of pumpkin pie and happiness and ready for a new week, tbh.

OH but shoutout to the 4 sweet lil angel cherub READERS I met this week because that was THE COOLEST THING EVER. Meeting you guys is so freaking cool and I never know what to say so I kind of just stand there marvelling at how cute you all are. So here are these photos for y’all- I love this dress, so much. There will be new photos/a new video tomorrow PINKY SWEAR. SO much lovin.


Wearing: Its Boutique dress, Windsor Smith shoes. 


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WASSUP BEAUTIFUL INTERNET PEOPLE! Look at me- posting this before 1 am. Snaps for Izzy. I wore this little getup to work (minus uncomfortable heels, I might add) and then took these photos in front of roughly 25 people. I’m exaggerating, but considering my usual crowd is one- mum- it was a little uncomfortable. Plus, as we were leaving, one of the mechanics from the shop opposite kindly informed us that there are a lot of fleas in the area. And that we may not want to take photos there again. ACTUAL FLEAS. I HAVE FLEA BITES. I hope that makes you feel better about your life.

OH AND PS I’ll be hanging out at Dissh’s VIP night on Thursday!  I love the brand to death and am very excited to get my mitts on 20% off new arrivals (like this getup). Rumour has it there will be candy. You can see the event here for the full deets!


Dad is away and we are currently eating pancakes w/ maple syrup for dinner and watching episode #4 of Jane the Virgin. Fantastic and recommend doing both. Simultaneously. Hope y’all have been well- there will be a new Youtube video tomorrow so keep yo’ eyes peeled. So, so much love. ❤

Wearing: Dissh Top, Dissh Skirt, Supre belt, Windsor Smith heels