trans-seasonal style// dolly blog squad- april issue

Posted on: Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The cold weather is upon us and I’m ready. I’m armed with bubblegum-scented jellies and fuzzy sweaters (bubblegum-scented jellies are appropriate for all seasons, OKAY?!?) and although it may still be 25 degrees every day, it’s going to happen. It will. So here’s a little collection of my favourite things right now: fluffy sweaters, Lorde and flowers.

This month’s issue of Dolly (in case you’re new here, I do a mini-review of the mag every month) featured some surprisingly handy advice, particularly in the skincare and beauty areas (how to treat annoying spots, two ways to use lipstick, eyeliner, etc.). Also, appropriately, an article about how to take Summer fashion right through to Winter. Plus it had Josh Hutcherson on the front. And he’s a dreamboat (yes, I just used dreamboat, but srsly he is). All in all I really liked this month’s issue, and found myself reading and re-reading it whilst on holidays in Byron. It has that relaxing, uber-girly quality about it that sometimes you just need.

Hope you liked this quick lil’ post. And if you haven’t seen it already- I made a new Youtube video about a project I’ve been working on called #LOVEMYSELFIE. If you wanted to get involved, it would be awesome if you could simply upload a selfie and hashtag #lovemyselfie. There’s no competition or company attached, just something I wanted to do. And I’m planning a blog post soon with a little round-up of my favourite selfies. Have a great day!

Pictured (clockwise from top left): Jellies (BUBBLEGUM SCENTED!) c/o Melissa, Typo headphones, The Lost Girls sweater, little sister’s iPad (and Lorde’s Pure Heroine album aka best album ever), blouse c/o Three of Something, Dolly mag.

my coachella lookbook + giveaway

Posted on: Monday, April 21, 2014

As terribly cliche and over-stated this is: I’d rather be at Coachella. I’m not going to lie, it’s really hard scrolling through my Instagram feed with #coachella on every second photo. So, along with living vicariously through a carefully curated playlist and Youtube videos, I’ve created a little lookbook. Because the fashion is half of the festival, let’s be real. And festival dressing is at least 10x funner than normal dressing, considering it allows sequins stuck all over your face and every print combination imaginable. Let’s get into it.

Lace, boho print, rustic silver accessories and a sturdy pair of boots. Typical, but fail-safe.

Wearing: Factorie dress, kimono c/o Missguided, Lipstik boots (worn throughout), sunglasses c/o ZeroUV, Mum’s belt.

Whipping out the Miley buns and pairing it with ripped denim and one of the best t-shirts ever. There’s really never been a more appropriate time. Colour and comfort are essential.

Wearing: Tee c/o We Dream Alone, Shorts c/o Lulu*s, vintage backpack, sunglasses c/o ZeroUV.

Finally, in true festival style, sunflowers and a floppy hat. A simple tip is to tie knots in everything, it can easily transform a top into a crop.

Wearing: Thrifted top, thrifted skirt, Mum’s belt, hat c/o Oasap.

And finally, I’m re-giving away this Misguided kimono due to zero response from a few different winners last time. Just tell me which look is your favourite and leave your email! xo


my cup of tea

Posted on: Thursday, April 17, 2014


After emerging from my room, following the classic hour-long session deciding what to wear, my little sister immediately told me I looked like a librarian. “A cool one though. Not an old one. Like, that’s a good thing.” Despite the almost-insult I love dressing up, and one of my favourite aspects of fashion is the way it can change who you are. Not totally, none of that split-personality who-am-I garbage, but feeling like a librarian on Tuesday and Miley Cyrus on Saturday. The best part about this ensemble? The steaming cups of tea (or coffee, whatever floats your boat) all over it. Food+fashion= happiness. And glasses! Four-eyes and proud. Own it, sista.

Holidays are treating me right. Please don’t make me go back to school next week. Plz.

Wearing: Dress c/o Paint the Town, cardigan c/o Oasap, E&E glasses, shoes c/o Shellys London.


Posted on: Monday, April 14, 2014


I’m back! For once, I haven’t posted because I’ve simply been too busy- not because I’ve watched a few too many re-runs of Friends. My life really isn’t usually this exciting. I headed straight from Byron, where my last post was shot, to Melbourne; toting my little suitcase and getting suitably lost in the airport. The One Night Stand Sleepwear event was a huge success, and Jamie and his crew managed to raise over $23,000 for kids sleeping it rough. There’s something immensely satisfying about blogging with a purpose. I’ll most likely have a post coming about it soon. Most likely. But let’s just address the obvious here: how completely and utterly Audrey-Hepburn is this dress?

A classic dress like this deserved a beautiful location. Melbourne’s new GPO is surprisingly stunning piece of architecture, and frankly nothing like any department store I’ve ever seen. Only in Melbourne. Because I’m tired, and my bedroom floor is strewn with half-unpacked suitcases, I’m going to cut this potential ramble short. Yay for holidays!

Wearing: Cue dress, MAC lipstick in MAC Red.


sport luxe

Posted on: Thursday, April 10, 2014


Apparently I’ve been really feeling the sports-luxe vibes since being here, seeing as I found myself with a skateboard in my last post, and an NYC sweatshirt in this one. And these sunglasses, always. But honestly, this is probably the most clothing I’ve worn at one time since being here. It’s really been non-stop bikini weather featuring denim shorts and a distinct lack of shoes. Bliss.

I’m currently gearing up for my second mini-trip of the holidays to Melbourne. Heading straight from this airport to the next and going to an event in the city with Kurt. Of course, you’ll all be updated via Instagram etc… especially since my life hasn’t been this exciting in a while. And on that note, I’m off to the beach with a copy of The Great Gatsby, a big floppy hat and snacks. Good morning! xo

Wearing: My friend Lili’s sweatshirt, skirt c/o Ringuet, sunglasses c/o ZeroUV, Converse sneakers.


Posted on: Sunday, April 6, 2014


Long time no speak… and look where I am! I made it through exam block and launched into holidays, kicking it off with a three-hour road trip to my happy place, Byron Bay. Life was so hectic during exam time I didn’t get a chance to post, and spent all of yesterday either driving, unpacking or sleeping. So we’ve settled in to beach life, and I have to say, I’m enjoying it. Stoked to show you all the beauty of this place (check my Instagram to see my adorable encounter this morning) and take some really cool photos. Maybe even get a tan. But probably not.

Bought this cropped sweater on a whim today, it was a little breezy outside (which, evidently, passed within 10 minutes) and it was only $50 and I had to buy it. The justification’s all there. Paired with these super-distressed shorts from Lulu*s, which are an above-the-knee cut which is different and surprisingly flattering. Also a skateboard, which ironically, I couldn’t ride if my life depended on it. But the outfit was skater-y and it was just sitting there, begging me to pretend that I actually skate all the time. Un-coordinated but stylish. Me in a nutshell.

I’ll be back ASAP with something beach-y and awesome for you all. Hope you’re enjoying the holidays! xo

Wearing: Nunui sweater, shorts c/o Lulu*s, sunglasses c/o ZeroUV.


lady danger

Posted on: Tuesday, April 1, 2014


And here we have the Izzy take on a slinky red mini. Add a worn pair of black boots, some oversized denim, sunglasses and a high ponytail and you could be going anywhere. Maybe not grocery shopping, but hey- whatever floats your boat. Dressing down is an artform that, when perfected, is both economical and functional. Buy an expensive dress, wear it all the time. Winning! This slinky number is from Ladakh, FYI, and the denim is taken from the back of Dad’s musky closet.

I will spare you the usual school complaints and try to muster up something interesting. Holidays in a week and I’m off to Byron with the fam (expect beach photo influx) followed by a possibly-probably-maybe trip to Melbourne. And because I’m never apart from the internet, the chances of frequent blog posts are very high. What are you guys up to? xo

Wearing: Dress c/o Ladakh, sunglasses c/o ZeroUV, Miss Shop boots, Dad’s Denim.



Posted on: Saturday, March 29, 2014


Another round of snaps courtesy of my resident photographer of late, Kurt. Really appreciating the fact that he forced me to take three different rounds of photos on Saturday afternoon, seeing as I’ve had no time/energy to do anything lately. In a weird clash of events I ended up with two jobs (Mexican restaurant and clothing boutique, FYI), my blog, a social life and a looming exam block this week. Woops. But getting back to fashion, I rediscovered this skort in the depths of my floordrobe a few days ago and have been wearing it non-stop. The best part about cleaning my room is no doubt the ridiculous amount of things I find that I never knew I had. It’s like Christmas everytime I decide to clean my wardrobe. I may or may not be easily amused.

Cutting this short because I’m planning on procrastinating for at least an hour before I start any form of schoolwork. Planning for procrastination. Now that’s organised.

Speaking of organisation, with things being so hectic lately I’ve had to pull myself together and figure out a routine. Let me know if you guys would like to see a post on how to balance everything/stay organised when things get hectic. And happy weekend. xo

Wearing; Top c/o Three of Something, skirt c/o Oasap, shoes c/o Shop Priceless.


Posted on: Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Another psychedelic print has stolen my heart. Who needs boys anyway? I used to be one of those people who wore what everybody else was wearing, who stuck to denim shorts and black tees until the next trend came along. Starting my blog helped me to come out of my shell a little, and these days I wouldn’t feel myself without bold colour, holographic sandals and crazy prints. This is getting cheesy. My point? This shirt is the best thing since the fruit toast I had for breakfast yesterday. And that was pretty good.

I’m sorry if I seem a little erratic, I actually think lack of sleep/increase in school-work has left me somewhat scattered. Please, please let next week be over soon. Exam block will be the death of me.

But on a happier note, I finally reached 10,000 followers on Instagram! It all seemed to happen so quickly and I could not be more stoked. Kurt made me a cake, I had the full celebrity treatment at school and am now referred to as “Miss 10K.” This is why I have the best friends ever. Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday (even if it is Wednesday.. halfway into the week, yech) and I’ll talk to you soon! xo

Wearing: Shirt c/o Ringuet, skort c/o Oasap.


Posted on: Sunday, March 23, 2014


No, I haven’t actually been abducted by aliens. I’m still here, on planet Earth, just a little disjointed from the blog scene these past few days. School, work and socialising all factored in to one chaotic week, and nothing made me happier than finishing it off with an afternoon of shooting with Leah and Kurt. This daisy dress makes me almost wish we weren’t going into winter (almost… I like hot drinks and I’m always pale so winter’s kinda my thang) and is a definite mood-booster. Add sandals, a hat and a bralette and you’ve got my hot-weather uniform. Ice cold juice mandatory, beach hair optional.

Like I said, it was a big afternoon of shooting, so don’t be disheartened when I say that I have to go. Now I have to go. Bed is calling and we all know a Monday morning requires 90% more willpower to actually wake up to. Hope you all had an amazing week, and I’ll be back very soon! xo

Wearing: Dress c/o Ali & Kris, bralette c/o Tarte Vintage, hat c/o Oasap, Novo sandals.


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