how to wear: flare jeans

Wearing: crop and jeans c/o Supre, heels c/o Lovely Wholesale, Thrifted backpack.

So it’s 12am and I procrastinated SO HARD on this post even I’m impressed. Or disgusted. Can’t really tell because it’s 12am and I have to be UP AND READY TO GO in 4 hrs. Sweet. Awesome. No problem. If you’ve got no clue what I’m on about, I leave for the major music festival Splendour in the Grass tomorrow morning and I’m freaking out a wee bit. The good news is, I’m only bringing half my wardrobe. Excellent packing skills.

Feels like I haven’t been here in a while and I miss you all too much :( <— see? But since we last spoke I’ve had the chance to meet 4 of you in person which is kind of the coolest thing ever. I think I fangirl harder than you guys tbh. I don’t know, I’m just really happy to be blogging and making videos right now. I mean I always am, but lately especially. OH and the point of this post: I bought these bomb-ass flare jeans at the Supre Surfers store opening. They are a tricky piece to style so I thought I’d put a look together. Keeping it simple with black and modernizing them with trendy pieces really helps. Also add platforms and your legs look 13000 metres long.

I hate to not write more but a) I don’t want to bore you and b) I gotta get some sleep, man. There’s going to be a lot of coffee required in the morning. I don’t think there will be much on here in the next few days simply because I will be out of wifi range and I’m too damn disorganised to schedule rn. BUT if you follow me on insta/twitter I will be posting fairly frequently from the festival! Okay bye now! Love y’all! Talk soon!


blonde ambition

IMG_1664IMG_1745IMG_1691IMG_1725IMG_1693 IMG_1744
Wearing: Dion Lee for Target bustier and jacket, jeans c/o Living Doll (similar here), necklace c/o The Haute Pursuit, heels c/o Missguided (similar here).

I HAVE A BLONDE HEAD. Don’t even ask me how this happened. I guess I got sick of wondering what it would look like and just marched into the hairdressers with enough magazines to last me through 4 hours of bleaching. Or something. Basically it’s not a true blonde, it’s kind of a lazy, I-couldn’t-be-bothered-getting-my-roots-touched up blonde. We left a lot of my natural base colour and lifted it as much as we could. I’ll be honest, it’s a little more orange-y yellow-y tinged than ashy, but nothing a few rounds of toning can’t fix. God it’s complicated being blonde. 

And let’s just say after I got it done I had a small existential crisis. Just a little one. Followed up by my photos not turning out, my friends not texting me back- blah, winge, first world problems. But I didn’t get an Instagram, blog post or video up- so catching up now. Just a warning: my internet is the absolute worst and it may or may not take 13 years to upload a video. ANYWAYS I needed to get this up before I passed out with my sweet love- my electric blanket. Basically freezing over here in QLD so thank u Aldi for providing the goods. ANYWAYS, I love you all and hope you like the new hurr. Goodnight babes x

simple things

IMG_0149 copyIMG_0141IMG_0208IMG_0144IMG_0210IMG_0155
Wearing: fallenBROKENstreet hat, dress c/o Ziggy Denim, fringed jacket c/o Missguided, Maidenlove boots c/o Justa Local Store ( sold out, similar here

Photos by Kurt Burgess. 

I successfully forced Kurt to take photos of me! It takes a lot of convincing, let me tell you. And it took double that to get him on camera (for a YT video) yesterday afternoon. This is what it’s like to be friends with me, folks. We also had the best time last night laughing at videos of me under anaesthetic (u don’t even wanna know) and playing Mario Kart. Australia’s going through some weird-ass cold snap so the fire was blazing and the teapot was warm. It’s the simple things.

But in saying that I also have to say “whoops!” because I accidentally abandoned the internet for almost an entire weekend. Believe it or not I do things for my blog/social media every single day and even 1 day away can hurt me a little. I did accidentally blow some money on this hat while I was gone too. Splendour’s in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!~ and I couldn’t help it. We have the gorgeous boutique called Number Nineteen and it’s dangerous. Really, really dangerous.

While I’ve been MIA: my first article was published on Into the Fold and I kind of poured my heart and soul into it. I’m running a super-cool giveaway for my Brisbane and Gold Coast gals and it involves shopping. I ran into a pole whilst parking, spilt water on my laptop and wore an entire outfit inside-out. All in the same morning. Sorry Mum and Dad. HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?! I miss y’all so catch me up. So much love xo



Wearing: pinafore c/o Boohoo, blouse (worn underneath) c/o Minkpink (similar here), hat c/o Supre (similar here), Sportsgirl thigh-highs, boots c/o Shellys London (similar here).

Hello loves! I know you all saw an Instagram saying this would be up last night, but as I was writing it I fell asleep with my shoes on and the laptop falling out of my hands. This is not an uncommon occurrence. But it’s a beautiful Sunday morning and it’s up now? Forgive me?

If you watched my haul you’d know I’m digging this pinafore- anything that makes me feel like a British schoolgirl is a winner in my list. Also, this is a prime example of how the hat can cure all bad hair days. You can’t even tell that I had a split-end-frizz-bomb going on yesterday. Speaking of which, I’m going blonde on Wednesday! Finally! I’m so excited to show ya’ll the results. I have high hopes.

So my life: chilling, making youtube videos, finally getting to hang out with my friends. They can’t leave me again for any kind of cruise. I’v decided. I’m also vlogging at the moment so that should be up soon- but follow me on Snapchat (isabellawight) for daily updates! And if you’re a Brisbane/Gold Coast girl keep an eye on my Instagram for a special surprise today. Much love and happy Sunday!