a few things

 {Macaroons from our trip to the city! Finally!}
 {Beautiful pastel embellished blouse}
 {The best body scrub in the world}
{Valentine’s Day fairy lights from Maria}
These things keep me sane in the chaos that is currently my life. Last week was full of -ugh- school and this week the best Mother ever took me into the city. We found macaroons after hours of searching in Starbucks and Copenhagen and bought about 11. It’s kind of a big deal. As we were walking to catch the train a man stood, absolutely fixated on these macaroons, just staring at them in my hands. He then proceeded to run after us asking-in broken English- where we had gotten our “cakes”. It was sweet, but by the determination in his eyes you would have thought he was going to pounce on me and wrestle the macaroons from my hands. J’adore the city.
  • Two Buttons

    >These pictures are gorgeous. I'm going to attempt to make macaroons myself sometime.. I wish I lived near a city..
    xx Jane

  • Kailey

    >What a sweet post – that body scrub looks incredible! ^^

  • Sydney L.
  • Gabriele

    >Beautiful photos. :) I love macaroons they look good on the outside and are absolutely delish on the inside. :)Have agreat week. xx

  • francisdodson

    >Those valentines lights are so cute :) x

  • batblush

    >Haha, that man sounds so funny XD Your pictures are lovely, as usual!

  • iam3332

    >You make me smile.

  • Brandi, The Beatniq

    >Love the pictures! I think I might be the only person ever to not have had macarons.

  • Maria

    >Aww, pez ya spoil me! I love this little collection of photos. I honestly think that body scrub was our best purchase ever! :) And macarons!!! Yum, yum, yum. The 'cakes' guy sounds hilarious, I can just imagine it!
    xo Maria

  • Lauren

    >Those macaroons like so delightful! I've not had a good macaroon for a while. So many pretty things in this post.


  • Rebecca

    >I love macarons! Haven't had any for so, so long. That man sounds like a right weirdo, thank god he didn't try to steal them!

  • Marta

    >You have amazing blog and unique style :) xx

  • Mirthe

    >First time on blog blog and I absolutely love it: following right away!

  • RuBee

    >Very cute photos. x

  • Amy Jessica

    >Lovely photos, and that story about the man chasing you is so sweet :-)
    much love