aquamarine + giveaway!

Accessorising has never really come easily to me- hence the reason I love this dress. Between the cutouts and beading there’s really no need for a piece of jewellery. I love having “special occasion” dresses in my closet- they’re not something I buy frequently, and so I never seem to have anything to wear to dressy events. I’m totally ready to wear this out with boots and tights in winter! Do excuse my hair, I’m still getting used to styling it when it’s so short. And in the process of trying to curl it I accidentally crimped a bit into a huge kink right next to my face. Hair- 1. Izzy- 0.

Yes, I know it’s been forever since my last post. This past week I was in hospital for three solid days and in and out of doctors appointments for the rest. A nasty infection led to me basically having a hole cut into my leg, and it’s been hard to walk, let alone take outfit photos. Thank you to all those who have messaged/commented their best wishes- everything went so smoothly and I definitely rocked the purple hospital gown. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Also, Koogal is having a giveaway to win a $250 gift voucher. Just click the link here for details!

Wearing: Koogal dress, Jo Mercer shoes. 


  • Sarah

    absolutely beautiful as usual! and your hair looks lovely


  • Steph

    Your style is so perfect. I don’t think there has been a post you have done that I didn’t like. So rare for me to find blogs that I really LOVE. Keep it up Izzy!! xx

  • Nadine Co

    That dress is perfect- the color, cutout, silhouette, you look amazing! <3

  • Veronica

    This dress is absolutely lovely and I love your haircut. I hope your leg feels better!

  • Rose

    Pretty cutouts! Love that color.

    Blonde in this City

  • Tiana

    Dress like this save us lots of trouble with accessorizing. 😀
    I like how you managed your hair.
    And I hope your leg will get well very soon.
    Been following your post and never get tired of it. Keep up the good work Izzy!

  • yasmin

    glad to know everything with your leg went well, hope it gets better soon!
    love your dress, the detailing is gorgeous!

  • Ysabella

    Love your dress (The shade, length…) and those black heels are always to die for! x xx

  • iEmma

    you look gorgeous! this dress… wow. dream!
    hope you’re way better!!:)
    Emma xx

  • Francesca

    The colour of your dress is beautiful!

    Francesca xo

  • Anastasia

    This color is my favourite one for spring and summer!

  • Ivy

    Nice photos took ! New post about shopping online on my blog : )

  • Karla

    I hope everything will be fine with your leg.
    Such a lovely dress!
    Want to be blog friends?

  • Jools
  • Tanja

    that dress looks really nice! Oh, what have you done with your leg? Anyways, get better soon! :)

  • Ruby Sterland

    Beautiful outfit, just as usual! I hope you’re feeling better x

  • Jessica

    glad you’re feeling better x
    love the dress

  • Laura

    Love this dress – the color is just a dream on you!

    Oh no! Sorry to hear that you haven’t been well! Feel better in a jiffy!


  • Alexandra Marie

    Oh my goodness, I am so excited to have found your blog! I too am 16 so I love finding other bloggers my age ! Following via Bloglovin’ <3 Alex