girls on film part 2

All photos shot on a Minolta AF-E.

And here we have the long-awaited GIRLS ON FILM part 2. I know you guys love these posts and my baby film camera almost as much as I do. So this round we have: many wine-filled nights, a date with dad, double-exposed beachy goodness, a sunny trip home, park picnics and me, hungover, eating a banana. No surprise there on any accounts.

New video coming very soon for those of you who are subscribed. If not you probably should. Much love!



Wearing: Uniqlo sweater (underneath) (similar), thrifted denim dress (similar), Missguided jacket.

Dazed is a really good descriptor of me right now actually. I’ve been back here for a week and it feels like it’s been 2 seconds- I went straight into classes after arriving in Melb in the wee hours of the morning. I got a tram fine. I got grumpy about that. Renee and I reunited doing what we do best- nothing, but with lots of singing- and then we picnic-ed and danced on Saturday; until 7am on Sunday dawned with not a wink of sleep. Of course, on Monday morning I had The World’s Biggest and Most Stressful Exam to complete and that studying was done in the hours that I should’ve been sleeping. I hit some kind of delirious state at 4 am, got onto webMD and diagnosed myself with conjunctivitis because that’s what I do when I’m overtired. Apparently. And how was your weekend?

PS- there’s a video on my channel if you haven’t seen it. You probably should. I’m gonna get some sleep now before I get fake conjunctivitis again. Much love x


in motion

IMG_9882 IMG_9805 (1) IMG_9886 IMG_9809IMG_9843 IMG_9889
Wearing: Oscar Wylee glasses, Pare Basic dress via Universal, thrifted sneakers (similar), Chloe bag via Shopbop.

Hi! These pics are from an ace first half of the day in Southbank. We looked at artsy things and really annoyed all other gallery-goers with the consistent clicks of our cameras. Then we went to go shopping on Queen St and ALL shit hit the fan. In the past two weeks I’ve had my debit card stolen, replaced, lost, replaced again and then for the finale, I forgot my pin and locked myself out. So we went to make the very important purchase of Doc Martens and couldn’t buy them, or anything else, for the rest of the day. We did find spare change for sushi tho. Damn my disorganised self.

Still chillin at home, wildly procrastinating on the two assignments I have to have finished by next week. WILDLY, I TELL YOU. I haven’t started. I am going to Maroochy Festival on Saturday though! The lineup’s pretty grouse and it’s always nice to have something at home. What are your plans for the weekend? xx


the catch-up: part 2

IMG_9258IMG_0131IMG_0051IMG_9404IMG_0128IMG_9212 (1)IMG_0126
Wearing (vine background photos): Top via Three of Something, Glassons culottes, thrifted RM Williams. 

Hi! Just here again catching you up with a series of disjointed and otherwise kinda random pics! So this week I have: been at home doing a whole bunch of nothing. The nothingness includes: visiting a brewery and drinking a bunch of beer with my 92-year-old grandmother, watching ALL the sunsets, filming a bunch of videos (*cough* subscribe!! *cough*) and experimenting with night pics because no one will take them for me during the day. What about you?

Also, tonight’s activities were pretty much limited to me having a creative breakdown because I JUST DON’T KNOW SOMETIMES OKAY!? What do you wanna see? Do you like the vids? Do you want more here? Playlists? Gig guides? Lifestyle shiz? Fashion?

Let me know! Goodnight!