the gig diaries: glass animals

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Happy Sunday! I’m here with a new segment I thought I’d introduce to the blog: the gig diaries. I plan on going to a lot of gigs/concerts/shows/festivals later on this year and I might as well start documenting it. Because that’s kind of what I do. I’m planning on the next one being more organised (I had no idea I was even going to do this when I went) aaaaand it should be up soon because I’m going to Broods tomorrow night! I LOVE BROODS!

Last Wednesday night we went to Glass Animals at 170 Rusell and it was gooey groovy goodness. We swooped right into the front and could practically touch the stage. The lead singer (whose name is apparently Dave, I just learnt) came out with no shoes on, dancing across stage on his tip-toes, and stayed on them for the full performance. It was one of those they-sound-even-better-in-real-life performances and I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop dancing the whole time. Typical, I know, but Gooey was probably my favourite- you just can’t beat an elated crowd screaming the lyrics back at the band. For the encore, though, they came back out and Dave grooved through the crowd all the way to a little platform. Love Lockdown (their Like a Version)  came on and the crowd flipped to face the back, all hands flying up in a series of hand-horns, peace signs and middle fingers. Bliss.

Hope you guys enjoyed this, if you did let me know! Have a beautiful weekend ♡


the camel coat

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Wearing: AYR Coat via Shopbop, Levi’s “Wedgie” jeans via Shopbop, Uniqlo turtleneck, R.M. Williams boots.

I like this blog to be a reflection of all the good things in my life, but honestly I’m in a horrendous mood right now. Long story short I bought some concert tickets that haven’t come through, school wasn’t fun and I’m terribly sleep deprived so please ignore all my whining. I know my problems are trivial and diminutive in the scheme of things. Sometimes you just gotta whinge on the internet, apparently.

So yep- I’m back at school for semester two of fashion and so far it’s… well it’s school. But on Tuesdays we get free food so there’s that. Also- I got this coat to help me survive this crazy winter about to hit Melb- what do we think? I can’t decide if it’s too long/formal for erryday wear. Help a sister out.

So fingers crossed tomorrow I’ll be attending the Glass Animals concert. Pro tip- don’t give money to someone you met on Facebook with no mutual friends. V bad idea and not good adulting at all. I seriously could have bought so many Amy’s burritos with that money. Oh well. Hope y’all are having a good night- I’m gonna get some rest. xx

the catch-up

Really just lots of sunsets and completely uncandid hair flicks. 

Outfit #1: Thrifted tee, Uniqlo sweater, Supre jeans.
Outfit #2 (backpack): Glassons t-shirt, Levi’s Jeans via Shopbop, Fjallraven backpack via Shopbop.

SO I went on uni break for 3 weeks and may or may not have fallen off the face of the earth (or this blog) for a bit there. I spent the majority of it at home relaxing/catching up with friends I haven’t seen in forever. And then the last little bit running around Byron Bay with Renee and Gemma. We had the best time and I even brought them back to get a tour of my Sunshine Coast stomping ground. Then, in a spur-of-the-moment decision, my sister Adele decided to come back to Melbs with me and hang out for the week. With three hours sleep and a double shot down I took her to the airport this morning and we said our teary goodbyes. Now I actually have time to stop and think and I’m not really sure what to do with myself.

I start back at uni tomorrow and I’m a little terrified. Semester 2 merchandising is supposed to be brutal. And to say I am underprepared would be a gross understatement. A panic attack hit yesterday when I was fairly certain I hadn’t even enrolled. My textbooks are also sold out everywhere. I love being an adult!!! Hope your holidays were magical (if you got them) and you are much more prepared to get into real life. I’ll be back way sooner than last time, promise. xx


this week in photos #2

IMG_0811IMG_9971IMG_0756 (1)IMG_0799IMG_0038IMG_0304IMG_0774
Wearing (outfit 1): WAYF Top via Shopbop, thrifted Prada jeans, thrifted RM Williams boots, thrifted jacket.
Wearing (outfit 2): Glassons dress. 


Hi! So gotta say something first: really sorry about the whole say-I’m-going-to-post-and-then-I-don’t, honestly I’m out of the groove and really disorganised atm but that’s really no excuse. I’ve noticed a couple of comments on Tumblr etc and I thought I would say I’m sorry, really gonna try to keep things as consistent as I can. Everybody makes mistakes and my life is a little messy right now. Literally and figuratively.

So as y’all know I’m on holidays and I have been spending the majority of my time annoying my little sister (lovingly, of course), watching OITNB (I HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS) and eating all of the citrus off our cute lil mandarin and orange trees. I am going to Byron on Thursday for a little roadtrip with my roomie Renee and our friend Gemma. Fairly terrified for a three-hour drive by myself (not really known for my great driving skills tbh) but will be vlogging the whole thing so you’ll know whether I make it without having a mental breakdown. Or not. What are you guys doing with your holidays?

Some of these photos are from Melb-town and others I’ve taken here. I do miss the scenery and the city but certainly not the weather. Outfit posts will surely get interesting, given the layers I’m going to have to wear come winter. I’m going to look like a marshmallow. I am currently considering buying a puffer jacket. WHAT HAVE I BECOME?! Marshmallow chic? Is that a thing?