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Wearing: Kimono c/o Supre, top c/o Lulu*s, shorts c/o Oasap, Ecote boots via Urban Outfitters.
It looks like kimonos will be sticking around for a while, and I’m not complaining- we all know by now that I’m all about that life. And it’s also hot enough to melt all my cosmetics but apparently not hot enough to stop wearing boots. Logic. Left the house to take these photos after way too long in my room; alternating between trying to sort my life out and watching Netflix. Again, logic. Can’t say I love the uncertainty and utter terror that comes along with the first few months after graduation. I don’t want adult responsibilities, OK?! Well I do, just not all at once. And only the fun ones. Like driving and decorating an apartment and not having a curfew woop woop!

Not that any of these things are happening yet, seeing as I still live at home and are currently unemployed and tbh would probably rather stay at home editing and eating pizza. I’m sorry if this is a little whiny but it’s been a rough week. #pray4izzy. In much happier news I’ve currently got a video uploading and I’m freakin’ loving the whole Youtube thing. Let me know if you are too! And I’ll be back very soon with something new… posting schedule is getting back on track. Much love and TGIAF- Thank God it’s almost Friday. xx




I’m not normally one for New Year’s resolutions- for a couple of different reasons, the main one being I never keep them- but this year I set myself one goal: to begin my Youtube channel. I’ve dabbled in it a little bit, but I want to do something consistent this year. It’s my gap year- I’m going to be working and blogging full-time in preparation for a move to Melbourne next year. Which means I’m going to have a little bit of time on my hands. And this, my Youtube and my blog, is where I will be putting it.

So here’s my “Intro” video. I’m going to film possibly a lookbook today and haven’t got any kind of schedule worked out. Blog posts will continue as usual! Let me know what you guys think. Much love xx

See my channel here.

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Wearing: Dress c/o Klarra, shoes c/o Lovely Wholesale.
Well well well, look who decided to show up. Hey there! Guess who’s back in the country? And jetlagged? And hasn’t unpacked? Me! Yep, I took the 16-hour plunge and made it back in Australia safely. Since then, I probably have been home for a total of 15 minutes- the rest spent catching up with the people I love. Honestly the “coming home” aspect of travelling is, unusually, something I enjoy- it brings a newfound appreciation for the things you left behind. Except for 40-degree days with 70% humidity. I FEEL LIKE I AM SWIMMING 24/7. Thankfully this lil number is quite breezy and equipped with sneaky sheer panels and cutouts. Also I apologise for my poor ironing job. I was melting ok?!

So what’s new? What’s up? I guess I gave myself a hiatus for a bit- my inbox is a disaster, as quite a few people on tumblr have ~so kindly~ pointed out- but really, it only made me realise how much I need and want to be doing this. Also, my new years resolution? Video. Youtube, I’m coming for you. Speaking of which- please leave video requests down below, I don’t know where to start. I love you all to bits. It’s good to be back.

Also- yes this post title is a Taylor Swift song and I’m not even sorry she is a great artist ok?! 


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Wearing: Minkpink Jumpsuit, Oasap cardi.
Hey there! This post title is unusually fitting seeing as it feels like these past few weeks have been a kind of daydream.. and not always a good one. My little sister, Adele, landed herself in hospital, our flights were rescheduled and delayed, we lost our luggage… basically everything that could have gone wrong, did. But I’m back in LA and all is right with my corner of the world. And, as you may have seen on my Instagram, I’ve managed to do some awesome things (ahem, photo shoot) whilst being here and can’t wait to share them with you!

These photos are kind of a link to my last post, shot at a childhood home on the farm. The nostalgia is very real when I’m in Texas. It’s late and we’re going to Disneyland tomorrow- spose I should get some sleep? Updates coming very soon, watch this space for plenty of photos of me with Mickey Mouse ears. Much love xx