blue afternoon

Winter, I am ready for you. Armed with my cutout boots, high-waisted jeans and incredibly fluffy cardigan, I feel like I really have my winter staples sorted out. Does anyone else find it hard to master the art of winter dressing? I’ve been testing my skills as- wait for it, drumroll please -I will be in Melbourne from the 17th-20th of May for my 16th birthday! Yes, that’s right, I will be sixteen in a matter of days (the 19th, in case you were wondering or wanted to send me a virtual piece of cake) and I’m ridiculously excited. And nervous. Queensland roads brace yourself, I’m going to be driving soon….

This look is part of an awesome collaboration I’m doing with Choies and Fashiolista. For those of you who don’t know, Fashiolista is the birth child of Pinterest and Lookbook – a super-slick site where you can keep a wishlist and post your looks. I’m part of a styling competition (my look is “boho” themed) that will be going live on the Fashiolista website very soon! I will give you all the link and it would be amazeballs if you voted for me. Much love!

Wearing: cutout boots c/o Choies, cardigan c/o Dragonberry boutique, Ziggy Denim jeans, Asos hat, Emerson top. 


  • Rebecca Wade

    I adore that jumper, and the colour is gorgeous. I’d love it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow if you like it?
    Hope you have a wonderful sweet sixteenth!!

    Becca x

  • mary lee

    oh issy, your clothes are amazing! you always manage to pull off every single item you wear! i wish i could pull off that big jacket, it looks so lovely

  • Jeline

    I really love your floppy hat and coat! So gorge. Have fun in Melbourne!! And good luck with driving. ♥ My mum tried to teach me how to drive for a day, didn’t go too well… LOL.

  • iEmma

    oh my gosh you look so lovely!
    this cardigan is so cute, it reminds me of Cookie Monster hahah <3

    sweet sixteen…. wow. I'm only 14 and a half now, but I can't wait 16! here in Hungary we can drive from the age 18. :(

    Emma xx

  • Tonya

    Such a stunning look! Love love love!!!!


  • Sophie

    This look is simply stunning Isabella! I lovelovelove it. Your Mum takes such stunning photographs :).

    Have an amazing time in Melbourne!

    S xo

  • Leah

    Love the look! Vey glamourous and chick!
    Hope you have a happy birthday! Im also going to be 16 a week after you!

  • Lena

    wow, i love love love this look! that shaggy knit is gorgeous! do you mind me asking how you make you photos blue out the background and focus on you, is there a setting or is it photoshop? your photos are always so perfect! x ps. driving is scary, I’ve had mine since december and I’m still a road hazard!

    • DeLynne

      Lena, Izzy’s photographer here. She uses very little Photoshop on her images (she does all the editing). The blurry background is because I used a long lens on her DSLR camera and stood very far away from her. I’m actually across a country road in this instance. We had to stop every time a car came between us.

  • Christina

    Love this jacket Izzy, It’s so bright and big! Ahh Hope you have a good sixteenth! Lucky you get to drive at 16, have to wait until I’m 17 in England!
    Christina xoxo

  • Kate

    What a fun look! That jacket is GREAT.

  • milex

    ahh and ohh!

  • Belle

    I love your shoes! xx

  • nat

    Really love your outfits xx

  • Ira

    Amazing look! So great:)

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