bohemian rhapsody

Hello! I know you’ve all seen this dress before ( if you haven’t, seriously, where have you been?) but the weather has been 100% disgusting as of late so I thought I’d share these snaps. The boho vibes this dress gives off are so great, and I feel like the arm cutouts give a little shape to the shift style of the dress. For those girls who aren’t so comfortable baring all, arms are a subtle way to show some skin and be sexy. That’s right, probably the least sexy person ever is talking about feeling sexy. Mind blown.

Time for the big news- I finally got my licence! I was, and still am, ridiculously excited. I was late for my test and brought the wrong ID (again) but passed! Mum let my practice in the Baptist church parking lot near our house but forebode the accelerator. We rolled around until I finally put my foot down and almost gave her a heart attack. Think I’m going to like driving.

Wearing: Dragonberry Boutiques dress, Choies shoes, Asos hat, Mulberry for Target bag.


  • Sarah

    you style this dress so well and i’ve just fallen in love with it again! congratulations on getting your driving license! i’ve only got one more year until i can apply and i’m super excited so i can only begin to imagine how you feel haha


  • yasmin

    seriously if i had this dress, i would wear it as often as you do. it’s so beautiful!
    the hat is gorgeous too.
    congrats on passing your driving test, i wanna apply when i’m 17 but i don’t trust myself at all!

  • mary lee

    oh i’m in love! this is so beautiful

  • Ruby Sterland

    Love your dress, and the bag! It’s really nice, and it’s MULBERRY!! Beautiful x

  • iEmma

    ohh this dress is so beautiful! and love those sandals aww!<3
    congrats for your succesful driving test, it sounds so strange to drive at year 16 cause at my country I have to wait until 18 ! :(
    and be careful, have you read that article in the new Teen Vogue issue about texting in your car? just be careful please I love your blog too much hahah I don't want to lose you:( 😀 <3

    Emma xx

  • Nasreen Osman

    Those shoes are to DIE for 0_0. I love it! Actually laughing at how you brought the wrong ID again!

  • Jeline

    Super pretty!!

  • Lena

    I love this dress too! congrats on getting your license girlie, prepare for the slowest 100 hours of your life! xx

  • Laura

    Oh my goodness, that dress is just so adorable! I really love the pattern. And that bag is great – I have the same one! I love using it for travels.

    Congrats on the license! That is so amazing!


  • Isabelle

    I’m in love with your dress!
    Congrats on passing your driving test xx

  • claudia

    awesoooooooome :)

  • jasmine

    i love your hat! you’re so pretty aw heheh x

  • Karlijn

    wow, LOVEEE IT!

  • claudia