Since the cooler weather kicked in, Breton stripes (in particular, this top- don’t judge me for wearing it with every outfit) have been my go-to. They always look classic, go with everything (even florals, the perfect pattern clash) and are flattering on pretty much everyone.   And this faux-leather skirt (also here) and these ankle boots and this white jacket. If I was to describe my perfect winter outfit, this would have to be it. What’s your go-to winter outfit?

Okay, so I know my blog is supposed to be the sunniest and happiest parts of my life, but sometimes you just have a terrible day and need to type about it. WARNING, THIS MAY BE A RANT! I was awoken on this freezing morning by my alarm at 5:30 to do my English homework, followed by a blood test and doctors appointment before school. I was late to class and may or may not have snapped at some people I didn’t mean to snap at, and then found out I have a draft due tomorrow which I haven’t started. To top it off, I went for my learner’s driving test but didn’t have enough ID or the right forms. I hate you Monday. RANT OVER. Whew, I feel better now. Thanks for putting up with me & my rants. Hope your day is infinitely better than mine! xo

Wearing: Portmans top, Oasap skirt, Mossimo jacket, Miss Shop boots.  


  • Isabelle

    I love your outfit, it reminds me of something margaret zhang would wear xx

  • Nasreen Osman

    Omg I hate when I’m applying for something only to find that you have to bring another form, or passport or this and that! so annoying so I know how you feel! I had to get an eye test and birth cert for my drivers licence. You look gorgeous here on the upside :)

  • glennarmo

    you and the outfit look great ……………..

    But is there something wrong with your right hand or do you write over your hands and arms like I used to ?

  • Sarah

    i love your outfit, it has such a classic feel! i think you’re the only person so far who has been able to pull off that skirt- you go girl! my go to winter outfit is anything with my cherry red docs. they seriously go with everything in my wardrobe and are not only warm and comfy, but great for stopping my clumsy self from falling over in the snow or ice.

    i hope your week gets better! “Just keep swimming” is my motto for bad days. Hope it helps


  • Ruby Sterland

    Love this outfit! I totally agree, a Breton stripe goes with practically anything :-) x

  • Reece

    cute skirt! ahh I just had to get my permit for the second time because I procrastinated for a year on the driving! arghhh. I certainly know how you feel. :) mondays certainly are a buzzkill.

    reece xx

  • Lena

    you look lovely! I know the mood your talking about; if it makes you feel any better I’m sitting here is a drenched uniform from a down pour on my walk home from school x

  • Astrid Moet

    Super chic look. The lines and monochrome colour scheme are so clean xx
    Astrid from

  • http://Salihah Salihah

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  • Mai

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  • elena.mandy

    Looks awesome