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Wearing: Sweater c/o Three of Something, bracelet and charms c/o Pandora, Factorie shorts.

Hi! Hey! It’s me! The good news is: I have wifi and it’s beautiful here. The bad news is: it does appear that my family has reached the “leave me alone” phase. You know the part in every family vacation where you all just need to be apart from one another for one minute. Hence my retreating to the room with the wifi password. But like I said- this place is really pretty, very tourist-y and all-round better than I expected with the whole dad-booked family holiday. If you’re reading this dad, quick shoutout to you. God luv ya.

Trying to get as much internet as I can but it’s a little tricky. Things will be all back to normal on Monday (and I’ll be able to upload videos) so bear with me for a lil. So aside from the whole family thang I’ve been trying not to get sunburnt and devouring a lot of books. Also there’s a cute British boy 2 doors down in the apartment block who is very cute and British. Okay so now we’re caught up- what’s new in your lives? Let me know so I’m not completely out of the loop. Or tweet me. Much love xx

splendour series: outfit #2

Wearing: Dress c/o Lulu*s (similar), sandals c/o Lulu*s, bag c/o Lulu*s, vintage concho belt (similar).
Hey! How you doin’? (Joey Tribiani reference intended) Here, friends, I present you with part two of my Splendour lookbook. I have always avoided maxi dresses because I am a tiny human and maxi-anything looks like an oversized potato sack on me- but now, not so much. Tying it in a knot made a world of difference, plus DANG THIS THING IS COMFORTABLE. It’s like one continuous flow of fabric and I didn’t even wear a bra. P.S. TMI isn’t a thing if you’re reading this blog- hope you’ve figured that one out by now.

If that entire paragraph didn’t make sense, it’s because I woke up at 3:46 this morning to catch a flight to Cairns. Let me tell you, I definitely had the intention of going to bed early in preparation. I got two hours sleep and regret everything. Basically, we’re here for one of our infamous dad-booked family holidays. Things never seem to go smoothly for the Wight family. But so far so good, we’re staying in Port Douglas and the weather is stunning. Keep up with my Insta/Snapchat/Twitter for beach snaps and me being an idiot and stuff. I need sleep SO BADLY. Let me know what you’re doing/where you’re going/what you’re wearing because I’m nosy like that. Talk soon. Much love xx


splendour series: outfit #1

Wearing: Lulu*s crop top (similar), Missguided jacket, Ziggy Denim jeans, Lulus sandals.

Hello loves! And welcome to the 2015 edition of my Splendour posts. If you’re new here- Splendour in the Grass is the Australian music festival of all Australian music festivals. Needless to say, I’m a faithful attendee. This’ll be my third year and it’s our little tradition here on VON to do a couple of posts in the festival spirit. Because I love them so freaking much I decided to turn this whole thing into a series. Multiple outfits, makeup looks, festival essentials, playlists… you name it. If you ask me, this is a pretty great way to kick it off. If I could bring one thing from my closet this year? This jacket. Dude, this jacket. Fringe with functionality… doesn’t get much more festival-appropriate than that.

Still trotting along, trying to keep myself motivated when it’s now cold and Netflix is always down to snuggle. It’s an unusual feeling coming out of high school and into the world of everything-is-your-responsibility. As much as I complained about it (all the time) it was nice to have a teacher email you purely to nag about that assignment you hadn’t even started. You feel? I need to stop going off on all these weird-ass tangents. Kurt’s on a cruise along with everyone else I hang out with. Human interaction is sparse. Keep me sane by tweeting me and have a wonderful night! Much love x


on the fringe

IMG_0537 copyIMG_0427IMG_0553IMG_0412IMG_0549
Wearing: Dress, jacket and heels (similar) c/o Missguided.

Any garment that you can describe as both “swishy” and “majestical”, in my opinion, is a good one. One thing I’ve learnt from wearing this jacket: kids like the tassels, boys- not so much. While a little girl was absolutely infatuated with it, my friend’s boyfriend politely asked what was going on with my “strings.” It’s fashun, guys. And I plan on wearing it allll the way to Splendour. And I haven’t even talked about these shoes. MY GOODNESS, THESE SHOES. Kylie wore something similar to the Topshop opening and that may or may not be the reason I got them. I’m a fangirl. Sue me.

Currently uploading a new video, eating dark chocolate and watching Entourage reruns because you know, Saturday night. Also OITNB is done and dusted. I’m a loose cannon. I talked a little last week about passion and doing what you love. After dedicating even a little more time to writing and blogging I feel so much more inspiration to continue. I hope you guys do too. And I’ll talk to you soon! Much love x