natural habitat

IMG_8968IMG_8991IMG_8870IMG_8978IMG_8984 (1)IMG_8897 (1)IMG_8992 IMG_8983 (1)
Wearing: Uniqlo black turtleneck, vintage jeans.

So I’m back in my hometown for my mid-semester break and feeling a little out of my element. I mean, I’m currently full of homecooked food, smelling like a vanilla cupcake and snuggled in a dressing gown, but I guess a little bit of me got really used to the grit and grime of the city. Isn’t it funny how when you visit a place you have an entirely different perception of it than when you live there? Don’t get me wrong- this city is the best- but I used to visit thinking that everything was shiny and glamorous. Cities are dirty and chaotic, man- but that’s also what I’ve learnt to adore.

I know it’s been minutes but honestly, I just needed to get that last leg of my term out of the way. In classic Izzy fashion I left every necessary thing til the last minute and scrambled to finisht them all in hours where I should have been sleeping. Many lattes were involved and also toast at weird hours of the morning. Anyways, I’ll be seeing more of you- have a beautiful weekend!


bad to the bone

Wearing: Thrifted Bad to the Bone tee, turtleneck (worn underneath) c/o Glassons, Levis “Wedgie” jeans via Shopbop, thrifted RM Williams boots.

So this has inadvertently become my daily uniform: wedgie jeans (appropriately named as I have a wedgie most of the time) (tmi??? I don’t really know anymore with this internet thing anymore sorry), an oversized t-shirt of some kind, a turtleneck, a bomber jacket and the same goddamn boots every time. Sometimes I’ll really mix it up and wear a different pair of jeans. Wild.

This is usually the part where I tell you about my weekend but I actually can’t remember anything I did?? Must not have been that exciting. I didn’t go out though which meant I didn’t have a hangover even once so basically #fitspo #cleanliving #newme. Hope you had wonderful hangover-free weekends too! xx


like home

IMG_8238DSCF8192IMG_8242DSCF8185 IMG_8243
Wearing: Top via Penny Lane Exchange, Supre jeans, Supre belt, RM Williams boots.

Don’t be fooled, I was abso-freaking-lutely freezing in this outfit. You most definitely cannot wear this sort of get-up here in winter. Unless you were interested in hypothermia. But sometimes you gotta do things for the #fashun amirite?

These pics were taken on a standard day running around Brunswick with Ren. I feel like I’m there pretty much every day because between my campus, really good coffee, cheap groceries and the best op-shopping ever there’s really no reason not to be. I also work at the lil consignment store there, Penny Lane Exchange, so if you’re ever in the area pop in n say hi! I’ve only got two weeks left of school before going home, though- and my two best friends are both overseas. I mean, I have my family and that’s awesome, but this will certainly be a weird trip back home without them there. Maybe this will mean more time to vlog???

Speaking of, here’s a new one for you guys. I really hope you love it cause I kinda do. Was pretty stoked with my editing. Let me know whatchu think.

What are your plans for da weekend? x


the camel coat

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Wearing: AYR Coat via Shopbop, Levi’s “Wedgie” jeans via Shopbop, Uniqlo turtleneck, R.M. Williams boots.

I like this blog to be a reflection of all the good things in my life, but honestly I’m in a horrendous mood right now. Long story short I bought some concert tickets that haven’t come through, school wasn’t fun and I’m terribly sleep deprived so please ignore all my whining. I know my problems are trivial and diminutive in the scheme of things. Sometimes you just gotta whinge on the internet, apparently.

So yep- I’m back at school for semester two of fashion and so far it’s… well it’s school. But on Tuesdays we get free food so there’s that. Also- I got this coat to help me survive this crazy winter about to hit Melb- what do we think? I can’t decide if it’s too long/formal for erryday wear. Help a sister out.

So fingers crossed tomorrow I’ll be attending the Glass Animals concert. Pro tip- don’t give money to someone you met on Facebook with no mutual friends. V bad idea and not good adulting at all. I seriously could have bought so many Amy’s burritos with that money. Oh well. Hope y’all are having a good night- I’m gonna get some rest. xx