summer in the city

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Lulu*s tank, Assembly shorts via Justa Local Store, Dissh skinny scarf, Asos Sunglasses.
The city is blissfully warm and there are spurts of greenery peeking through steel fencing and cracks in the brick sidewalk. Although it’s a new area it already feels like home. Oddly enough since being here, I’ve worn very little colour- I think it’s a subconsciously-trying-to-fit-in thing. But I’ll try my hardest to mix it up for you guys. I’ve also started school which is awesome. Studying fashion merchandising is kind of a dream come true; considering I was brought up to think that fashion design was the only option. Everyone in my class is so like-minded (and well-dressed) so I’ll keep y’all updated on how it’s going.

Editing a video for tonight, too- it’s just a little update but it felt weird launching into regular videos without some kind of transition. Thank you all so much for 6,000 subscribers! It seriously made me so happy to see that when I logged on yesterday. I gotta go to class now but I will talk to y’all very soon. Have a great day! x


pink matter

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Wearing: Zara tee (thrifted), Asos Sunglasses, Wish jacket (similar), Supre skirt (similar), Urban Outfitters boots (similar).

Guess what?! Your girl finally moved! I am an official Melbourne resident, broke fashion student and apparently a terrible cook. No seriously- I don’t think I’ve had one meal that wasn’t burnt or once frozen. But that’s okay because I’m so so happy here. I do miss my friends and family- of course- but being here, even if it’s only been 2 days, has made me realise that there’s a big wide world waiting for me to bust through it. Corny, I know. But I moved from a pretty small town. An everyone-knew-everyone kind of town. And there’s something vastly beautiful about a city full of unfamilliar faces. You know?

Aside from my little deep-and-meaningful moments, everything’s been pretty standard so far. I’m still getting to know people and places, plus my roommate is yet to move in, but I’m happy. Really happy. I went to orienatation for school yesteday (I’m studying fashion merchandising btw) and I got SO excited and starting printing out timetables and trying to get organised and highlighting things. This is not a regular occurance for me- by the way. As for my Youtube videos (you guys have been asking) they are going to continue as per usual, starting sometime VERY soon. Anyways, I love you all to absolute bits. Have a magical weekend. x


back to school


Wearing: Minkpink blouse, Supre skirt, Clarks “Madison” shoes, Dissh skinny scarf (similar), Supre backpack.

Although I’ve been out of school for a year now, I can still distinctly remember the first-day-back feeling that I got with every new grade. I was always so excited to see my friends, get new school supplies (I have a stationary addiction problem) and scope out if there were any newcomers for the year (preferably cute, foreign boys). And on the flip side, I hated most other things about it- different classes, different teachers, new uniforms and the fact that I could no longer sleep til 12pm. I also hated getting new school shoes. SO much. My school was really strict with dress code and I got constant detentions for my “stylish” alternatives. I even did a blog post about it 4 YEARS AGO and it’s just about the funniest thing I’ve ever read. The struggle has been real for a WHILE- trust me.

Believe it or not, the shoes I’m wearing here are actually perfect for school. 12-year-old Izzy would have just about died. Clarks is the OG school-shoe company and these babies are stylish and comfortable. After 170 years in the school shoe business, these guys kinda know what they’re on about. Plus, celebrities like Kanye, Pharrell and Brad Pitt have been spotted wearing Clarks so YOU KNOW IT’S REAL. These black lace-up babies are called the Madison and have leather upper, lining and sock- meaning nobody can write you a diary entry for them. BOOOYAH. I wore them all day running errands and the memory foam kept my feetsies comfy all day. They’re a classic style too so you can wear them forever. I’m telling you. 12-year-old Izzy is LIVING right now.

So if you’re stressing, get your mittens on some Clarks. And also get lots of sleep. And try not to worry too much. And listen to your teachers. But not too much. And remember that I love you all so very much and will be back with another post soon. 

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sky high


Wearing: Shakuhachi top via Justa Local Store, Justa Local Store shorts, Glassons hat (similar).

Hey! How’s it going?! I’ve been wanting to share these photos with you guys for a while and I’ve finally gotten around to it. T-minus 2 DAYS until I leave for Melbourne and I’ve spent the past 2 weeks saying goodbye/catching up with everyone, working, packing up and also incorporating a healthy dose of procrastination.  Kinda hate myself for that last one but whattayagonnado?! I’m not going to lie, I’m really scared right now. I sort of know what to expect but at the same

I’m not going to lie, I’m really scared right now. I sort of know what to expect but at the same time, I have absolutely no idea. Everyone’s saying how exciting that is but I really just want to throw up when I think about it. Everything is going to change and I’m not really the best with change. Also,I have to say goodbye to Kurt and my friends and my family and IDK I’M JUST FREAKING OUT. I would’ve loved to be documenting everything that’s happening right now but BOTH (not kidding) of my cameras broke and I have spent over $1000 on repairs- which are in the works. My bank account is crying but I need my cameras.

Shouldn’t be too long. Thank you for waiting patiently and being so sweet to me in this weird-af transition period. Wish me luck. xx

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