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Wearing: Glassons Bodysuit, thrifted jeans, Supre belt.

The weather is getting colder here in Melbourne (trust me, this was difficult without a jacket) which means that I’m sleeping in later, making less effort to go outside and just all-around becoming a lazier human being. Uplifting, isn’t it? I did go home for my easter break, though, spent some time in the sun (the first thing my dad said to me when I arrived at the airport was, “wow, you’re looking pale”), assisted my dad in wardrobe styling (he owns mandals) and even got roped into a five-hour canoeing adventure trip and still not really sure how I feel about that one.

Also YO gurl has a job which means I’m saving up to finally get my broken-ass-sand-filled camera repaired. Additionally, it will just be nice to not be eating chickpeas out of the tin with soy sauce for dinner. Maybe I’ll throw in some frozen vegetables. Go a bit wild. Treat myself. Have a wonderful night x



Wearing: vintage dress, Supre belt, FallenBrokenStreet hat, RM Williams boots.

Bringin some life back into this blog with a little something from home. I literally can’t even keep track of the amount of photos taken against this purple wall- most with giggling onlookers, might I add. It’s actually some kind of a dance studio behind the famed wall so there’s never a shortage of r’n’b beats to keep things interesting. I’m home for the (very short) Easter break and have already spent 2 of my 4 days napping and eating hot cross buns. Mainly whilst weepily scrolling through my Coachella-clogged Instagram feed. What I wouldn’t give to be in a sweaty desert moshpit rn. Believe it or not-this is a thought I have often. But for now, I’m in my old-room-turned-storage-facility-guest-room with checkered sheets and a stuffed animal. Perfectly acceptable for an almost-20-year-old, right?


teenage fever

IMG_1096IMG_1082IMG_1014IMG_1045IMG_1080IMG_1033 IMG_1010
Wearing: Thrifted top, Supre Jeans, Thrifted camera.

Spent the afternoon exploring our new digs with film camera in tow. Don’t be fooled- it was roughly 37 degrees while these photos were being taken and I have no idea what possessed me to wear jeans. Guess I’m just too eager for that Melbourne winter feelin’. This city dramatically changes with the seasons, in my opinion. As do I. And apparently summer was not my shining hour. Currently buried under a Mount-Everest-sized heaping mound of uni work that makes my brain wanna melt and my eyes wanna water. With tears, that is. Also forgot I had a blog there for a bit. Additionally hoping you didn’t forget I existed during that time but I’d probably understand.

In other news- our landlord hates us, yesterday my card declined at Woolworths and I had to abandon my $30 worth of delicious 2 minute noodles and hummus at the register, my coffee dude at uni now knows me by name and upgraded me to a large for free, there’s a mouse living under our couch. Sometimes it’s really hard living a lavish lifestyle like this, it really is. Going to sleep in my palace. Goodnight x


twilight driving

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Wearing: Top c/o Glassons, Levi’s shorts, Ametrine the Label bag c/o Justa Local Store, Converse One Star shoes. 

An important point to note is that these photos were snapped whilst a raging house party featuring a slip’n’slide proceeded in the background. I swear I was this close to joining in.

Been wearing a lot of denim, sneakers and tees as of late due to laziness/hot weather/but mostly laziness. Ironically, I swear I’m the most badly dressed fashion student on campus. At least I’ve got this incredible bag to make up for my lack of effort. I will forever spend my money on bags and shoes. I’m not really your splurge-on-a-tshirt kind of gal. Speaking of- I’m gonna go window shop on Bourke St and forget about tomorrow’s looming Merchandising Management presentation. Wish me luck.