home is wherever i’m with you

hi2hi6hihihihi4Wearing: Capulet top via Shopbop, Levi’s Wedgie jeans via Shopbop, Supre belt, thrifted RM Williams (similar).

It’s so funny how much more you enjoy home when you no longer live there. Being back in my own bed with two white fluffies curled up next to me is how I’ll be spending the next two weeks. I’ve even been enjoying dad’s horrendous movie choices and the fact that his snoring drowns them out anyway. Plus my old backgrounds! This purple wall has a soft spot in my heart. So many memories together. That time there was a hip-hop class next to it that laughed at me, the time somebody graffitied “poo” over the top of it, when some dude driving a forklift almost ran over the top of us. Good times.

Also-side note- why did I not own a pair of Levi’s sooner? The best jeans, man. I’m getting 501s in every colour. I really do not have a bum (in case you haven’t noticed) and these babies actually kinda sorta make it look like I do. Which is nice. And paired with this top they make me feel like a cowgirl, which is all I ever want to look like anyway. It’s 11 in the morning and I’m pretty sure I scared the UPS guy with my appearance so I should probably do something about that. Have a beautiful day! xx


penny lane


Wearing: Supre top (worn underneath), thrifted dress, vintage jacket, thrifted RM Williams, ZeroUV sunglasses. 
I kinda half got these glasses as a joke and then would whip them out at parties and whatnot, most likely whilst yelling to everyone that I was a “pimp queen.” Did I mention this was usually after a few drinks? Anyway- they grew on me and this is actual evidence of me sporting them outside the house. Think they kinda work with the fringe jacket- which, by the way, is my mum’s from the 90s. I asked her where she got it and I swear to gawd she told me “in her hippy phase, for $5 from some lady with a combi.” You can’t make this shiz up.

Now I’m home for holidays (weeee!) which means more time to raid my parent’s wardrobes. Probably not dad’s brand-spanking new all-white velcro dad-sneakers because only he can style them to their fullest potential. But other stuff. AAaaand speaking of, I’m planning on filming a lookbook soon- college outfits? How to style your parent’s clothing? Things to wear when you don’t know how to dress for a club? Lemme know. Talk soon xo


late night, golden light

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Wearing: Beginning Boutique top, Free People skirt via Shopbop, ZeroUV sunglasses, Supre belt.
I’ve been home for three days now and already I’m a hot mess of impending homesickness, excitement, and weepy nostalgia. My best friend Kurt (who you would all know) is leaving for Europe for a year (or more, he’s not sure) on Tuesday and I’m here to say goodbye. It’s always nice to come home but I suppose this trip is a little bittersweet. I know nobody really enjoys them, but I really, really hate goodbyes. I’d rather not say anything at all. Anyway- we spent one of our last days snapping photos at this incredible beach and laughing at fart jokes. This is what happens when your best friend is a boy.

How are you guys? I’m almost finished with this semester- literally two days to go- so I’ll be able to get on top of my blogging sitch and actually post some goddamn youtube videos. For my semester break I’m going to be coming home for a month- it will be very strange without Kurt here, but it does mean I can get stuff done. Like online shopping and binge-watching Shameless.

Speaking of online shopping…. Beginning Boutique has a $30 and under sale rn which is so up my brokeass student alley. It’ll be happening all weekend so get your butts over there. Have an amazing weekend! xxx



Wearing: Somedays Lovin swimsuit, Vintage jacket (similar), thrifted jeans, thrifted RM Williams boots (similar).

So this week I celebrated my 19th birthday with some of my favourite people (minus a few), drank waaaay too much (lol) (don’t follow my example ever) (drink responsibly) and got to spend the weekend hangin’ out with my family. I’ve missed them so very much and may have even dramatically run-up hugged my mum from across the street. Now I’m exhausted, lying in a bed that’s at least double the size of my college one, full of delicious food and totally blissed out. Feeling very lucky. Thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes, I felt so special and happy and AH thank you.

I also made my first Youtube video in roughly 2 months and MAN did that feel good. I’ve missed creating video content so much. Youtube is so personal and I love that. Keep yo eyes peeled for some new stuff because I’m going home for holls very soon and have time to catch up! Okay. Bedtime. I’ll talk to y’all soon. G’night. xx