golden hour

IMG_3827IMG_3813IMG_3801IMG_3758IMG_3822Wearing: Bikini c/o Rusty Australia, shorts c/o Oasap (similar here), sunglasses c/o Lovely Wholesale.

WOW look at me being a total beachy surfer gurl! So in my element. I’m kidding. I’ve lived on the ~*sunshine coast*~ for 18 years and have not-so-secretly never been that into the beach. The ocean is great but the sand everywhere? The wind? The masses of people  to be in exactly the same patch of water? I’m sorry to be a party pooper but gurl that is not my scene. Thankfully this afternoon included few people and a kick-ass sunset. Amazing bikini helps too.

My weekend was very enjoyable and weekend-ish. I slept in on Sunday and probably ate too much food. Watched movies with Kurt and planned to go out but didn’t because I’m 90-at-heart. If you follow me on Snapchat, though, you’ll know I have some snotty virus now and my nose/throat/head aren’t feeling too crash hot. It’s okay though because I have some seriously amazing music to get through it. This week has been so great for music! FKA Twigs, Last Dinosaurs and Halsey all have new stuff, plus I may or may not find that Justin Bieber song really freaking catchy. I didn’t just say that. Oh god. Should probably get some sleep? So much love xo


barely there

Wearing: Top c/o Three of Something, shorts c/o Oasap, watch c/o Cluse, Finery boots c/o Justa Local Store, shades c/o Lovely Wholesale.

Not going to lie, I’m really freaking excited about this wall. Look at it!! So lavender!! Much pastel!!

… And now you know how abnormally hyped cool locations get me. Also good-looking, insta-worthy food. And perfect lighting. Ah, the life of an amateur fashion blogger/somebody who spends way too much time on social media. Exciting stuff. Speaking of- if you follow me on da snappy (@isabellawight) you would know I attempted the pastel purple hair round 2 today. As you can see, it’s more of an ashy-blonde-silvery-purple situation. Obviously diluted it with too much conditioner. What can I say? I’ve got commitment issues.

It’s almost midnight and I’ve started doing this thing where I get virtually no sleep at all. Like, bed at midnight and waking up at quarter to six. Which for me is absolutely no sleep at all. Anyway, I’ve been in a perpetual state of delirious for this whole week. Today I drove Kurt and myself to brunch (avo on toast always) and I think he spent more time yelling at me than my driving instructor ever did. Best part is I have no idea how I’m even staying up this late. I just eat my dinner, edit some photos and WHAM it’s midnight. Okay enough of my teenage problemz. Should try and get that sleep… Much love xx


wild hearts

IMG_3412  IMG_3364IMG_3403 IMG_3345IMG_3415 IMG_3336IMG_3388
Top c/o Supre, skirt c/o Shop Tobi, Urban Outfitters boots, vintage bolo tie + concho belt.

Since splendour rolled around, I can’t seem to stop wearing bolo ties, concho belts and oversized fedoras. And I’m not mad about it. In my opinion, the little phases I go through with my style is what keeps things interesting. Yes, even including my Avril Lavigne sk8er girl wannabe phase in 2007. But I think we’re all glad that one’s over.

I had a relatively unproductive weekend! ~*YAY*~! It was kind of another shocker of a week and I must have been pretty freaking tired because I feel like I slept 90% of the time. But on the plus side, that does mean that the Monday morning looming over my head should be met with enthusiasm. And lots of coffee. Oh and I found my Melbourne footage!!!! If you watched my last video (u should by the way, it’s down below) you’ll know I was fairly devastated after it completely evaporated from the computer. But it’s back and I spent all afternoon editing. Also why am I telling you this??? MY LIFE HAS BEEN SO UNEVENTFUL. Pls leave your interesting life stories in the comments. Also follow me on da snapchat @isabellawight to see more boringness. Irresistible, I know. MUCH LOVE X


watercolour love

IMG_3142IMG_3099IMG_3146IMG_3095   IMG_3148 IMG_3155
Wearing: Stylestalker sweater c/o Justa Local Store, Nobody Denim jeans c/o Justa Local Store (similar here), platform heels c/o Lovely Wholesale.

Apparently I’ve had a thing for abstract prints lately. I was never too great at art (borderline failed tbh) but I can certainly appreciate it- and I show that appreciation through cool-ass prints. And drawing excellent stick-figures in Pictionary. And reblogging plenty of ~*aesthetic*~ photos. You could say I’m pretty cultured.

So how are we all this fine Wednesday night? I’m watching the Bachelor and pretending I hate it because it objectifies and insults women about every 3 seconds. And I do. But it’s also really entertaining and great material for mockery.

I had big plans for today (no really, I did) but Kurt wanted to get coffee and that’s when everything went to shambles (yes I am 83). Because at 12:30 he realised he had work at 1, made me drop him off somewhere I’ve never been and then expected me to get home by myself. So naturally I used Siri and this bish LED ME TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE. And then I was going down the highway in the opposite direction and getting weepy and it took me 40 minutes to make a 10 minute drive. So now you know that, I guess. Also uploading something funny tonight to YT but god knows how long that could take. Okay enough of me- much love! xx