bad blood

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Wearing: Sweater c/o Supre, skirt c/o Pixie Market, Windsor Smith heels, MAC “Cyber” lipstick.

Hey babes, happy weekend! Yet another dark lipstick/bomb-ass sweater combo because Australian winter is coming, friends. And I’m looking forward to almost cool nights where I can actually use a blanket. The good thing about a 20-degree winter? My love affair with these cutout heels can continue. Recently cleaned out my wardrobe and these descended from the heavens, aka my bombsite of a shoe shelf. They are probably one of the only items in my wardrobe I can deem “sexy.” So there’s that.

Not-so-present on the social media this week because let me tell you- I hit the 18th hard. Two nights in a row, clubbing. And I said I was going to continue my grandma life. So now it’s Sunday and it’s safe to say that won’t be happening for a while. Here’s to cups of tea instead of vodka sodas and journal entries instead of entry fees. Speaking of- I’ve been feeling really inspired with my writing lately and my video making. The TMI tag just went up on my channel and I’ve been writing some new content to share soon. Anything you would like me to talk/make a video about? Requests always appreciated. Much love xx


young at heart

Wearing: Sweater c/o Living Doll, Skirt c/o Pixie Market, shoes c/o Lovely Wholesale, Lonely Hearts bralette, MAC “Rebel” lipstick.

And here, friends, we have my last post at a seventeen-year-old. Tomorrow I’m a legal adult, which is both confusing and terrifying- but it’s happening nonetheless. Woo bloody hoo. So to celebrate I wore my fringiest, twirliest skirt and pranced around an abandoned shipping container lot. Naturally. I also did a blissful amount of nothing today- aside from keeping up with the Kardashians, of course. Sorry that I’m not sorry!!

In case you missed it, there’s a new vidayo on my Youtube. It’s an extremely delayed April Haul- the internet hates me, okay?!- so let me know what you think! Yesterday I even went out and bought twinkling lights and succulents for my background ~aesthetic~. Does this mean I’m a real Youtuber now?!

So here’s to be 17. It was a good time. Now I can smoke and drink and vote and get tattooed!! Wow so excited for all of these things!! Not really. I’ll have a fancy pink cocktail tomorrow night and go back to 8:30 bedtimes and long baths. Grandma at heart. Goodnight my loves xx

the winter uniform

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Wearing: Sweater c/o Living Doll, jeans c/o Supre, fedora c/o Supre, Fossil bag, Urban Outfitters boots.

Queensland is not a cold place- at all-but my goodness today was freaking freezing. Most of the day was spent wearing a fluffy-blanket-turned-cape and dad’s house slippers from Aldi. But I did muster up the strength to change into one of my favourite combinations: turtleneck sweater, skinny jeans, black boots and an on-point hair tuck. The hair tuck is an art, it really is. You want it to be intentional enough for people not to notify you that your hair is, in fact, tucked into your sweater, but without looking like you purposefully tucked your hair into your sweater. You feel? Being a girl is hard, man.

In other news.. I GOT MY LICENCE! Only a year late, too! I know it doesn’t sound like I should be using caps lock, but seriously- this was a mission and a half. But now I’m tearin’ up the streets in my baby blue Suzuki Swift (Taylor, after Taylor Swift, obv). Watch out world.

Also- what kind of posts would you guys like to see on the blog? I feel like I’ve posted one too many outfits recently and am down for switching it up. Makeup? Lifestyle? Food? Music? ANYTHING. Leave it down below or message me on Tumblr! Much love xx


the new boho

Wearing: Dress c/o Minkpink, jacket c/o Supre, necklace + rings c/o Pandora, Windsor Smith “Gillie” heels, MAC “Velvet Teddy” on lips.

A stack of silver chains, distressed denim, a pop of print and killer heels. That’s my kind of boho- considering I’m a little too uptight for the whole bare-feet and cheesecloth tunic thing. And this dress is all kinds of absolutely-freaking-perfect; I know I love something when people begin to comment on why the hell I haven’t taken it off. “Shouldn’t you like… put that in the wash or something?” Thanks Kurt, burst my style bubble. WHO’S THE ONE WITH THE FASHION BLOG HERE?!

Because we love the #realtalk here on VON, I figured I’d tell you how uninspired and all-round poo-y I’ve been feeling lately. I don’t know, man. I really don’t. But the message- it’s okay to not be okay. Clichè, yeah, but something that I needed to hear and you probably do too.

“Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlights reel.” Remember you only ever get a snippet of someone’s online life and everyone has days where they just feel erughhhhhh. So yeah- that’s my message. Chin up loves xx