in n out

Wearing: Top c/o Klarra, Topshop skirt, Dad’s denim jacket, boots c/o Justa Local Store.
You want fries with that?
Today I combined two things very close to my heart- fashion and food. Why is it in California even the fast food restaurants are photogenic? Given, it is In N Out, which is kind the toast of fast food chains. McDonalds has nothin’ on animal style fries. I see why people like California.

Speaking of, I only have one day left here and I’m missing it already. In all honesty today was spent doing pretty much nothing except eating cheese pizza and watching reruns of Friends. But seriously, we have to wake up at 4:30 to catch the train. It’s not going to happen every morning. And after this, I’m off to Texas for Christmas and southern food and family and sleep-ins. Lots, and lots of sleep ins. Unfortunately this is the last time I’ll be sporting bare legs for a while… apparently temperatures are in the single digits right now. I guess the palm tree print is reserved for LA too? Bye CA, it’s been real.



Wearing: Urban Outfitters dress, shoes c/o Justa Local Store.
Thanks America, for Urban Outfitters and the beauty that is their sale section. This dress was $9- and for lil’ old broke me that’s pretty exciting. I find with travelling it’s easier to stick to a neutral palette- greys, blacks, whites- because it’s easier to pack and mix and match, so navy is a welcomed (and subtle) colour addition. Plus, it’s got business in the front and party in the back. All the best things do. Like mullets and stuff.

These photos were shot at the beautiful Newport Beach, CA. The beach here was much moodier, a little more brooding… I guess the complete opposite to what I would expect in shiny-sunny LA. I’ve only got 6 days left here before Texas, so I’m trying to soak it up in all its shiny-sunny glory. But I’ll be back in about 3 weeks and I was thinking of maybe doing a get together with bloggers in the area? Leave a comment or email me if you’re interested! Much love x


san fran

Wearing: Cheap Monday sweater, jeans c/o Rusty Australia, boots c/o Justa Local Store.
I never thought I could fall for a city like I fell for San Francisco. It is such a melting pot of culture, diversity, creativity- there’s everyone and everything all in the same place. Needless to say I took a lot of photos- you can already see some #sanfranspam on my Instagram- so be prepared. One downside about travelling, though, is packing- I only have two pairs of shoes and have been outfit repeating like there’s no tomorrow. Forgive me. The good news is that it’s only a few days until I’m reunited with my Macbook charger, meaning I can finally edit the seemingly endless amount of video I’ve taken while I’ve been here. I miss you guys.

So I’m pretty much moving to SF. One day. Or tomorrow. Either one. How has everyone been? I apologize if you’ve emailed and I haven’t replied, as you know things have been insane! I’m finally reunited with technology now, though, so drop me an email at Much love. xx

like fog

Wearing: Hat c/o Missguided, sweater c/o Oasap, skirt c/o Riders by Lee, vintage denim jacket, boots c/o Justa Local Store.
I have found myself asking whether or not it is a coincidence that the one week we come to Cali, the drought suddenly ends and we get three consecutive days of near-flooding. To be honest this week has been more turbulent than the skies- in a somewhat beautiful, adventurous kind of way. This was supposed to be my first independent travel and it sure does feel independent at times. I’ve forgotten my wallet, missed trains, ordered overpriced taxis, gotten lost and spent more time disorientated than orientated. And it’s been amazing.

With Cali’s crazy weather turn I’ve finally been able to bust out those layers I packed. And had the time to perfect the science of the turtleneck-hair-tuck. It’s an art, no? Speaking of art forms- it’s hard to layer without being lumpy. It really is. My suggestion? If you’re wearing something high-waisted, (which, more often than not, I am) don’t tuck in- go cropped. Cropped sweaters, tees, blouses… then layer your coat or jacket over the top. Another option is to go a little off-centre and do the longer/shorter layer thing… think a button-down shirt left untucked, under a cropped sweater, paired with cuffed trousers and oxfords. It’s very Vogue.

Well I’m off to San Fran tomorrow and haven’t packed a thing. Excited for more adventure, though, and will be back very soon with more embarrassing stories. Much love xo


Wearing: Dress ℅ Justa Local Store, hat ℅ Supre, boots ℅ Justa Local store, on my lips: MAC’s lipliner in Nightmoth.
Yet another supposed winter day in Cali. I know- Izzy is an outfit repeater- but it’s hard to pack your entire wardrobe without being ridiculed and charged $1000 in overweight luggage. A little wardrobe remix never goes astray though, right? I wish you could all be here and we could have a giant party with pressed juices and our own trending hashtag because you guys are the sweetest. Thank you for all the love lately, I know it’s been frustrating because I don’t have a laptop atm and am sporadically borrowing whatever I can get my hands on. My charger arrives on Monday though so be strong. It’s tough, I know.

Shopping/eating/sightseeing/being embarrassing tourists is what my last week has consisted of. We went to Hollywood yesterday and within two minutes of arriving- no exaggeration, two minutes- we had been roped into a bus tour with 16 other Malaysian tourists for $30. It was hilarious and in a way, some kind of touristy rite of passage. I guess now that’s out of the way we can stop by Rodeo Drive and have lunch at The Ivy?

Just kidding, we all know that tour bus was the closest we could get. Broke student lyf. Ps- any shopping/sightseeing/eating recommendations are always appreciated! Hit me up with an email at If you want to see embarrassing hourly updates there’s always Snapchat (isabellawight) and don’t forget I’m never not on Tumblr. Much love xo


Wearing: BDG top via Urban Outfitters, Topshop skirt, Gorman socks, Nike sneakers.
California is unexpectedly, completely and utterly beautiful. Although we haven’t even been into the city yet it’s been amazing to just have time to explore, In typical Izzy fashion I forgot my laptop charger, hence the delay in posts, but I’ve been filming pretty much everything. Including today- which is Thanksgiving. I’ve never seen so much food in my life. And we literally have 6 people coming to dinner. 3 pumpkin pies. Enough vegetarian stuffing to last the rest of the year my life I LOVE AMERICA.

The sneaker trend is appealing to me for two reasons 1) it looks badass and 2) it makes my feet very, very happy. I bought these Nikes yesterday for a ridiculously cheap price (it is America, after all) and plan on wearing them 24/7. I do need to break them in before our hike to the Hollywood sign, after all…
Have I mentioned I love America?
Ps. Laptop charger is on its way, so don’t worry- blogs are on the horizon. And more posts. But keep updated on Instagram too!

next chapter

Wearing: Top c/o Missguided, skirt c/o Klarra, shoes c/ o Missguided.
Since cutting my hair, something about me feels much older. Maybe it’s the fact that it happened in the process of graduation or maybe it’s just me being weird- but either way, it’s an excuse to wear midi skirts and pearl earrings and I’m okay with that.

I don’t know what it’s like in other parts of the world, but in Australia graduation comes very quickly and all at once. It’s a cliche but really and truly these past 2 weeks have been a blur and within the last five days I’ve finished exams, hosted an end of year party, graduated high school and attended my formal (prom). Now I leave for LA on Monday and I’m sitting here like??? But it feels incredibly good to be back and doing what I love so much- blogging. The prospect of a “next chapter” with more creative freedom and time than I have ever had is freakin’ exciting, man. Let’s do this.

So the blogging begins possibly with some travel/packing posts and vlogs that I’ve done just over the past few days. I want to get really into vlogging during LA/travelling- let me know if there’s anything else you particularly want to see. I’ve also got so phresh photo shoots and meetups lined up with cool LA peeps so hit me up if you’re interested. Much love, much excitement. Yay for adventure. xx

almost famous

Wearing: Top c/o Factorie, Kimono c/o Factorie, shorts c/o Oasap, hat c/o Supre, shoes c/o Justa Local Store.

Blogging was completely mandatory this afternoon as it makes me inexplicably happy; and it requires me to look semi-decent which I did not-at all-today. I went to the beach in the morning (leaving me with salty hair twice the size of my head and not a sniff of makeup on) and forgot my school socks. The only pair available in the WHOLE ENTIRE SCHOOL was a pair of boys socks. With this combination of factors I got quite a few looks/comments/questions like- “Wow, you’ve really let yourself go,” “Looking a bit ratty,” and, my personal favourite- “Did you do that on purpose?” So um, here I am, looking semi-decent. At least the outfit makes up for it- a textbook Izzy uniform in the current heatwave. Factorie is one of those brands that is both ridiculously accessible and affordable, meaning you can seamlessly incorporate their pieces into your wardrobe. And I’m all about that. Plus a little bit of Kate Hudson circa Almost Famous because it’s always a good idea to channel those vibes.

I’m probably going to put on the correct pair of socks and read now. Friday night craziness as per usual. In case you were wondering, I’m going to be reading Gone Girl, because I saw the movie last night and I NEED MORE. Go see it. Or read it. Just do it. Also I’m going to be listening to my Wispy playlist on Spotify because I’m also all about that wispy bedtime music. So much love.

shine on

Wearing: Thrifted sweater, shorts c/o Mad Love the Label, shoes c/o Nine West, Halo Jessica curler.

Watching me try and paint my nails recently, Kurt- looking on, horrified- said to me: “How can you not know how to do this? Isn’t it like, a prerequisite for being a girl?” You see the truth is that I’m not very good at the girly things- like painting my nails, doing my hair, keeping my skin moisturised and primed- but at least I know how to dress, right? Needless to say this collaboration- Nine West X Halo hair products- was an interesting one. Shoes, I can do, hair tools?! Not as much. The only styling tool I own, tbh, is a pink Breville clamp curler Santa brought me for Christmas about 12000 years ago. So this one is freakin amazing… I only needed one Youtube video and my hair game was so strong. And how great are these shooties? I love a good hybrid- jeggings are a beautiful, beautiful creation- and these are sports luxe in the best kind of way.

But as much as I love them, they’re not going to work for formal… and I’m desperately trolling every online store ever for a good pair. I’m yet to look at jewellery/accessories but for those Aussie girls in the same boat, Asos and The Iconic are some of the only sites with free shipping to AUS (+amazing prices and deals). Were you guys interested in a post or two about formal? Let me know in the comments! And have a good sleep. Because coffee can only substitute sleep for so long- I learnt the hard way. Goodnight lovers! xo

i hate mondays


Wearing: Kurt’s tee, Dad’s jacket, shorts c/o Mad Love the Label, shoes c/o Shellys London.
Took it back to basics after Halloween- because not every day is a zombie cheerleader day. Since Kurt accidentally left one of his tees at my house, I’ve unexpectedly been wearing it non-stop- and not just to sleep in. Naturally I had to steal another one because in all seriousness, what doesn’t go with a white tee? This is one of two looks I styled with these killer Shellys London booties, so keep your eyes on their Tumblr (or head over there now if you want a kick-butt playlist).

Feeling the Monday-itis right now and we RAN OUT OF COFFEE. This is an abomination and I’m going to have to drink tea, which is frankly not okay. I know I’m sounding like a broken record here but really, I’m just getting through these last few weeks of school before my white Christmas in America.  I’ve done a little too much online shopping and tbh, not really sure what I’m supposed to do with my turtlenecks in the current 40-degree heat. God, now it’s raining. The world is practically begging me not to go to school. Hope you’re not feeling the Monday-itis quite so hard… have a beautiful day!

PS: Note the eyebrow game. Three cheers for no longer having furry caterpillars!

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