spring uniform

IMG_0003IMG_9979 IMG_9991
Wearing: Dress c/o Thrills, Converse sneakers, sunglasses c/o Lovely Wholesale (similar). 

So I just realised that in my last post we had some technical difficulties and I posted a draft. Meaning it kind of just cut-off mid sentence. Always so professional here. But seriously- I am a hot mess and I’m sorry about it. Here are some pics of me wearing my spring uniform for the past week- Converse, maxi dress, denim. Usually around the waist because it’s pushing 30 degrees here already. Why do people like summer again?

Like I said- I’m a hot mess rn. All of the things that can go wrong have been going wrong. Basically the tagline for my life. But I did hear you guys and I will be delivering posts other than the basic outfits. Possibly some makeup/beauty/music? Not sure yet. My eyes are also sporadically shutting due to extreme lack of sleep/listening to all of the podcasts ever before going to bed. Don’t ask. HOT MESS I TELL YA. SO much love. Tell me anything in the comments. ♡

shady lady

IMG_9878IMG_9920  IMG_9897IMG_9907
Wearing: Playsuit c/o Thrills, hat c/o Glassons, boots c/o Justa Local Store.

Forever wearing big hats and big prints. With summer around the corner and the weather so fine (so fine- today was a cloudless dream) I’m all about bohemian vibes and even injecting a little colour into my grey/black/white/off-white palette. Also these photos were taken pre-weekend- meaning the time that I was actually alive and not tired/un-showered/voiceless. I can explain…

So I made a last minute decision (spontaneity is prob a good thing for me sometimes) to go to Listen Out festival on Sunday. And despite all those things I just listed it was worth it. Childish Gambino was the headliner and although I GOT HIT IN THE FACE in the mosh pit, he did not disappoint. It’s a long story but if you want a storytime video let me know.  To summarise: very intoxicated people and one person who likes to defend their place in the mosh pit. Me. Sometimes I’ve got a little too much sass when my favourite rapper is involved. Okay, sleep is much needed. Love always 💜


worth a thousand words

IMG_4952IMG_4932 copy IMG_4945
Wearing: Top c/o Shop Tobi, jeans c/o Living Doll, boots c/o Justa Local Store.

Feeling creative, apparently, so decided to line these photos with stream-of-consciousness nonsense. I’m pretty obsessed with the way handwriting looks incorporated into portraits. Also fake flowers and slinky fabrics, ripped denim, freckles across noses and the new Yen magazine cover. Sometimes you just gotta list off the things you love as a reminder when you’ve had THE WORST DAY EVER.

It started off beautifully and quickly crashed and burned after I forgot I had an appointment (and rushed madly to it), was disorganised for work and then got a hefty parking fine. AS I ARRIVED AT MY CAR. WHY IS EVERYONE OUT TO GET ME. I’m sorry. I’ll tone down the caps lock. Basically I’m just relived it’s Friday. I’m also going to Listen Out festival in Brisbane on Sunday if anyone’s going! Childish Gambino is one of my all-time favourite rappers so that alone got me through this nightmare of a day. But now I’m showered, tucked up into bed and editing all the things. Happy place. Hope you’re all excited for the weekend- so much love ♡

paper heart

Outfit// Wearing: Top c/o Shop Tobi, Assembly shorts c/o Justa Local Store (similar here), heels c/o Missguided. 

This title is referring to both a) the fragility of my emotional state right now and b) the way this top reminds me of origami. Not meaning to be overdramatic here but today was like er ma gawd the worst day ever. I just felt like shooting somebody/falling asleep off and on all day. Tired and cranky. Also my little sister refused to take my photos. Also we also had NO INTERNET ALL DAY AND WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH NO INTERNET?? Okay I’m not here to complain. I’m really not. Isn’t this top beautiful?

And with that smooth topic-change… I’m really into contrasting shapes/textures right now. Slouchy denim shorts and a silky wrap top. Messy bun and polished heels. Both hemispheres are in-between seasons right now so it kind of works. What are you loving to wear right now? Also I’m currently editing my first ever vlog (!!) so stay tuned on my channel for that. I’m super sleepy but will be back and a little more chatty tomorrow. So much love ♡