Wearing: Glassons top, black skirt (similar), Bonds bralette (worn underneath), RM Williams boots. 

Hey! Feels like a lifetime since we snapped some photos in the old stomping ground- needless to say. this purple wall has gotten a workout courtesy of me and my camera in this past year. I’m home, finally- after a frenzy of back-and-forth between Melbourne and here desperately to satisfy my constantly nagging FOMO. While I can’t lie and say it’s completely gone, I can say there’s a certain relaxation that can only be achieved within the somewhat slow confines of the Sunshine Coast. Don’t get me wrong- I always miss my family and my assorted collection of people left here- but it’s definitely not the consistent chaos of the city. And I guess sometimes that’s a good thing.

I moved out, too. Living in a college for a year provided me with both the highest of highs and the lowest of lows (see: that time I went to the hospital with alcohol poisoning) and it was certainly a little sad to leave my homely shoebox of a room. Everything’s a little bittersweet right now and there’s both things that I miss terribly and things I’m so happy to be back around. Then again I’m probably just being overdramatic- I went to the ER with severe gastro two nights ago and am a little delirious courtesy of dehydration, lack of sleep and heavy drugs. Speaking of, I have a doctor’s appointment- have a wonderful day, it feels good to be back x


colour & chaos

Wearing: Tee by Renee, Supre jumpsuit, low cut Doc Martens.

In last 2 weeks, I have occupied a kind of weird limbo, floating between houses and people and decisions. It’s exhausting, let me tell you. The entirety of my existence is based on my sole purpose to ignore all to-do lists and potentially important responsibilities in favor of the fun shit, essentially. I do not recommend this when it’s the end of the year and you have to move out, spend a bunch of unnecessary money and find a new place to live. Change is a somewhat terrifying concept to me. I seem to get about thinking that if we’re all having fun, everyone will just continue to do the same thing and have that same fun for the sake of good times and being young and alive. U feel me? But we get older and graduate and have to think about landlords and public transport fines and what to make for dinner when our parents come to visit. Guess I can’t be 7 forever.

Sorry about being so cynical tonight. I really am just terribly overdramatic and have consumed far too much reality tv in the past 48 hours. The world ain’t so bad. Goodnight!

the gig diaries: ellie goulding + catch-up

heyimg_8773img_8938heyimg_8948img_8792img_4872Wearing: (jeans and leotard) Rusty onepiece (worn as top), thrifted jeans, See by Chloe boots via Shopbop. 

Two rare sunny days, too many cold ciders, thousands of LED screens across a sold-out stadium. We’ve had another pretty good week. Renee and I were also talking about how first-person pronouns have been thrown out the window completely and everything is now “we” because we spend so much goddamn time together. All possessions are shared. Personal space is a concept for people who aren’t us.

So “we” attended the Ellie Goulding concert knowing one and a half songs between us and actually had the greatest time. Her stage presence is something other-worldly. The crowd presence, not so much- everyone was either 45 and not having a bar of it or 25 and smelly, spill-your-drink-on-me intoxicated. But nonetheless, very enjoyable.

I’m sorry for the lack of everything recently, I have approximately 2 weeks of university/college left and I wanted to make sure I enjoyed every last second. Mission accomplished. I also have to figure out a place to live next year with a bunch of girls who can adult just about as well as I can. This should be interesting. Hope your week has been fantastic!



Wearing: Supre top and shorts, thrifted RM Williams boots.

It’s finally warm enough for me to see my legs and arms without contracting hypothermia and I’m pretty damn excited about it. Spring has sprung here in Melb-town. Unfortunately, I’ve spent most of this weekend either in a state of stress or hungover-ness (I live at college, oKAY?! pls make better decisions than I do) so have not yet fully embraced the sunshine.

It was the AFL grand final yesterday and to me, of course, this means diddly-squat, but to Victorians apparently this is big news. We got a freaking public holiday. Sports will forever mystify me. Regardless, we ended up with painted faces and beers in our hands, listening to a bunch of team war cries that everybody seemed to learn when they came out of the womb. Except me. I couldn’t even tell you who won. I couldn’t even tell you the other team that played. I tried to watch the game but didn’t know the appropriate times to make happy/angry remarks at the TV so decided to make nachos instead. GOooOOo Bulldogs! At least it was a day off school, right!?

FYI, probably going to force my lazy ass to actually film something this week. Kind of just saying that in the hopes that you guys will force me to. Send motivation and snacks to my inbox please. Hope your weekend was wonderful! xx