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Wearing: Minkpink Jumpsuit, Oasap cardi.
Hey there! This post title is unusually fitting seeing as it feels like these past few weeks have been a kind of daydream.. and not always a good one. My little sister, Adele, landed herself in hospital, our flights were rescheduled and delayed, we lost our luggage… basically everything that could have gone wrong, did. But I’m back in LA and all is right with my corner of the world. And, as you may have seen on my Instagram, I’ve managed to do some awesome things (ahem, photo shoot) whilst being here and can’t wait to share them with you!

These photos are kind of a link to my last post, shot at a childhood home on the farm. The nostalgia is very real when I’m in Texas. It’s late and we’re going to Disneyland tomorrow- spose I should get some sleep? Updates coming very soon, watch this space for plenty of photos of me with Mickey Mouse ears. Much love xx

today’s makeup: big lashes, big lips

After my last post appeared on Instagram I had a couple of requests to do a makeup tutorial on the look I was wearing. Let’s just say that since being in the US, my makeup collection has doubled (thanks Sephora, thanks a lot) and I’ve had the products to switch it up. So here it is- big lashes, big lips.
I kicked it off with my base and half my eye makeup done, because I am scatterbrained and nothing I do makes sense. On my face: Urban Decay makeup foundation, Maybelline concealer, a little bit of pink blush and Rimmel translucent powder. On my eyes: Stila eyeshadow in “Kitten” all over the lid, Maybelline “The Falsies” mascara on top and bottom. Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil in dark brown on the brows.

1. Using your favourite liquid eyeliner, create a thick line across the top lashline. Don’t wing it out, and make it reasonably thick. Apply another coat of mascara for big lashes.
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2. For the lips: using a mauve lipliner (I used the Sephora lipliner in Mauve) slightly over-line your natural lips, accentuating your cupid’s bow. I know what you’re thinking- over-lining is that Kylie Jenner thing- but it’s famous for a reason. Just make sure not to over-do it. If the lipliner you’re using isn’t matte, pat some translucent powder over the top.
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And that’s it! Relatively simple but so effective. I’ve been wearing it every day. Let me know if you liked this tutorial. And since it’s technically NYE and I won’t be posting until tomorrow- Happy 2015. Thank you all for an incredible year, it’s been one of the best yet. Check out my Instagram and the Couturesque Instagram to see what I’m doing today! So much love. xx

summertime sadness

Every now and again I get a wave of creativity that is both completely exhilarating and impossible to ignore. I got the idea in my head for a shoot encapsulating those last remnants of spring- the flowers, the clarity, the fleeting, fresh feeling in the air. So that’s what I did… only a couple of shots, as you can see, but things have been insane. I had my last day of real school today.

I can’t really describe the feeling because I can’t say that I have the feeling.. it’s one of those things that probably takes a while to sink in. So far it’s been a little bit melancholy, a little bit nostalgic- that’s what being with the same people for 12 years will do to you. And as much as I hate to say it, I suppose some things you don’t truly miss until they’re (almost) gone.

Expectations are something that I’ve tried to loosen over my many years of mistakes and misunderstandings. Finishing my final year of high school had made me realise, though, that I had a kind of unspoken, unregistered expectation that my life would be near-perfect by the time I walked across that stage. Well, kids, nothing will ever be perfect- particularly when you’re 17. I’m not sad, I’m not angry or disappointed- but for once I’m completely and utterly unsure. Unsure of what’s to come, where I’m going, what’s going to happen- but I know one thing. You will be coming with me. Here’s to the unknown. xx

postcards from paradise #1


Normally, if you asked me about where I live, I would proceed to tell you how I just can’t wait to get out of here. But today, I realised that it’s not so bad having the beach 15 minutes from your house, especially when it’s as beautiful as this one. My Sunday, appropriately, was spent shooting something special for Sunday Somewhere. Postcards from Paradise is an upcoming collaboration with a few other bloggers that I’m stoked to be a part of. As nerdy as it is, I love having special projects to plan for, and specifically… make themed Pinterest boards for. Yes, I’m one of those people. 

The official shots will be released soon, but, as per usual, I got impatient and had to share. I’ve been a little MIA because I’m currently drowning in a sea of schoolwork. Someone throw me a lifering, plz. Oooh, but I am jetting off somewhere for a microsecond this week (it’s about 36 hours) and I’m sure you’ll be hearing all about it. Have a wonderful start to the week! xx

Sunglasses- Laura c/o Sunday Somewhere