6pm skyline

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Wearing: dress via We Are Cow. 

One of the cooler things I can now say I’ve done: snuck onto a hotel rooftop with my best friend to take in an illegally mesmerizing city view. We acquired a friend named Adrian who does this whole breaking-onto-rooftops thing for a hobby and tagged along on Tuesday. Basically, it goes without saying that it took a lot of convincing (and chickening out twice) to get us up here but my god was it worth it. I feel like cityscapes aren’t conventionally beautiful- monotone concrete wastelands- but something about seeing it all sprawled out like that gives me a feeling of power. We’re not so insignificant when we come face-to-face with 64-story skyscrapers.

I do apologise for my accidental hiatus- my life has been a series of ever-changing chaos recently. And not all good change, either. I’ve got some wonderful new people in my life but am an easily distracted and excitable person, meaning socialising put some otherwise very important things on the backburner. Like my sanity, for instance. On the positive side, I’ve got 2 weeks left of my first week of uni and it’s looking like I probably won’t fail. How’s that for adult. Hope you’re all well and have more brain cells floating around than me. Happy Sunday x


girls on film part 2

All photos shot on a Minolta AF-E.

And here we have the long-awaited GIRLS ON FILM part 2. I know you guys love these posts and my baby film camera almost as much as I do. So this round we have: many wine-filled nights, a date with dad, double-exposed beachy goodness, a sunny trip home, park picnics and me, hungover, eating a banana. No surprise there on any accounts.

New video coming very soon for those of you who are subscribed. If not you probably should. Much love!


my week in photos #2

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‘Twas a wonderful week filled with art, friends and good food. I love doing these posts because I get to reflect and reminisce on my week (and you guys seem to enjoy it too). I’m nostalgic like that. So this week I: saw a really freaking beautiful sunset, went to the Jeremy Scott x Melissa event (the collection is AMAZING btw), rocked my customised Supre jacket and felt like a badass, plus one-d my friend Bellamie to said event, re-vamped my desk, had coffee with my five-year-old-friend and saw the Andy Warhol x Ai Wei Wei exhibit at the NGV. It was magical.

And to finish it all off, I got to fly home yesterday. I missed my family, friends and dogs (lol) so much and it is so dang nice to be back in my old room. Too hot for my new Melbournite self here in QLD but I’m getting used to it. Also, I should definitely not be allowed to drive after a month away from the wheel. Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly crash-hot to begin with. I guess my body’s pretty stoked too because I’ve been home for about 24 hours and have slept for roughly 15 of them. Kinda seems like I’m a 3-nap-a-day kinda gal now. I have a vlog of this week coming tomorrow if I don’t sleep through this entire week. I’ll talk to y’all very soon- have a wonderful Easter weekend. ♡


this week in photos

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Hello! I am writing to you via my bed because guess who’s got the flu?? This gal! And you’ll never believe the timing- it’s my very first ever week of university exams. Today my teacher actually told me to go home- followed by a chorus of “Yeah Izzy, you look terrible!” But apparently it’s just not that easy to pick up and leave- no matter how sick you are. Needless to say, I don’t think that exam was my best; but I do have tomorrow to rest, catch up and hopefully stop feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck.

Anyways, I’ll stop complaining now- this past week Kurt came to stay with my here in Melbourne and it was amazing. Renee (my roommate, the beautiful blonde one pictured above) and I both had the best time ever and are very sad he’s gone. Here are some snaps we took over the week- including out Fitzroy adventures, art gallery explorations and coffee dates. I’ve got a doctors appointment tomorrow to sort this ish out so hopefully I’ll be feeling good in the next few days. Much love xx