summertime sadness

Every now and again I get a wave of creativity that is both completely exhilarating and impossible to ignore. I got the idea in my head for a shoot encapsulating those last remnants of spring- the flowers, the clarity, the fleeting, fresh feeling in the air. So that’s what I did… only a couple of shots, as you can see, but things have been insane. I had my last day of real school today.

I can’t really describe the feeling because I can’t say that I have the feeling.. it’s one of those things that probably takes a while to sink in. So far it’s been a little bit melancholy, a little bit nostalgic- that’s what being with the same people for 12 years will do to you. And as much as I hate to say it, I suppose some things you don’t truly miss until they’re (almost) gone.

Expectations are something that I’ve tried to loosen over my many years of mistakes and misunderstandings. Finishing my final year of high school had made me realise, though, that I had a kind of unspoken, unregistered expectation that my life would be near-perfect by the time I walked across that stage. Well, kids, nothing will ever be perfect- particularly when you’re 17. I’m not sad, I’m not angry or disappointed- but for once I’m completely and utterly unsure. Unsure of what’s to come, where I’m going, what’s going to happen- but I know one thing. You will be coming with me. Here’s to the unknown. xx

postcards from paradise #1


Normally, if you asked me about where I live, I would proceed to tell you how I just can’t wait to get out of here. But today, I realised that it’s not so bad having the beach 15 minutes from your house, especially when it’s as beautiful as this one. My Sunday, appropriately, was spent shooting something special for Sunday Somewhere. Postcards from Paradise is an upcoming collaboration with a few other bloggers that I’m stoked to be a part of. As nerdy as it is, I love having special projects to plan for, and specifically… make themed Pinterest boards for. Yes, I’m one of those people. 

The official shots will be released soon, but, as per usual, I got impatient and had to share. I’ve been a little MIA because I’m currently drowning in a sea of schoolwork. Someone throw me a lifering, plz. Oooh, but I am jetting off somewhere for a microsecond this week (it’s about 36 hours) and I’m sure you’ll be hearing all about it. Have a wonderful start to the week! xx

Sunglasses- Laura c/o Sunday Somewhere


super easy salad in a jar


Aside from blogging and watching excessive amounts of online television, I really love to cook/bake. I get “pocket money” (yes, I still get that) for making lunches every morning, and I feel it’s my mission to create something different and delicious every morning. Now, this goes out the window more often than not, due to the whole rushing-out-the-door thing I have going most mornings. Basically, anything that can make delicious & healthy lunches easier is a godsend. Enter the salad in a jar.

I believe it’s been scientifically proven that everything tastes better in a jar… this salad included. The idea is the dressing and heavier vegetables down the bottom (to absorb liquid), lighter chopped vegetables on top, a whole heap of leafy greens, a layer of grains or lentils, and something pretty to go on top (chopped nuts or fruity). Seal it up, put it in the fridge, and tip it into a bowl when you’re ready. Voila! Pre-prepared deliciousness. Winning.


I’m all for the “eat a rainbow” philosophy, meaning I try to eat a variety of colourful fruits and veggies throughout the door. With everything that I have going on right now, I’m really trying to nourish with plentiful, good, healthy food. Here’s my salad-in-a-jar recipe:

Dressing: Olive oil, lemon juice and cracked pepper.
Layer 1: Roughly chopped cucumber.
Layer 2: Chopped raw carrots and tomatoes.
Layer 3: Leafy greens- kale and Asian cabbage.
Layer 4: Shredded carrots and chickpeas.
Layer 5: A few slices of mandarin (seeds removed).
And a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds on top!

The flavours were seriously wonderful. Crunchy, citrus-y goodness. I’ll be back with the usual outfit/fashion related posts soon, but I really enjoyed putting together a food post. I’m considering making it a regular thing- let me know what you think. I’m off to watch excessive amounts of online tv! xx


behind the scenes: an outfit post

1. I pick out my outfit. Usually based around a new garment or accessory, or something I’ve had envisioned for a while. Makeup and hair are based around the outfit- never anything too fancy, I’m not that skilled…

2. I drive us (!!) around until we find an outfit-post-worthy spot. We never go further than about 15 minutes from the house, and this step can be very frustrating and take hours.

3. After the location is chosen, we try a few different angles and lenses until we find the best. For those of you who are curious, I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and usually a 75-300 mm lens.

4. Mum (my usual photographer, sometimes it’s Kurt or anyone who I can shove a camera at) shows me the photos. I check for the usual criteria: a range of different shots (full body, waist-up and detail), a combination of wide-angle and closely cropped photos, correct composition and lighting, etc.

5. When we have extra time, I usually take two or three additional outfits to shoot. Because of school/life getting in the way I don’t always have time to shoot outfits during the week, so it’s my way of saving time. I take a hairbrush and a different lipstick and change in the car. We drive to our next location and awkwardly interact with the horses.

6. Finish it up with the same photo-taking process as before. I go home and edit the photos/write the post. The editing process is going to be a whole other post….

Enjoying a super-lazy long weekend. Tell me if you liked this post! xo


melbourne photo diary

1. A snippet of the architecture around the city/ 2. Daily Starbucks stops/ 3. My favourite part of the markets/ 4. Admiring store windows/ 5. Walks in Albert Park with the adorable Lila leading the pack/ 6. Checking out The Book Grocer- all books were $10/
7. Mouth-watering macaroons at the Lindt Cafe/ 8. Daily Starbucks stops part 2/ 9. Roaming the streets at dusk /

I know you’ve all probably have enough of my Melbourne posts, but I desperately wanted to get this photo diary up. I experimented with some new editing for them and thought you may like to see how I edit my photos. Let me know! Hope you all have a wonderful evening- I went to bed at 1 0’clock followed by school which was followed by pilates, so I’m literally falling asleep at the keyboard. Goodnight xo


blue afternoon

Winter, I am ready for you. Armed with my cutout boots, high-waisted jeans and incredibly fluffy cardigan, I feel like I really have my winter staples sorted out. Does anyone else find it hard to master the art of winter dressing? I’ve been testing my skills as- wait for it, drumroll please -I will be in Melbourne from the 17th-20th of May for my 16th birthday! Yes, that’s right, I will be sixteen in a matter of days (the 19th, in case you were wondering or wanted to send me a virtual piece of cake) and I’m ridiculously excited. And nervous. Queensland roads brace yourself, I’m going to be driving soon….

This look is part of an awesome collaboration I’m doing with Choies and Fashiolista. For those of you who don’t know, Fashiolista is the birth child of Pinterest and Lookbook – a super-slick site where you can keep a wishlist and post your looks. I’m part of a styling competition (my look is “boho” themed) that will be going live on the Fashiolista website very soon! I will give you all the link and it would be amazeballs if you voted for me. Much love!

Wearing: cutout boots c/o Choies, cardigan c/o Dragonberry boutique, Ziggy Denim jeans, Asos hat, Emerson top. 



When this dress arrived from the wonderful people at Koogal Clothing, I’ll admit, I was nervous. I’ve never hated the “mullet dress” trend or anything, but I’ve always been afraid to try it. It looked like something you needed long legs and incredible confidence to pull off. But, with my trusty ol’ Miss Shop boots and some messy hair, I think I’ll be wearing it again… and again… and again…

Lately life has been a little on the dull side, but I’ve been posting anything exciting that comes my way on my Instagram: @viewsofnow. I’m 100% addicted, come and join me!
Also been listening to my November Playlist and scrolling through my new blog crush, You Can’t Buy Culture. Danielle is amazing. That’s all I have to say. What have you been reading/listening to? Hope you are all coping considering it’s Monday!

 Wearing: Koogal Dress, Miss Shop boots (similar here and here), MAC lipstick in “Vegas Volt.”

night sky

Here I’m wearing the “Prep School Art Teacher” (adorable name, it totally looks like I’ve been splattered in paint by a 4-year-old) top from Sugarlips. My absolute, 100% favourite thing about the site is the impeccable quality of the garment… it feels like so much work goes into each item! And there’s nothing better than the feeling that your top was made especially for you. Yes, I get those lame mushy feelings you’re supposed to get around boys around clothing. This is what my world has come to…

Luckily, because I’m such an organised thinking-ahead kinda gal, I have a bunch of posts scheduled for the next couple of weeks. Yes, that’s right, exam and assignment time, also known as hell, has come rolling around and I just want to go into hibernation until the holidays. But unfortunately that essay on Religious Traditions isn’t going to do itself, no matter how much I stare at it. I hope you are all doing well, and are listening to my November Playlist to make life a little better!

Wearing: Sugarlips top, Sass & Bide shorts (similar here), Miss Shop boots (similar here), Revlon lip butter in Raspberry Pie

white stripes

Another day, another breton-tee ensemble. Yes, it is my Mum’s, and yes, I was actually the one who forced her to buy it, and yes, I pretty much haven’t taken it off since she bought it. Everyone in the house (including Dad, yes, especially during my “grungy” stage) is basically forced to share a wardrobe with me. Honestly, there isn’t a single garment I haven’t contemplated, criticized or considered wearing. When you’re unemployed, fifteen and a fashion blogger, you have to resort to things like that. #firstworldproblems

Back to the outfit (rambling is one of my more charming aspects) when these sunglasses first arrived from Oasap they were very…. white. I was afraid to style them, to be honest. But, to my delight, I found that with minimalistic detailing and clean lines they’re perfect. I feel quite Ivania in them. And that’s most definitely not a bad thing.

Wearing: Portmans tee, Sass & Bide shorts, c/o Oasap sunglasses, Miss Shop boots.

diy steam matte nails

Hi everyone, I’m back with another little how-to! Mum discovered whilst drinking a hot cup of tea that steam was the perfect way to get totally free matte nails and I had to share. Keep reading for the rest…

Choose your nail polishes as per usual. I chose OPI’s beautiful “No Room for the Blues.”

You can use any form of steam that you like. I would definitely not recommend the way I’m displaying here, it was only for the photos! It’s hazardous to set it up this way, so try something a bit simpler like over a boiling kettle. Be careful!

And make sure to paint your entire finger, not just the nail, as I have in these photos. Just kidding. Be more coordinated then that!

Make sure your nails are wet! It’s best to do this right after you’ve applied the colour.

And there you go! If you try this out, please leave a comment telling me how you liked it. I have no internet where I’m holidaying, so I promise I’ll return all comments/emails when I get back!


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