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Wearing: glasses c/o Oscar Wylee, dress c/o Living Doll, jacket (around waist) c/o Supre, shoes c/o Missguided.

I’m blind as a bat- for those of you who don’t know- but, until recently, almost never wore glasses for fear of the “four-eyes” label. My first pair of glasses were lime green, bright purple, too-small specs and I think those photos scarred me for a while. In short, I’ve worn these all week and now feel confident in my four-eyed skin. And now my laser eye surgery fund can go towards what I really need- SHOES, honey.

Good news- my lovely mother/photographer is back in town, meaning I can FINALLY take photos again. Good to see you as well mum. And more good news: this week I finally posted my Eating Disorder Story video. The feedback I have gotten is incredible and I honestly can’t believe how many people took the time to email, message, text, snapchat me their support. SO much love it’s unbelievable. It’s a big deal for me so if you’d like to watch it, I’m leaving it right here.

I love you all infinitely and indefinitely. xx


something good


Wearing: Top c/o Minkpink, Skirt c/o Pixie Market, jacket c/o Living Doll.
It’s 12:23 am and my eyelids are made of lead. Sydney awaits me tomorrow at 7am, And, with those decision-making skills we all know and love, I didn’t start packing anything until midnight. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever do that whole adult thing.
This post probably isn’t going to make any sense- I apologise in advance. This whole outfit is the bomb and I have been alternating between the skirt and top this whole week; I’m pretty much down for anything burgundy or sheer.
To fill you in, I’m headed to Sydney for 24 hours tomorrow morning. There’s an awesome event that I’m busting to tell you all about! Feeling  ridiculously happy/deliriously tired. Talk soon loves. x

last light

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Wearing: Dress c/o Minkpink, sunglasses c/o Minkpink, Fossil bag, Finery the Label boots c/o Justa Local Store.

In all honesty, I live 15 minutes from the beach and don’t visit nearly as much as I should. Props to Kurt for forcing me out of the house and capturing these- taken moments before a blissful sunset yesterday afternoon. They’re not my usual style, but do provide evidence that I am always overdressed. Flip flops are not in my vocabulary.

It’s 12:29 am and I am 90% sure I won’t be able to fall asleep because I’m so flipping excited. We booked our Splendour tickets yesterday (if you live in Aus, you know how hard it is to get them) and the lineup is BOMB. Additionally, I’m heading to Sydney on Monday (despite the weather, I know) for a freaking exciting event that I’m going to be cryptic and annoying about because FASHUN BLOGGER. And to be more annoying, I’m thinking about a Q&A video soon- leave any questions you have on here/my social media! Tumblr inbox and Twitter would be awesome but really whatever you’re feelin. Let me know if you like the pics and I’ll talk you very soon. Much love x


femme fatale

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Wearing: sweater c/o Pixie Market, skirt c/o Ziggy Denim, Sportsgirl thigh-highs.

femme fatale

ˌfam fəˈtɑːl/
1. a seductive woman who lures men into dangerous or compromising situations
2. a woman who attracts men by an aura of charm and mystery
Totally. It’s me in a nutshell. My awkwardness is very seductive. And men are always in a dangerous situation with me, due to my incredible ability to trip over any object or nothing at all. A lot of mystery with that whole sharing-my-entire-existence-on-the-internet thing too.
But I like to think of it as more of a bad-ass heroine kind of descriptor. Probably suits me a little better.
Going to keep it short and sweet due to my perpetual overtired state these days. Damn my inability to sleep in. Excited for so many fresh things coming to the blog- I’m picking up a film camera tomorrow and (fingers crossed!) a Gopro next week so I’ll be able to share more with you. My bank account hates me but you guys don’t AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS. Much love x