Wearing: Vintage tee, Quay Sunglasses via Pure Moda, Supre Jeans, Lovely Wholesale platforms, Universal Store backpack.

HEY HEY HOW ARE WE? If you’re wondering how I am- I just wrote 3 paragraphs for this blog post and they all got deleted and floated off into cyberspace. So not too great. But I am happy to be back- feels like quite a while since I last posted. I could rattle of a list of baloney excuses, but I think I’ll spare you. It’s been crazy. After the whole Melbourne moving escapade (you can watch the full vlog here!) I came back home and now have one week here before the real deal. Only a little bit terrified. Talking about it kind of gives me the nervous sweats. BUT NO REALLY I’M FINE.

In more fashion-related news: since I got home I’ve been wearing either pyjamas, athletic wear or work clothes. That’s literally it. This post commended the first time I actually put in effort and left the house- bringing out the flared jeans, of course. I find that a lot of people really don’t like these pants (Kurt was confused by the mere concept of flared jeans and I got a lot of looks) but I love them. Y’all know I’ve been having a 70s moment for a while now. Basically, anything that looks remotely Almost Famous- send it my way. You best believe if it wasn’t so goddamn hot I would’ve rocked some faux fur.

So what’ve you been up to? What would you like to see more of from me? I miss posting on here but it won’t be too long before I’m all settled into Melb-town. WEEE I’M SO EXCITED! Talk soon, much love x


bell-bottoms & bubblegum

IMG_9669 IMG_9681 IMG_9706IMG_9701 IMG_9733
Wearing: Dress c/o Shop Tobi, vintage bolo tie (similar here), choker c/o Resilient Silent Kind, Fallen Broken St hat.
Hello little internet angels. How are we all this Friday evening? I’m sitting in bed drinking camomile tea and debating whether or not it’s too late to start a movie. Also I’m actually 300 years old.
I showed y’all this dress in my haul (if you haven’t watched it, what r u doing??!) and also babbled on about how much I loved it. So I won’t do that again. I will say that lace-up details are my absolute shiz right now and if I could put corset detailing on my pyjama shorts you best believe I would. Also I suffered more than one wardrobe malfunction so be wary (you may scar you little sister otherwise).
Again, if you didn’t watch my video (srsly if I don’t plug myself who the heck will) you won’t know that I finally got my new camera which is like the best thing ever. My DSLR is on its last legs and now it’s so easy to film ALL THE THINGS. Also I’m getting kinda bored with outfit pics so is there any other posts you want to see here? About anything. ALL THE THINGS. Basically, I’m just making you do the thinking because I tried to catch up on an entire season of America’s Next Top Model in one night and now my brain is fried. Do you see this run-on sentence? FRIED, I TELL YOU. Okay enough. I love you all to absolute bits it’s kind of ridiculous ♡


in bloom

Wearing: May the Label playsuit c/o Justa Local Store, vintage concho belt, Urban Outfitters boots.

Hello my beautiful lil internet babies. How are we? Hasn’t been that long but I feel like it has. Maybe because it’s been a long day. Saturdays are supposed to be the day off, the party day, the day when you sleep in til 11 and online shop in your underwear- but I happen to have my longest shift. No comment. Except I feel better now because I took a bath, ate some really dark chocolate and edited these photos. How can you not be happy looking at this jumpsuit? Lemme tell you, it’s been a minute since I’ve work pink and purple together, but the 8-year-old-barbie-lover inside of me is very happy right now.

I told y’all via snapchat this would be up in 15 minutes… 30 minutes ago. I’M SORRY GUYS I’M ONLY HUMAN. Also watching ASAP Rocky interviews is my new thing, apparently. How u so handsome?? How u so wise??? I’m really not even sure where it came from- can you tell I have an obsessive personality? And aside from this I’ve been hanging out in Youtube land (filming, editing, watching obscene amounts of wardrobe tours) and catching up with peeps. Kurt, Leah and I went out to dinner last night and they got a little tipsy and Kurt sprayed apple cider everywhere. So that’s my wild Friday night. Now it’s midnight on Saturday and I’m sippin’ tea and listenin’ to some new Basenji and lovin’ life. Check out my latest vid below! so much love always 


IMG_3974 IMG_3949 IMG_3909 IMG_3892 IMG_3886 copy
Wearing: Dress c/o Glassons, belt c/o Glassons, hat c/o Glassons, Finery boots c/o Justa Local Store (similar).

Head-over-heels for this outfit in all of its witchy glory. I’m all about those boho vibes lately- and the fact that this dress makes me feel like I can turn silly boys into toads is an added bonus. Also that huge pile of washing in my room into a huge pile of money. Also everything into dark chocolate. But that’s just me thinking out loud.

I’ve got a thing for hats too- have you noticed? Bad hair day killers. Something I’ve seemed to have a lot of lately. Probably because I procrastinated brushing/washing/styling/DOING ANYTHING EVER. Dude, my procrastination skills this week have been on point. I spent pretty much the whole day on Monday refreshing my Twitter/Tumblr feeds to find out the next shady thing that went down at the VMAS (we didn’t have livestream here in Australia because we suck). I had a uni application and roughly 20 emails to sort through, plus a video to edit, photos to take…. But at least I knew what was good? And that Kanye was running for prez? Important stuff, people.

There’s a video uploading now so stay tuned for dat on my Youtube! And a new post (fingers crossed) tomorrow so stay tuned for that also! SO much love always xo