Made the last-minute decision to hop on a plane to Sydney with Kurt. I mean… it is holidays, after all. His big brother has a place by the beach and two sausage dogs with their own eyewear company. It doesn’t get much better. But seriously- these little dudes are making waves in the eyewear business, and they made for one of the most entertaining photo shoots I’ve ever done. These cliffs just outisde Cronulla were mesmerising, especially under today’s cloudless blue sky. I wore Maurie & Eve, some Fan Optics shades and a clutch that could not be more fitting to the location. Spent the rest of the day curled up with the sausage dogs and lazing in the sun.

I’m having a pretty good time here. It’s nice to get away from real life for a few minutes to do what you love. This afternoon I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet the twins from When Words Fail, up-and-comers on the Sydney scene. Photos from that, many other things, and a special new project will all be revealed soon. And I don’t plan on being gone forever- I will be returning to real life soon enough. And thank you all for the amazing response to my last post. So much love. Isabella xo

Wearing: Maurie & Eve dress, clutch c/o Pixie Market, Fan Optics glasses via Oscar & Frank.


melbourne photo diary

1. A snippet of the architecture around the city/ 2. Daily Starbucks stops/ 3. My favourite part of the markets/ 4. Admiring store windows/ 5. Walks in Albert Park with the adorable Lila leading the pack/ 6. Checking out The Book Grocer- all books were $10/
7. Mouth-watering macaroons at the Lindt Cafe/ 8. Daily Starbucks stops part 2/ 9. Roaming the streets at dusk /

I know you’ve all probably have enough of my Melbourne posts, but I desperately wanted to get this photo diary up. I experimented with some new editing for them and thought you may like to see how I edit my photos. Let me know! Hope you all have a wonderful evening- I went to bed at 1 0’clock followed by school which was followed by pilates, so I’m literally falling asleep at the keyboard. Goodnight xo


sweet caroline

It’s been half a day in Melbourne (travel took up the other half, ugh) and I’m seriously having the best time. We went straight from the hotel to celebrate part one of my birthday gift from Kurt- a wash and blow-dry at the super-cool Sweet Caroline salon. The architecture in Melbourne is amazing- and the salon is no exception. Whilst getting your head massaged, you star watch- it’s the place to be for the rich and famous. Also, my hair is bouncy and smells like caramel. Did I mention I’m having the best time?

More Melbourne updates coming soon- also check my Instagram for daily updates!

Wearing: Thrifted sweater, Oasap skirt, Converse shoes. 



road tripping

I apologize for how little I have been posting! We are on the road, visiting family before heading back to Australia and it is crazy! I am exhausted and had a camera malfunction but have also been shopping a lot and should have photos up soon. Outlet malls are my new best friends.
Here is a little instagram photo diary. There’s a bit of a pattern- good food, great shopping and cute dogs!  If you would like to keep up with my random iPhone snaps you can follow me @viewsofnow!