embrace the lace

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Wearing: top, jeans, blazer and heels c/o Missguided.

There’s something unquestionably magical about lace when it’s done right. I’m not talking about the kind reserved for your grandmother’s curtains, or the kind reserved for the deepest, darkest corners of the lingerie department, but the delicate, feminine, timeless kind. The Sunday morning, light streaming through the open windows, crumpled white bedsheets, boyfriend sweater and that little lace bralette kind. Wow. Maybe I should have written today’s descriptive essay on lace bralettes? The fashion world seems to be pretty on point with their lace game (not at either end of that slightly scarring scale) and this crop top is no exception. After wearing it out on Friday night and being asked if it was Lover (aka the high-end lace experts) I’ve fallen in love…r. But thankfully it’s Missguided and even we peasants can afford it.

Referring to my essay anecdote earlier, today was one of the two days of hell us Queensland students have to sit through. The Queensland Core Skills test, according to teachers, determines a large chunk of your future. It’s safe to say we’ve all been under a lot of stress so my heart goes out to all QCS sitters and Year 12 students right now. One. More. Day. I’m going to prevent a ramble, have a shower and get some serious REM. So much love xo

izzy’s splendour 2014 playlist


As promised, some of the best beats from this year’s lineup. You can find it on Spotify here. By now I’ll be well and truly into my first day at the festival, so stay updated via Instagram. Be back Monday! Happy festival-ing!

1. Arcadia- The Kite String Tangle

2. Basic Instinct- The Acid

3. Bridges- Broods

4. I Blame Myself- Sky Ferreira

5. Ways to Go- Grouplove

6. Take Me- Rufus

7. Girls- The 1975

8. Stay With Me + Latch (acoustic)- Sam Smith

9. Heart Beats Slow- Angus and Julia Stone

10. Best Friend- Foster the People

11. Hey Ya!- OutKast

12. Sheezus- Lily Allen

13. SweatpantsChildish Gambino

14. Pizza Guy- Touch Sensitive

15. King and Cross- Asgeir 


Here we have an absolutely blinding visual assault of colours for something a little different. I shot these last week, proceeded to edit them and realised I was too tired/cranky to fish through and find the good ones, thus completely forgetting about them all together. This is how my brain works.

Made it through my final exam on Friday and celebrated with a little party at Kurt’s on Saturday…. then stayed at his house until Monday afternoon. Needless to say we watched too many movies, drank too much coffee, laughed about really stupid things and didn’t get any sleep. It was a totally appropriate start to the holidays but I’m really glad to be reunited with my computer/filthy room and ready to start ticking off the metaphorical and literal lists I’ve had running for these holidays. Watch this space and enjoy the holidays/this wonderful Monday!

Wearing: Sweater c/o Three of Something, Jeans c/o Oasap, shoes and sunglasses c/o Lovely Wholesale. 

winter1IMG_7263IMG_7239 I’m alive! I made it through my second year 12 exam block with a solid 60% of my sanity still intact. Also, since it’s been over a week since my last post- what even?- here’s what you’ve missed: 1. Lots of study. And procrastination. Mostly procrastination. 2. I headed off to the Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search in Westfield Chermside…. And it was amazing. I loved meeting so many of you and I even loved the bit where I chatted to Kate Peck, on stage, in front of the entire of Chermside. Even if I was wetting myself. But that post’s coming soon, along with a little video I’m in the process of making. Watch this space and let me know if you’re a new reader! Well that’s kind of it. My life hasn’t been too exciting as of late. But exams are over now- which means I can actually say that I will not be disappearing for the next week. What can I say? When there’s no school I tend to spend a lot of time on the internet. And when there is school too. Goodnight and I’ll be back soon!

Wearing: Skirt c/o Riders by Lee, cardigan and hat c/o Oasap, boots c/o Justa Local Store, necklace and rings c/o FMN jewellery.


I know it’s been slightly sporadic here lately, but I can totally explain.
a) Two words: exam. block.
b) I may or may not have thought that starting Orange in the New Black was a good idea. AN ENTIRE SEASON IN LESS THAN A WEEK. During exam time. I’m probably the worst person ever.

But how great is this outfit? It was one of those moments when a bunch of garments magically arrived at my doorstep that all fit perfectly together. More or less. This colour palette + these ethereal jewels + these chunky heels make me happier than an outfit really should. Wrapping this up early because study/sleep/the early alarm I have set for yoga tomorrow morning, which I may or may not snooze as it will be 3 degrees. Ew.

OOOOH but, if you don’t already know, I’ll be at the Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search this Saturday for the Queensland Roadshow! It’ll start at 9am at Westfield Chermside. I’ll be taking photos, interviewing gals and probably insta-spamming everyone. Come along because I would love to meet some of you, plus it’s a really awesome event. If you need any more deets just ask!

Wearing: Skirt c/o Ringuet, sweater c/o Three of Something, Necklace and rings c/o FMN jewellery, heels c/o Lovely Wholesale.

a day in the life

After many months and many questions asking when the next one would be out… I’ve finally made a video! Here’s what I hope is a somewhat interesting “day in the life video” I filmed on a random Sunday. Believe it or not it’s actually one of the more exciting Sundays I’ve had lately. I figured me laying in my bed watching New Girl and eating veggie chips wouldn’t be as great?

Probably don’t need to tell you again that school is the worst. But it is, OKAY?! And I’m currently swamped. I planned a complete post for this afternoon but that all ended up flying out the window, along with my last scrap of sanity. And then I had a bubble bath and a sniffle and felt a little better. Also unemployed as of this week. Sad face.

All sad faces aside things will be better tomorrow- FRIDAY. Plus long weekend following that. Woop woop! I’ll be back very soon. Also, if you have any video requests for the future (I am hoping to make more soon) let me know!

my coachella lookbook + giveaway

As terribly cliche and over-stated this is: I’d rather be at Coachella. I’m not going to lie, it’s really hard scrolling through my Instagram feed with #coachella on every second photo. So, along with living vicariously through a carefully curated playlist and Youtube videos, I’ve created a little lookbook. Because the fashion is half of the festival, let’s be real. And festival dressing is at least 10x funner than normal dressing, considering it allows sequins stuck all over your face and every print combination imaginable. Let’s get into it.

Lace, boho print, rustic silver accessories and a sturdy pair of boots. Typical, but fail-safe.

Wearing: Factorie dress, kimono c/o Missguided, Lipstik boots (worn throughout), sunglasses c/o ZeroUV, Mum’s belt.

Whipping out the Miley buns and pairing it with ripped denim and one of the best t-shirts ever. There’s really never been a more appropriate time. Colour and comfort are essential.

Wearing: Tee c/o We Dream Alone, Shorts c/o Lulu*s, vintage backpack, sunglasses c/o ZeroUV.

Finally, in true festival style, sunflowers and a floppy hat. A simple tip is to tie knots in everything, it can easily transform a top into a crop.

Wearing: Thrifted top, thrifted skirt, Mum’s belt, hat c/o Oasap.

And finally, I’m re-giving away this Misguided kimono due to zero response from a few different winners last time. Just tell me which look is your favourite and leave your email! xo


postcards from paradise #2

In a terrible series of events, I haven’t been able to take any photos since my post on Sunday. Tragedy, I know. So instead of doing a throw-together post I knew I’d wind up hating, I thought I’d share with you guys the second installment in my Postcards from Paradise series. It was part of a collab with Sunday Somewhere, and here are the photos I never got around to posting. Sorry if you’ve seen them a billion times on Instagram, but I really wanted to share the vintage car shots. As soon as I get my hands on a camera (and get this SOR essay draft in) there will be something fresh on the blog. Until then! xx





So to say the least- this week has been busy. Whilst balancing the insane amount of schoolwork piled on this week, I managed to slip in a trip to Sydney and back, shoot a style edit, attend a store opening and watch copious amounts of online TV. How I always manage to fit in the last one will forever astound me. You could probably put it down to the lack of sleep. But, I had a really, really good time and it’s kind of sad to be back to reality (i.e. school). I did, however, come home to this little number from Three of Something and it made everything a little better. Feelin’ pretty slick pairing it with these shades. And it’s not often I feel slick.

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t… seriously? Get on that), I flew down to attend the launch of the Oscar & Frank pop-up store. Oscar & Frank are the only sausage dogs I know who have their own eyewear store, and the director, Mitch, also happens to be Kurt’s big bro. There were photographers and DJs and sunglasses. It was great. I do want to give you a full run-down of my 34 hours in Syd, but for now, sleep. Happy Saturday.

Wearing: Dress c/o Three of Something, sunglasses c/o ZeroUV, Windsor Smith heels.


izzy’s sydney diary

Sydney, you rocked. Here are some snippets from the beach, the pool, and that one time I hung out on a cliff with the world’s cutest sausage dogs.
And, if you didn’t hear- I got to spend time with another set of twins. I spent an afternoon shooting with the twins from When Words Fail (whenwordsfail_ on Instagram), up-and-coming Sydneysiders on the blog scene. We sported tanks from the local label Bread +Butter and I wore my favourite shades from the Oscar & Frank (@oscarandfrank) selection: these babies from Sunday Somewhere. New blogging friends + sausage dogs +sunglasses =happiness.

Wearing: Bread + Butter tank, Sunday Somewhere “Laura” sunglasses via Oscar & Frank. 

Hope y’all enjoyed this format of post, I thought I’d try something a little different. I’m officially home now and almost passed out on a pile of unpacked bags and unwashed clothing. Glamorous, I know. Still coming off the high of the jam-packed days we had in Sydney, and accepting the fact that life here is a little slower. I didn’t get to do everything on the list (next time I want to meet some of you!) but I had the best time. As bad as it sounds, I have such a travel bug and get a thrill from being anywhere but home. But for now- it’s nice to be in my own bed. Goodnight! xo


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