new beginnings

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Wearing: Top, jeans, jacket + backpack c/o Supre, Adidas sneakers.


Well guys, I’m here. I’m in Melbourne. We’ve come down to move all my stuff in for a little trip and I’ll be back in 3 weeks for the real deal. It all happened so quickly- the move, my degree, major life changes etc- that I had no time to do anything except work, pack and sleep these past few weeks. I’ve been vlogging here because I miss putting up regular videos so much- but today I dropped my camera and I DON’T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT OKAY?! I may or may not have cried for half an hour because in 2 months I’ve broken my laptop, phone and camera just straight-up being an idiot. Looks like we’ve got another hit coming for my bank account.

We also took an Ikea trip, met my roommate and set up my room. It’s very overwhelming but I’m trying to keep that anxious/panicky feeling under wraps. My brain is a little fried from trying to deal with everything all at once so if you’ve got any post/video suggestions do let me know! SO MUCH LOVE ALWAYS xx


late afternoon light

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Wearing: Tee c/o Justa Local Store. 

Caught the last light in Adele’s room yesterday afternoon. As you can probably see she’s insanely talented (as much as I hate to admit) so sometimes I’ll just sit around, staring at her drawings and wondering how the artistic gene somehow skipped me. It’s also about 4 billion degrees here so I spend most of the time wearing a t-shirt and underwear- I figured I’d spare you my knickers in these photos, though. And on the desk we have some of my Christmas loot! I had an awesome day and I hope you guys too. We have the wonderful tradition of doing absolutely nothing on Christmas Day so we ate, drank and lazed around. Bliss.

What did you guys do for Christmas? I also filmed a “What I got for Christmas” video so I’ll leave that here and you can have a squizz if you want! Normal posting will resume v soon- I gave myself a little break for the holidays. So much love xx


little black dress ♡

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Hello sweet lil angel cherubs. How are we all tonight? I feel like it’s been 5ever since we talked so lemme catch you up.

I was working a tonne this week and also not feeling 100% myself- I just had no motivation to do anything, really. It’s not a feeling I’m used to and I can’t say I enjoyed it too much. Really didn’t help that Queensland decided to turn into the fiery pits of hell either. It was upwards of 40 degrees more than once. AND THEN last night went from 0-60 real quick when somebody thought tequila shots might be a good idea. Needless to say I slept/recovered for most of the morning- only surfacing for this afternoon’s Thanksgiving event. Now I’m full of pumpkin pie and happiness and ready for a new week, tbh.

OH but shoutout to the 4 sweet lil angel cherub READERS I met this week because that was THE COOLEST THING EVER. Meeting you guys is so freaking cool and I never know what to say so I kind of just stand there marvelling at how cute you all are. So here are these photos for y’all- I love this dress, so much. There will be new photos/a new video tomorrow PINKY SWEAR. SO much lovin.

Wearing: Its Boutique dress, Windsor Smith shoes. 

worth a thousand words

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Wearing: Top c/o Shop Tobi, jeans c/o Living Doll, boots c/o Justa Local Store.

Feeling creative, apparently, so decided to line these photos with stream-of-consciousness nonsense. I’m pretty obsessed with the way handwriting looks incorporated into portraits. Also fake flowers and slinky fabrics, ripped denim, freckles across noses and the new Yen magazine cover. Sometimes you just gotta list off the things you love as a reminder when you’ve had THE WORST DAY EVER.

It started off beautifully and quickly crashed and burned after I forgot I had an appointment (and rushed madly to it), was disorganised for work and then got a hefty parking fine. AS I ARRIVED AT MY CAR. WHY IS EVERYONE OUT TO GET ME. I’m sorry. I’ll tone down the caps lock. Basically I’m just relived it’s Friday. I’m also going to Listen Out festival in Brisbane on Sunday if anyone’s going! Childish Gambino is one of my all-time favourite rappers so that alone got me through this nightmare of a day. But now I’m showered, tucked up into bed and editing all the things. Happy place. Hope you’re all excited for the weekend- so much love ♡