the winter uniform

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Wearing: Sweater c/o Living Doll, jeans c/o Supre, fedora c/o Supre, Fossil bag, Urban Outfitters boots.

Queensland is not a cold place- at all-but my goodness today was freaking freezing. Most of the day was spent wearing a fluffy-blanket-turned-cape and dad’s house slippers from Aldi. But I did muster up the strength to change into one of my favourite combinations: turtleneck sweater, skinny jeans, black boots and an on-point hair tuck. The hair tuck is an art, it really is. You want it to be intentional enough for people not to notify you that your hair is, in fact, tucked into your sweater, but without looking like you purposefully tucked your hair into your sweater. You feel? Being a girl is hard, man.

In other news.. I GOT MY LICENCE! Only a year late, too! I know it doesn’t sound like I should be using caps lock, but seriously- this was a mission and a half. But now I’m tearin’ up the streets in my baby blue Suzuki Swift (Taylor, after Taylor Swift, obv). Watch out world.

Also- what kind of posts would you guys like to see on the blog? I feel like I’ve posted one too many outfits recently and am down for switching it up. Makeup? Lifestyle? Food? Music? ANYTHING. Leave it down below or message me on Tumblr! Much love xx




Hello loves! I posted this photo on Instagram not too long ago and asked if you wanted to see a haul- ask, my friends, and you shall receive. Actually I probably would have done it anyway. But here it is- a large haul with exorbitant amount of denim and dinosaurs. As you know, I’ve been trying to expand my Youtube channel lately and I’m really enjoying it. Thank you for the love & support on my videos!

I’ve got a chilled weekend planned and you should be seeing more of me very soon. Happy Saturday, much love xx


izzy’s february playlist


It’s that time again- time for me to share the songs I’ve been listening and dancing around in my underwear to. Don’t deny it. You do it to.

Completely obsessed with all of these funky tunes and if you’re interested you should have a listen too. Here’s the link to the Spotify. Stand out would have to be “I’m a Fantastic Wreck” by Montaigne- it’s so beautiful and perfect to belt out and just THE FEELS are real every time I play it. And that’s a lot. Hope you like my jazzy editing, too- with this CYCLONE outside (literally) I had a bit of time on my hands. Speaking of the cyclone- QLD babes please stay safe! The weather is absolutely insane here, but now you have this playlist to make it better. Much love xx

Oh and PS- My Morning Routine video is now up on my Youtube if you want to see it! I’m on fi-yah with this uploading thing woop woop!

truly madly deeply

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Wearing: Truly Madly Deeply top via Urban Outfitters, Topshop skirt, Ecote boots via Urban Outfitters.
Hey, hi there! Do you recognise this face? It’s been a while my friends. And I know you were worried, but I am alive, well, and in Texas. Yep. In case you’re new here my mother is Texan and we come back often for family and friends and fried things. Lots and lots of fried things.

And my favourite place to hit up in the US? Urban Outfitters, forever and always. I know all Americans are probably rolling their eyes right now but it’s a novelty for me OK?! I picked up this dress (worn as a top) and these kick-butt pointy boots that hurt but were $30 so #worthit #beautyispain!

Just to let you all know I’m back at the ranch (using this in both a literal and humorous sense- God I’m funny) and hopefully back into the swing of things. If you have any post requests plz leave them down below because creative juices are lacking rn. Love you all and hope you like the new blog makeover! xx