changing of the seasons

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Wearing: Stelly Clothing dress (dress), Vintage bomber (similar), RM Williams boots (thrifted) (similar). 

One fantastic thing about this city: style is subjective. Wear whatever the hell you want and there will be at least 3 people looking crazier than you. In a cool way. Walking through the street in Fitzroy is just as good, if not better than scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard. This red dress flailed all through the wind and dragged a little on the ground but that’s okay. The part where it split open and flashed my underwear to tourist family of 4… probs not so much.

Are any of you guys at uni rn? Because if you are, PLEASE ACCEPT MY CONDOLENCES. Basically, I’m just trying not to cry in every class and using every fibre of my being to resist pulling my hair out. Fashion school is not a bludge, people. Don’t trust anyone who says it is. Good news though- holidays are just around the corner. 3 weeks. I’ll be home and have ample time to blog/vlog/do things that aren’t school. I look forward to it. xx


in a room full of art i’d still stare at you


Wearing: Supre bodysuit, vintage jeans (similar), Supre belt, DSW boots, See by Chloe bag via Shopbop.

Wednesdays are deemed “adventure days” for Renee and I. Meaning we both have the afternoon off, we meet in the city and get the cheapest lunch we can find (almost always Hari Krishna veggie curry) ($6 all you can eat fyi) and hit up a new gallery or three. This one was called ARC ONE and had some seriously beautiful technicolour paintings. I don’t know a lot about art (see here) but I do know that these looked rad. Is that what art critics say? Rad?

Also, recently I’ve had access to two wardrobes (which we all know is bad) so Ren’s perfectly worn mom jeans are my new favourite thing. And I can’t stop wearing this freaking bag, it now comes in the most beautiful nude of all time and my bank account is CRYING to be emptied. Not really. The opposite. Speaking of…. I gotta go get some groceries. I’ve currently got an empty bag of grapes, two cans of chickpeas and some off milk in my fridge. Hope your Friday afternoon is more exciting than mine. Talk soon! xx


ziggy stardust

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Wearing: Supre top, jacket, jeans and backpack; Direct Shoe Warehouse boots. 

It’s been a bit of a weird week for me and by Sunday afternoon, I was cranky, tired and wildly unproductive. Ren and I decided to trek to the roof and were just in time for the most vibrant, beautiful gold/orange/neon pink sunset that faded out over the empty carparks. We talked about boys and other silly things and fell asleep watching Almost Famous. That’s pretty much what I want to be doing for the next week but unfortunately I am at school. In a lecture, actually. Don’t follow my examples plz.

The Melbourne chill is also upon us rn; which makes me wanna wear cosy knits and shearling jackets and eat soup and crusty bread u feel? Thank gawd for the new Supre winter range- it’s been saving my ass with the current weather change. Also fairly certain I’m about to invest in a pair of Doc Martens to bash around in 24/7. So my teacher just gave me the “I-know-you’re-totally-online-shopping-right-now” look so I should probably go. I’ll be back soon with another post! Have an amazing day xx


summer sixteen

hi1hi4hi12hi2hi8 hi3  hi6Wearing: Topshop top (similar), thrifted overalls (similar), Supre jacket, Adidas sneakers.

Hello! It’s been a long day. A very long day, actually. It’s been a long week. A long month. My life doesn’t feel like it’s really my life half the time these days and I kinda just flounder around making multiple mistakes and spending money on stupid things ya know???

Okay so I’m being a little overdramatic. I just don’t feel like I’ve been prioritising where I want to prioritise lately and I’m stressed about my blogging/vlogging all the time. It took me so long to settle into living here in Melbourne (sans friends + family) and some days are harder than others, I guess. Today I got a $75 fine for not tapping on whilst getting on the tram (BAD I KNOW BUT STILL AN INJUSTICE I TELL YOU A TERRIBLE INJUSTICE) and things just kinda went downhill from there. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer over here but this is my online therapy vent sesh. You get it. On the plus side, exams are over and I am so ready for this 2-week break to rejuvenate, blog and not use public transport.

On a side note: I’ve bought 4 pairs of overalls since I’ve been here- hence the constant denim overload. I guess the amazing op-shopping has gotten the better of me? And is this not the coolest denim jacket of ever? I’ll answer: it is. I like the idea of people knowing my name before I tell it to them. Kinda like I’m famous but not really at all even a little bit. I’ll shut up now. So much love, goodnight (ps- playlist is still being curated- next post promise promise)! xx