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Wearing: Top and skirt c/o Dolly Girl Fashion, vintage necklace.

HEY THERE! Long time no see my lil internet angels. How are we all? If you don’t follow me on insta/youtube/twitta you wouldn’t know that I went to Splendour and are probably very confused at the moment. Go watch this video to clarify. After catching some kind of influenza/being utterly exhausted I’m finally feeling human again too. S/o to cold and flu medication. Also Splendour was amazeballs and you just need to watch the video, OKAY!? No self promo here. None at all.

I forced Kurt to take my photos again and this was the result. Despite my ongoing affinity for shipping containers and plain walls, he likes to explore the ol’ great outdoors. I’m not complaining- I got to see the dopest sunset in a while and breathe some fresh air that wasn’t coming from my bedroom window. Pretty freaking obsessed with this outfit, too. I have Cherokee ancestors on my mum’s side and some pretty insane Navajo jewellery in my family. This necklace is one of my favourites. Anyway- I also forced Kurt to film a video with me so keep your eyes peeled for that! And tweet/tumblr message me. Feelin like I need some luv. Happy weekend loves!




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Wearing: Topshop crop, skirt c/o The Haute Pursuit, earrings c/o The Haute Pursuit, watch c/o Daniel Wellington, heels c/o Shop Priceless, Vidakush septum clip.

I won’t lie and tell you I haven’t worn this skirt 5 out of 7 days this past week. So now it’s all out on the table. Suppose I’ve been in a tiny style/life/inspiration rut this past week or so and am making tiny monochrome moves to get out of it. At least my nails are purple? But grey-on-grey-on-black is cool- I’m not hating. Especially when this skirt gives me a booty- a tiny booty, yes- but a booty nonetheless. Have I said booty enough now?

So my update: I’m sick of feeling sub-par. Just okay, not the best, have been better- I want to feel on top of my game and ready to take on the world, Beyoncé-style. Basically I’ve been floating along, not really throwing myself into anything that I’m passionate about. So this afternoon I started working on some projects. Some exciting projects that make me happy and will hopefully make you happy too. But now it’s time for a break and another episode of OITNB. Because I’m passionate about that too, alright!? Anyway- send love and good vibes my way. I’m sending them out to you. I’ll see you very soon… I hope you’re feeling happy and excited about life and all the things. Much love x0

Wearing: Lace top c/o Missguided, skirt c/o Elliat, heels c/o Missguided, MAC “Velvet Teddy” on lips. 

the winter uniform

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Wearing: Sweater c/o Living Doll, jeans c/o Supre, fedora c/o Supre, Fossil bag, Urban Outfitters boots.

Queensland is not a cold place- at all-but my goodness today was freaking freezing. Most of the day was spent wearing a fluffy-blanket-turned-cape and dad’s house slippers from Aldi. But I did muster up the strength to change into one of my favourite combinations: turtleneck sweater, skinny jeans, black boots and an on-point hair tuck. The hair tuck is an art, it really is. You want it to be intentional enough for people not to notify you that your hair is, in fact, tucked into your sweater, but without looking like you purposefully tucked your hair into your sweater. You feel? Being a girl is hard, man.

In other news.. I GOT MY LICENCE! Only a year late, too! I know it doesn’t sound like I should be using caps lock, but seriously- this was a mission and a half. But now I’m tearin’ up the streets in my baby blue Suzuki Swift (Taylor, after Taylor Swift, obv). Watch out world.

Also- what kind of posts would you guys like to see on the blog? I feel like I’ve posted one too many outfits recently and am down for switching it up. Makeup? Lifestyle? Food? Music? ANYTHING. Leave it down below or message me on Tumblr! Much love xx




Hello loves! I posted this photo on Instagram not too long ago and asked if you wanted to see a haul- ask, my friends, and you shall receive. Actually I probably would have done it anyway. But here it is- a large haul with exorbitant amount of denim and dinosaurs. As you know, I’ve been trying to expand my Youtube channel lately and I’m really enjoying it. Thank you for the love & support on my videos!

I’ve got a chilled weekend planned and you should be seeing more of me very soon. Happy Saturday, much love xx