ziggy stardust

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Wearing: Supre top, jacket, jeans and backpack; Direct Shoe Warehouse boots. 

It’s been a bit of a weird week for me and by Sunday afternoon, I was cranky, tired and wildly unproductive. Ren and I decided to trek to the roof and were just in time for the most vibrant, beautiful gold/orange/neon pink sunset that faded out over the empty carparks. We talked about boys and other silly things and fell asleep watching Almost Famous. That’s pretty much what I want to be doing for the next week but unfortunately I am at school. In a lecture, actually. Don’t follow my examples plz.

The Melbourne chill is also upon us rn; which makes me wanna wear cosy knits and shearling jackets and eat soup and crusty bread u feel? Thank gawd for the new Supre winter range- it’s been saving my ass with the current weather change. Also fairly certain I’m about to invest in a pair of Doc Martens to bash around in 24/7. So my teacher just gave me the “I-know-you’re-totally-online-shopping-right-now” look so I should probably go. I’ll be back soon with another post! Have an amazing day xx



summer sixteen

hi1hi4hi12hi2hi8 hi3  hi6Wearing: Topshop top (similar), thrifted overalls (similar), Supre jacket, Adidas sneakers.

Hello! It’s been a long day. A very long day, actually. It’s been a long week. A long month. My life doesn’t feel like it’s really my life half the time these days and I kinda just flounder around making multiple mistakes and spending money on stupid things ya know???

Okay so I’m being a little overdramatic. I just don’t feel like I’ve been prioritising where I want to prioritise lately and I’m stressed about my blogging/vlogging all the time. It took me so long to settle into living here in Melbourne (sans friends + family) and some days are harder than others, I guess. Today I got a $75 fine for not tapping on whilst getting on the tram (BAD I KNOW BUT STILL AN INJUSTICE I TELL YOU A TERRIBLE INJUSTICE) and things just kinda went downhill from there. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer over here but this is my online therapy vent sesh. You get it. On the plus side, exams are over and I am so ready for this 2-week break to rejuvenate, blog and not use public transport.

On a side note: I’ve bought 4 pairs of overalls since I’ve been here- hence the constant denim overload. I guess the amazing op-shopping has gotten the better of me? And is this not the coolest denim jacket of ever? I’ll answer: it is. I like the idea of people knowing my name before I tell it to them. Kinda like I’m famous but not really at all even a little bit. I’ll shut up now. So much love, goodnight (ps- playlist is still being curated- next post promise promise)! xx


a long weekend

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Wearing: Sass Clothing top (similar), Living Doll skirt (similar), Supre belt, Oscar Wylee glasses, Lulu*s bag.

Hey hi hello! It’s almost 1 am on a Sunday morning and could not be more awake. This week I came down with a pretty horrible flu and spent days sleeping/watching friends/drinking milo and nights coughing up my lungs and whatnot- meaning my sleeping schedule is WHACK. But, it’s nice to turn on my fairy lights and a little soft music to have a nice 1am chill out. It’s a long weekend here so I’m taking it easy. What are you guys up to?

These Oscar Wylee glasses are too freaking cute- I’ve been lusting after a pair of clear glasses for a hot minute now. A pretty typical trans-seasonal outfit for me these days is a 3/4 sleeve top, denim skirt and boots (not pictured but pretty sure you guys know what they look like). I spent 3 hours wandering around trying to find a location for these photos today and these things happened:
– 2 x inappropriate cat calling
– 1 x window-rolled-down rude comment about my appearance
– 1 x hysterically crying lady that needed to be consoled
– countless weird looks for my tripod-carrying
So apologies if they’re not perfect. It’s been a weird couple of days. My next post should be one of my monthly playlists/monthly faves so keep yo eyes peeled! So much loving xxx


new beginnings

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Wearing: Top, jeans, jacket + backpack c/o Supre, Adidas sneakers.


Well guys, I’m here. I’m in Melbourne. We’ve come down to move all my stuff in for a little trip and I’ll be back in 3 weeks for the real deal. It all happened so quickly- the move, my degree, major life changes etc- that I had no time to do anything except work, pack and sleep these past few weeks. I’ve been vlogging here because I miss putting up regular videos so much- but today I dropped my camera and I DON’T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT OKAY?! I may or may not have cried for half an hour because in 2 months I’ve broken my laptop, phone and camera just straight-up being an idiot. Looks like we’ve got another hit coming for my bank account.

We also took an Ikea trip, met my roommate and set up my room. It’s very overwhelming but I’m trying to keep that anxious/panicky feeling under wraps. My brain is a little fried from trying to deal with everything all at once so if you’ve got any post/video suggestions do let me know! SO MUCH LOVE ALWAYS xx