izzy’s outfits of the week

IMG_0256DSCF7665 DSCF7841 DSCF7849 DSCF7857 DSCF7882 IMG_0237 IMG_0277 IMG_7953 IMG_7973

Outfit one (silky bomber): Opening Ceremony jacket via Shopbop, Supre jeans, RM Williams boots (thrifted).
Outfit two (red sweater): Vintage knit, Supre flares, Supre belt, RM Williams boots. 
Outfit three (picnic): Vintage silk blouse, vintage skirt (both via Yesteryear).

Oh hey! Long time no speak. Completely my fault, of course- I’ve been collecting photos all week with the blog in mind but never actually got the chance to post them. So a little breakdown: a picnic in the park (we were supposed to study) (we didn’t), an expensive-but-totally-worth-it brunch at Higher Ground, vintage warehouse trawling with much success, the discovery of technicolour street art amongst the city’s colour palette of black and grey and me fawning over this goddamn jacket. 

I also went to the Macklemore concert last night and it was grouse. Although, the age demographic was a little older and noone really seemed to understand us breaking it down in our seats. Who sits at a concert?! WHO!? Also I hear you guys and I am vlogging this weekend bc you’ve been asking where my videos are at. Something v exciting is happening tomorrow night so you’ll get to see woooo! Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend! xx



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Filled up a roll of film and thought I’d share. Probably going to make this a regular thing because I love the aesthetic of these photos so damn much. Let me know what you think. Share your film mems. I want to see them all. xx

40 day dream

IMG_0031IMG_0059Untitled-180IMG_0034  IMG_0061
Wearing: Cotton On 91:LTD jumpsuit, black turtleneck (worn underneath).
So there may be a possibility that this was the actual busiest week of my existence thus far. Which probably justifies why I’m in bed at 7:30 on a Sunday night. It was “o-week”- or get-drunk-every-single-night-week for college students- and most people start uni the following week (hence the party pre-school) but I’m already in week three. Did that stop me? No. Should it have? Probably. On top of that I had the Supre Melbourne Central opening which was AMAZING, that store is next damn level. If you’re in the area go check it out PLEASE. They have a photobooth. And then I was in Sydney over the weekend for a cool-as-shit photoshoot for the jewellery label Uberkate. It’s a little under wraps atm but I’m sure photos will surface soon. And my best friend Leah came to visit! And then I got the flu! We all up to date? Cool.

So who went to Splendour? Y’all are breaking my heart. I so wish I could have been there. I’m actually dying like it’s really hard to talk about it OKAY?! Instead I’ll just live vicariously through photos and all the snaps of alcohol and glitter I’ve gotten over the weekend. Ahhh, there’s always next year. Promise my next post won’t be so far away. I’m gonna pass out now. Goooooodnight! x


the catch-up

Really just lots of sunsets and completely uncandid hair flicks. 

Outfit #1: Thrifted tee, Uniqlo sweater, Supre jeans.
Outfit #2 (backpack): Glassons t-shirt, Levi’s Jeans via Shopbop, Fjallraven backpack via Shopbop.

SO I went on uni break for 3 weeks and may or may not have fallen off the face of the earth (or this blog) for a bit there. I spent the majority of it at home relaxing/catching up with friends I haven’t seen in forever. And then the last little bit running around Byron Bay with Renee and Gemma. We had the best time and I even brought them back to get a tour of my Sunshine Coast stomping ground. Then, in a spur-of-the-moment decision, my sister Adele decided to come back to Melbs with me and hang out for the week. With three hours sleep and a double shot down I took her to the airport this morning and we said our teary goodbyes. Now I actually have time to stop and think and I’m not really sure what to do with myself.

I start back at uni tomorrow and I’m a little terrified. Semester 2 merchandising is supposed to be brutal. And to say I am underprepared would be a gross understatement. A panic attack hit yesterday when I was fairly certain I hadn’t even enrolled. My textbooks are also sold out everywhere. I love being an adult!!! Hope your holidays were magical (if you got them) and you are much more prepared to get into real life. I’ll be back way sooner than last time, promise. xx