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Wearing: Stylestalker sweater c/o Justa Local Store, Nobody Denim jeans c/o Justa Local Store (similar here), platform heels c/o Lovely Wholesale.

Apparently I’ve had a thing for abstract prints lately. I was never too great at art (borderline failed tbh) but I can certainly appreciate it- and I show that appreciation through cool-ass prints. And drawing excellent stick-figures in Pictionary. And reblogging plenty of ~*aesthetic*~ photos. You could say I’m pretty cultured.

So how are we all this fine Wednesday night? I’m watching the Bachelor and pretending I hate it because it objectifies and insults women about every 3 seconds. And I do. But it’s also really entertaining and great material for mockery.

I had big plans for today (no really, I did) but Kurt wanted to get coffee and that’s when everything went to shambles (yes I am 83). Because at 12:30 he realised he had work at 1, made me drop him off somewhere I’ve never been and then expected me to get home by myself. So naturally I used Siri and this bish LED ME TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE. And then I was going down the highway in the opposite direction and getting weepy and it took me 40 minutes to make a 10 minute drive. So now you know that, I guess. Also uploading something funny tonight to YT but god knows how long that could take. Okay enough of me- much love! xx


trans-seasonal style// dolly blog squad- april issue


The cold weather is upon us and I’m ready. I’m armed with bubblegum-scented jellies and fuzzy sweaters (bubblegum-scented jellies are appropriate for all seasons, OKAY?!?) and although it may still be 25 degrees every day, it’s going to happen. It will. So here’s a little collection of my favourite things right now: fluffy sweaters, Lorde and flowers.

This month’s issue of Dolly (in case you’re new here, I do a mini-review of the mag every month) featured some surprisingly handy advice, particularly in the skincare and beauty areas (how to treat annoying spots, two ways to use lipstick, eyeliner, etc.). Also, appropriately, an article about how to take Summer fashion right through to Winter. Plus it had Josh Hutcherson on the front. And he’s a dreamboat (yes, I just used dreamboat, but srsly he is). All in all I really liked this month’s issue, and found myself reading and re-reading it whilst on holidays in Byron. It has that relaxing, uber-girly quality about it that sometimes you just need.

Hope you liked this quick lil’ post. And if you haven’t seen it already- I made a new Youtube video about a project I’ve been working on called #LOVEMYSELFIE. If you wanted to get involved, it would be awesome if you could simply upload a selfie and hashtag #lovemyselfie. There’s no competition or company attached, just something I wanted to do. And I’m planning a blog post soon with a little round-up of my favourite selfies. Have a great day!

Pictured (clockwise from top left): Jellies (BUBBLEGUM SCENTED!) c/o Melissa, Typo headphones, The Lost Girls sweater, little sister’s iPad (and Lorde’s Pure Heroine album aka best album ever), blouse c/o Three of Something, Dolly mag.

blue afternoon

Winter, I am ready for you. Armed with my cutout boots, high-waisted jeans and incredibly fluffy cardigan, I feel like I really have my winter staples sorted out. Does anyone else find it hard to master the art of winter dressing? I’ve been testing my skills as- wait for it, drumroll please -I will be in Melbourne from the 17th-20th of May for my 16th birthday! Yes, that’s right, I will be sixteen in a matter of days (the 19th, in case you were wondering or wanted to send me a virtual piece of cake) and I’m ridiculously excited. And nervous. Queensland roads brace yourself, I’m going to be driving soon….

This look is part of an awesome collaboration I’m doing with Choies and Fashiolista. For those of you who don’t know, Fashiolista is the birth child of Pinterest and Lookbook – a super-slick site where you can keep a wishlist and post your looks. I’m part of a styling competition (my look is “boho” themed) that will be going live on the Fashiolista website very soon! I will give you all the link and it would be amazeballs if you voted for me. Much love!

Wearing: cutout boots c/o Choies, cardigan c/o Dragonberry boutique, Ziggy Denim jeans, Asos hat, Emerson top. 


mixed metals

I have to admit, I’m not really a skulls ‘n’ studs type of gal. I’ve always thought that tough biker-esque look to be associated with these things- studs, spikes and uber-frayed hems- but these shorts have the most beautiful dainty gold studs all over them. And they perfectly complement the abundance of greys, blacks and whites in my wardrobe. They were sent to me by Sugarlips, a gorgeous online boutique. They fit perfectly (I’m an XS and they have plenty of room for tucking cashmere sweaters into them) and are on a much higher quality then I expected. I’d definitely reccomend the site to online-shopping fiends like me. You know who you are.

A sore throat, blocked nose and all-around groggy feeling has plagued me for the past three days or so and I have been watching too much TV online. And not really replying to comments or emails. After I take a nice long bath and get through this one last school day (TGIF tomorrow!) I promise all will be right on my blog. I have some new garments I’m very excited to share, take a sneak peek on my Instagram (@viewsofnow) or Facebook for a sneak peek!
PS. I’ve decided I think I need this top in my life. Thoughts?

Wearing: Thrifted cashmere sweater, Sugarlips shorts, Miss Shop boots, Oasap necklace.