>cheap, short and sweet


My Teen Vogue arrived two days ago, the September issue! One of my favourite months solely for that reason. I have to be truthful, I was a little disappointed seeing as how much I look forward to this issue, but I did find a fashion gem or two. One of them being an article on Missoni for Target, the new collection! I am so excited because their signature print is now affordable and available to young dreamers like me. You can see the whole collection here. I also found this mish-mash of new fall nail colours on the Polyvore blog, I adore the deep, shimmery tones. Thanks to all those lovelies who have been entering my giveaway. I ran into some fans of my blog the other day, it is such an amazing feeling to meet those people who read my blog and appreciate my sense of style!

  • Maria

    >Being a peasant, I find it sometimes hard to pull off such out-there patterns, but I think you would look
    AMAZING in anything Missoni for Target has to offer. I love this post, so colourful, it stood out in my news feed!
    xx, Maria :)

  • m i s s . t e a

    >ooh the missoni for target collection sounds amazing 😀 the shimmery green nail colour also looks opulent 😀