cut it out

After months of anticipation the last episode of Gossip Girl finally came, and it was just as beautiful and sad as I imagined it (yes, I may have shed a tear, okay?!). The six seasons leading up to it, though, was where the real magic happened- and I’ve always had a soft spot for Serena’s hairstyle. I tried to emulate it a little here, or as best I could sans the perfect golden mane and designer closet. The necklace and bag are my attempt at accessorising, and the pleather skirt and cutout sweater are for a slinkier feel. This article on dressing like your favourite TV stars (Jess from New Girl- I don’t think it gets any more adorable) is what inspired me. It’s always fun to pretend to be somebody else!

The end of term is so close yet so far away. Trying to stay afloat, and I’m sorry about the sporadic posting! I do have a Melbourne haul on its way if that helps at all… will be back as soon as possible with something fun!

Wearing: Asos sweater (similar here, b’day present from Maria) Oasap skirt, Aldo bag, Miss Shop boots. 


  • mary lee

    you look so beautiful as always! i absolutely love your boots

  • Sarah

    this outfit just proves that less is most definitely more. your boots, bag and necklace are fabulous and that top is pretty cool! i only have three more weeks until the end of my academic year and so i’m pretty much trying to stay afloat too, although, i think i’m at the stage where i’m clutching at loose ends and trying to stay sane. oh dear


  • Nadine Co

    the outfit is really cool with the cutout at the back of your sweater and the little slit on your skirt :)

  • Rebecca Wade

    I’m loving your more wintery wardrobe , it’s so cool and edgey !
    Becca x

  • Jeline

    Izzy, you look super amazing! x

  • Nasreen Osman

    Gorgeous outfit!! Can’t believe the last episode only aired there now!

  • iEmma

    love your skirt! you look so adorable!<3
    I've seen the 1st and the 2nd season of GG and I liked it but I don't have too much time to watch series. :(

    Emma xx

  • Ruby Sterland

    Serena has to have the best style of a tv character, I wish I could have her hair and her wardrobe! I love what you’re wearing :-) x

  • Lena

    such a lovely outfit, I can see the Serena in it! I watched the last episode of GG just the other week too, it was such a perfect ending and I was actually smiling at the end, but about 5 minutes later it sunk in that it really was the end! What do I do with my life now!? x

  • Maria Estandia

    I love that skirt soo mcuh!!! Love Gossip Girl as well, I cried in the finally :)

  • milex

    you won my attention

  • Jessica

    stunning outfit – love love love xx

  • ellen

    omg yes the last episode was soooo sad! i loved the little flash forward thing at the end though, was so cute to see how everything worked out. Nothing will ever replace it though. greatest show ever!!
    and wow, love love love this outfit! that sweater is gorgeous, what great gift from maria, she has great taste! I just bought a top with that similar style back, cant wait to style it!


    ♥ Ellen
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  • Nastya

    Such a wonderful look! I love Gossip Girl as well, and I totally understand you, I really had a couple of tears on my cheeks after watching the episode;) I’m a huge fan of Blair as a person, but Serena’s style is much better anyway.

  • Laura

    Looking so adorable as usual! I’m loving that skirt on you! Good luck up as you finish the rest of your term – you can do it!