I’ll be honest- this top is one of those I saw it/I bought it/I never wore it buys. It’s insanely beautiful, and the delicate peplum is so unlike anything that’s in the shops these days but I have found it slightly hard to style. Maria keeps telling me how gorgeous this is and how I should wear it again on the blog, so I put my skills to the test and this is the result! The delicate feel of this outfit is so- totally cliche but I don’t care- spring. And I’m loving it.

SCHOOL IS BACK. I woke up this morning, rubbed my eyes a little, planned out my breakfast and then it hit me- I can no longer watch a movie in my pyjamas at 9 o’clock in the morning. And I sniffled and wiped away a single tear. Just kidding, I didn’t, but I really miss the holidays already. You can keep up with other fascinating day-to-day experiences like this on my Instagram (that is if you’re not following me already) and send me cool things on my Tumblr. You know you want to.

PS. Shoutout to Georgina (she knows who she is) for showing me one of my new favourite blogs. That girl has good taste.

Wearing: Faith & Lola top, Urban Outfitters bustier, c/o Sugarlips shorts, Miss Shop boots, DIY flower crown.


  • Jeline

    I am in love with your outfit!!! It’s just soo lovely and pretty to look at! I love how you styled it. <3

  • Carina

    This has to be one of my favourite tops of yours! It suits you so well with the flower crown.

    Although school has started you’ve only got one more term to go. Amazing to think really how fast the years going!

    xx carina

  • Jessica

    I love the feeling of going back to school. All refreshed and ready to see everyone once again… Granted this feeling is short lived, it’s still a good one.
    You look so wonderful! I want to DIY a crown like that :)

    The Lovelorn

  • Jane

    Such pretty colours in this outfit, you look absolutely beautiful! We have another week of holidays still, they go too fast though. Love aesthetics is one of my favourite blogs at the moment as well, the minimalistic but textured style is so gorgeous.
    X Jane

  • Georgia

    Such a delicate top, it looks gorgeous with those shorts! And the boots… amazing.
    Georgia x

  • Belle

    this is such a gorgeous outfit, I love your flower crown!
    xx Belle

  • Katie

    you look stunning <3. i totally love your shorts and head piece <3.

  • Rose

    Love this top! It’s so pretty :)
    And ohh, that flower crown is really gorgeous!
    Isn’t it just heartbreaking when you have to get back to the routine of school and such?


  • Kailey

    That shirt really is so gorgeous – jealous! xo