diy flower crown

And that’s about it! I hope y’all like the new format I’m using for DIY’s- I think it’s a little easier to follow and definitely more eye-catching. Any excuse to use groovy fonts.
I was a bit of a dingbat and left out a few things, so I’m telling you now in order to seal the florist’s tape, you pull it until it wrinkles a little and then stick it down. Or you could be like me and superglue it and stick your fingers together. Either way works.

Hope you enjoy and definitely let me know if you end up making it! x


  • Carina

    So gorgeous! I love DIY’s, and would LOVE to see more from you too :)

    xx Carina

  • Jeline

    great diy! i loove flower crowns xx

  • Eryn

    I’ve never done them like this before, can’t wait to try!

  • Isabelle

    This is awesome! I will definitely be doing this once I make a trip to the craft store. More DIYs please! :]

  • ellen

    wow i have always wanted to know how people do this!


    ♥ Ellen

  • Nicole Ema Raybaud
  • Rachella

    Beautifully done! You did a great job xo

  • Katie

    You are so talented. I wish it was so easy for me, like it is on these pictures <3