freaking out the neighbourhood

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Wearing: Thrifted Joy Division tee, thrifted trousers, Vans sneakers.

Good morning! It is day one of my official three days off and I have only moved out of bed for food and a laptop charger to continue the 2-day binge of OITNB. I like to consider myself an all-or-nothing kind of person and when I watch a TV series, I watch 4 seasons in 4 days. Minimal movement. Maximum concentration. It’s a skill, really.

My housemate Tara is a film and photography student and often assists me in the whole taking-photos-of-myself-thing when my tripod fails on me. Sounds a lot more narcissistic when typed. Anyways- we searched down this alleyway and stumbled upon an aesthetically pleasing wall, proceeded to set ourselves up in front of it and promptly moved after discovering ACTUAL HUMAN FECES ft. TOILET PAPER covering the ground. I actually gagged. On the contrary- it’s sunny outside, albeit 5 degrees- and doesn’t smell like faces most of the time. We’re going on a picnic. Have a wonderful day.


  • Monika

    Your outfit looks so comfy and stylish at the same time! I love it :-)
    And I have to agree, binge watching tv shows is a talent! Just like what Lorelai Gilmore said, it’s not just a religion, it a lifestyle! Lol