Hello! Been another hot minute since my last post but I can assure you, not a lot went down in that time aside from excessive amounts of study and that wonderful period of time known as mid-semester exams. I’ve been on holidays for about 2 weeks now and have been working pretty much full time during the day (I work at Topshop) and sleeping off a flu at night. Thrilling, huh. On a more exciting note- I did get to join in on an awesome housemate-collaborative shoot we did with Babescrub, shot at Katie’s boyfriend’s cousin’s place (??) because we needed a good-looking bathroom and let’s be honest- you can’t really fill our kinda mouldy shower with flower petals and rosewater.

Also- I managed to save enough to finally get my video camera fixed, meaning videos can and will ensue within the next week. Some of you have been asking for them over on my Tumblr so feel free to leave any requests here or there for some motivation for me to get filming. Have a wonderful day xx


  • Alyssa G

    Lovely photos!!
    xx Alyssa

  • Abigail A

    These photos are amazing!

  • Mia Hurst

    You are so beautiful!!