happy 2012!

I finally recovered from that horrendous sickly experience I had and am ready to face the new year! Armed with a list of resolutions and a new pair of boots, I feel prepared for whatever 2012 throws at me… hopefully all good! I am about ready to come home to Australia now, to my puppies and my friends and my Dad and my big, beautiful bed. Having taken on school here in America too it hasn’t been much of a “holiday” considering I am about to go back to my real school… does this mean I will be extra smart? My brain’s hurting.
I am going to jot down my resolutions right now so I (and all of you) can keep track of my progress. I have two “for the benefit of the world” resolutions and two “for the benefit of Isabella” resolutions.
For the benefit of the world: I will try to be more organised and make my bed every morning. This will make my family’s house a nicer place in general and keep me on top of blogging and schoolwork. I am also going to try and build on my relationships with friends and try to be a pleasant person, even when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
For the benefit of Isabella: I am going to achieve pointe shoes in ballet! And work up the courage to ombre/dip-dye/baylage my hair. You get the picture.
I wish you all the loveliest of new years. Keep reading for a resolution update… wish me luck!
Wearing: Geneva cashmere sweater, Cotton On skirt, Claire’s wedges, So ring. 

  • Lizzie

    >Oh my gosh, cutest ring I have ever seen. Love it lady :)

    Adorable look as always!


  • Alexandra

    >In adore your sweater and skirt outfits, they look super cute!
    And the ring is just so whimiscal.

    Love Alexandra

  • Joyce

    >Yay for feeling better! I love your boots, they are so cute :) so is your ring.

  • trishie

    >What a fun ring you got there and happy new year, you beautiful girl!

  • j e s s i z e e

    >thanks for dropping by! i love your skirt, and asdfghjkl; i love your shoes X) it would be an honor to follow your blog, i'm a sucker for pretty things. *-*

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    >Hello from Charlotte's House!!!
    I've tagged you for some questions, I hope you do it! More info on my blog here


    I hope you would like to answer the questions.
    Have a wonderful day!!!

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    >Hello, just found your blog from the teen vogue app, and I just want to say you have an incredible blog & style! I am
    In love with it! Im going to follow you now! :) looking forward to more posts! xx

  • Vicky

    >That ring is amazing!! so cute xxx

  • Andrianny Augustine

    >lovely post ! you looks gorgeous <3

  • Ellen Atlanta

    >Such a cute outfit yet again! <3

    Ellen xx

  • Fictitious Fashion

    >Good luck on ur resolution! 😀
    I love ur messy hair and skirt.. the boots are gorgeous too!!

    New post


  • Sydney L.

    >i have no words. this is beyond lovely! xx


  • Gabriele

    >Such a pretty outfit, I love it. :) Your blog is amazing, I am following! :) xx

  • Pop Champagne

    >happy 2012! and I loveeee your skirt!!

  • Sweet Harvest Moon

    >Cute ring!

    Happy New Year!

  • Lily

    >Nice look! Love the bunny ring :)


    Lily from http://secretsofa-girl.blogspot.com/

  • Rose-et-Violet

    >what a cute ring, and such an easy-going outfit!

    hahaha, the bed making resolution is a good one…perhaps i should follow suit too!



  • shay

    >lovely skirt! and that ring…ohmygosh i love it :)
    don't be afraid to dipdye or ombre your hair…i did it this year and it looks great, no regrets :)



    >wow those photos are so gorgeous! and i love the outfit, i have shoes like those!



  • Katie

    >No problem, I instantly followed! You have a great eye for clothes and I can't get over your age! I had some serious fashion disasters when was your age! 😛

    Your skirt is beautiful, very pretty. I've tried to have a more posistive outlook on life too, it really does help. :) Wishing you a fine journey on your resolutions!

  • elinia

    >Wow, you look amazing! I saw you on TeenVogue Haute Spot and i gotta say you have some amaaazing outfits! I cant believe your only 14! :))
    <3 <3 <3
    -x Nia x-

  • Svenja

    >most amazing ring :) one of the cutest i have ever seen!

    like your look..

    have a look at my blog


  • Catherine

    >you're clothing style is so cute and lovely. And those shoes…. <3

  • Mirthe

    >You really have the perfect hair for braids. So beautiful :)