>hippie trail



Pimkie knit, my mum’s necklace.
I have always wanted to do a shoot like this, but never gotten that look I wanted. My absolute favourite thing is the necklace, which is made up of things my Mum collected from her travels. The items on it include shrapnel from North Africa, beads she bought on her honeymoon in Mexico, a die from the floor of a bar in Germany, crystal given to her by a friend in Texas, a bit of copper she found in the Outback, beads from India, etc etc.  The jumper was given to her by her ‘Maman’  while she was living with a French family about 25 years ago. 
I’m pretty sure you can’t get any more “hippie traveler” than that. Though it would help if you had a worn-in fringed leather vest.
  • nicolecl79

    >It's a lovely look :-)

  • iam3332

    >you are correct …. you couldn't be more hippie then that. Isnt it wonderful that your mother was able to provide all those beautiful trinkets and that you know the history. I love your mother for that.