homemade dynamite

HEYhey4hey1 hey4 hey5 hey6 Wearing: Top c/o Supre, thrifted trousers, RM Williams boots. 

So I’m back on the coast for the holidays and thoroughly enjoying home’s usual delights: family, meals not cooked by me and free petrol. Mainly family. Of course. The Sunshine Coast ain’t so sunny right now (I mean you can’t really complain about 23 degrees, but I’m not swimming in the ocean unless I’m sweating on the shore u feel me) and in all honesty there’s not a tonne of things to do, so Adele and I have been driving around aimlessly for like 3 days now. And it’s been really nice. I feel like the older I get, the more I appreciate doing nothing. And naps! I even read the newspaper with my coffee this morning. That’s called maturity, folks.

I won’t bore you any longer- I miss my housemates dearly but like I said- pretty great to be home. I’ve been vlogging what I can so hopefully I can remember how to edit a video after all this time. It’s been a while. Have a wonderful night x