>how to: summery floral wreath


 I got around to making the floral wreath I mentioned here as I stubbed my toe severely (possibly broken) and my new favourite activities are craft and feeling sorry for myself. I made the wreath with medium-sized white roses, but feel free to substitute whatever fake flowers you want. Summer brights are in!

You will need:
– Three pieces of thin wire
– Green florist’s tape
– Two pieces of ribbon
– Six or seven fake flowers
– Something to poke small holes in the flowers with (I used a pin and a quick unpick)

1. Intertwine two pieces of wire and make a small loophole at each end. This is the base wire(s).
2. Poke a small hole in each flower sideways so that they will stand up on the wire.
3. Thread each flower onto the third piece of wire.
4. Intertwine the flower wire with the base wire and space the flowers how you wish.
5. Cover all wires with florist’s tape. It should be stretched a little to cover the wires and the sections with flowers need to be wrapped twice (just go forward and reverse).
6. Attach the two pieces of ribbon to each loophole. They should be long enough that the wreath will now tie up around your head (really long pieces of ribbon are good)
7. This bit is tricky. If you procrastinate and just leave it on the table and go make yourself a chai latte and watch Youtube, maybe your Mum will do it for you. If not, take the florist’s tape and cover both loopholes. It should be done carefully so you can change the ribbon later if you wish.

FINAL STEP: Put it on your head and kind of prance around and sing about it and then do a photo shoot (that’s what I did). Or put it on your dog and cover them in a blanket and take photos so they look like a cross between Mary (the mother of Jesus) and a bridesmaid. Or just sit it on your bedside table and eat some peanut butter crackers and watch children’s television shows.

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    >LOVING this. i made one a little whole ago for a friend's themed party. You are inspiring me to make some more! Its so perfect with spring coming on.

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    >oooh great diy! this would be perfect with floaty summer dresses 😀 xx misstea & co.

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    >that is so sweet <3

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    >hi Izzy! I've linked your blog to my latest blog post. Again, thanks for the give away prize! That purse and vintage handkerchief is beautiful! :)

    and that floral headpeice is such a great DIY project! very talented girl :)


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    Can't wait to see the photoshoot– you are going to post photos, right? Don't leave us in suspense!
    And did you happen to shoot a video of the prancing? We want to see!!!!

    Love this post– going to tweet it right now!

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    >awesome tutorial – gonna set to making it when the winter blues kick in (although a chai latte sounds like a lovely option too)
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