Wearing: Quay Sunglasses c/o Pure Moda, Topshop top, skirt c/o Minkpink, boots c/o Justa Local Store.

HAPPY WEEKEND MY LOVES! Pretty happy it’s Saturday to be honest. Happier than usual, if that’s even possible. I had the longest week ever, the world has just seemed to be against me since I got back from Melb-town. For example: I was moving some things in a trolley at work (I work as a waitress as well as being a full-time internet addict) the trolley picked up speed, rolled down the hill and, before I could catch it, ran into the back of a car and smashed out a taillight. AWESOME. JUST AWESOME. Between this and the other million things that went wrong I didn’t get as much posted as I wanted to. Which is never a nice feeling.

Buuuutt I did shoot this monochrome look complete with quite possibly my new favourite sunglasses. And posted a video! So things aren’t too bad. Positivity, people. Think I might go over to Kurt’s and force him to film with me and then watch 4 hours of Gossip Girl. What are you up to tonight? Also, if there’s anything you want to see here let me know. Always happy to take those requests. MUCH LOVE AND HAVE A GOOD NIGHT xo


  • Livia

    You’re videos are so awesome!

  • Flora Bugan

    Okay, I like this outfit! And also your video. You. Are. Amazing.
    xx, Flora

  • Liv

    Love this monochrome look.


  • Shirley M.

    omg sounds like a hard week! Glad you’re stayin positive though, girl! I’m also in love with your sunglasses. Your skirt is adorable as well!

    xx Shirley