My newfound obsession with Gorman is getting out of hand… and I’m really enjoying it. Saw this top and needed the lil’ whales and giraffes in my life. Basically if you put animals or fruit on an item of clothing, I’ll buy it. And speaking of animals, for day 2 of our Brisbane trip, we saw Cai Guo-Qiang’s exhibit Falling Back to Earth. Still mesmerised by the whole thing and reccommend that you go see it right now. Day 2 also consisted of coffee, Chinatown and cab rides. Pretty much distraught that I’ll going home tomorrow.

I’m not normally one to re-invent myself with a new year, but I saw my brittle ends as an opportunity to start fresh. Yep- I gave my hair the chop (again) and it feels so good. I thought for a long time I needed long hair to make up for other things, or for boys to like me, or to distract from other flaws. Yes, I do realise how silly this sounds now, but having long hair as a kind of “security blanket” isn’t that uncommon. But what I’ve realised? It’s just hair. And to be completely honest, I’m just happy it’s not falling out in clumps any more. I’m learning to love the new, healthy me, and all the good things that come with that- like ice-cream, and going to the beach, and laughing and dancing and walking in the rain and staying up all night. So, from the girl who doesn’t make resolutions- my 2014 is going to be wonderful. And I hope yours will be too. Isabella xo

PS- Apologies for getting so deep… it just kind of happened. Whoops.

Wearing: Gorman top, Topshop skirt (similar here), Lipstik boots. 
  • mary

    you are absolutely beautiful! that top is just the cutest too

  • Lillian

    That’s such a pretty top! I know what you mean by a security blanket haha, I chopped my hair shoulder-length during summer and it felt so strange at first, but I really liked it eventually :) Your hair looks really great!


  • Lena B.

    gorman can do no wrong! seriously love this outfit, so effortless but fabulous. goma is getting it so right at the moment. this is a very nice ‘getting deep’ chat, your outlook for 2014 is so positive and just kinda inspiring. I’m hoping this year is going to be a good one too x


  • Sarah X

    happy new year izzy! hope it’s a wonderful one for you filled with many great opportunities. your positive outlook is truly inspiring and i hope one day i can be just as strong as you : )

    i love this top and i’d have to agree with you – fruit and animal designs are something that i’m just automatically drawn to. your boots are so gorgeous too!

    xo Sarah

  • mai

    wow that top is absolutely gorgeous and cute, i love it!
    and your hair is so amazing, i think it looks even better now <3

  • http://www.iamsandrine.com/ Sandrine

    This outfit is so cute! Love your hair, last year I cut my hair a bit shorter than yours and people at school were like “why did you cut your hair?” so I used to answer “because I like them that way”, you are so right, we need to do that for ourselves not for other people!

    Sandrine x

  • http://www.tutusaresweeter.com/ Amal

    You have such pretty hair! The cut is really good and color is amazing! Also, I’m in love with the Gorman top!


  • Lucy Smith-Butler

    You legit have the nicest style! I love it so much x


  • http://analeote.blogspot.pt/ Ana Leote

    Love the boots!



  • Ruby@TotalModisch

    Love this outfit, and your hair! I really have no idea what my resolutions are, I guess something like drinking more water, that’s probably attainable, right? x


  • http://lazyobsession.blogspot.com/ Lazy Obsession Blog

    love the top and those boots my god 😮 I totally get you. I usually keep my hair short but in the back of my mind I used to think “oh but long hair is more attractive”, I think growing up we all think that! It’s not silly :) I noticed the fresh chop straight away; it’s gorgeous! happy new year x

  • Jools sas

    Love how you’ve it! Love the colours on the top xoxo


  • Sophie ♥

    I love this top. Gorman have such beautiful prints.

  • Chloe Davis

    You’re looking great hun. The top is super playful and fun.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  • http://sartorialust.net/ Jeline Catt

    Super cute top and I love your new hair!! x


  • demi van de liefvoort

    Really love this post! And i really like your shoes! x

  • Joana from Electrical Being

    New year new cut. Digging the chops x


  • Shanni Sun

    Girl, you’re looking fine as always 😉 HAHAHA. I hope you are having a lovely lovely trip and so glad you have decided to make resolutions this year + that positive outlook! I hope all is well and best wishes! ^_^

    OOOH AND P.S. I ended up buying the Gillie Heels because boxing day sales means that I scored it for $100 woohoo! Bought it online though, so still waiting for it to arrive (but I am super excited!)

  • Virginie Paladini

    Lovely outfit! I’m in love with your haircut :) You’re very pretty.
    xxx Virginie

  • Catarina Magalhães

    Amazing look!

    An Ideal For Living

  • Guest

    Your hair looks great!


  • Miss Courtney

    Your hair looks great!


  • lostbutnotfound

    Your hair looks great! I have been thinking of chopping my hair off as well, and I think you’ve convinced me! Love the print of your top. Gorgeous as always Isabella!

    xo, Isabelle


  • Abigail D

    Your hair looks so lovely! Adore the colours of the top too xx

  • http://sweetsweetnoir.net/ Hannah Gottlieb-Graham

    Your hair looks so amazing at this length– I think short hair really suits you! And I love the whole outfit, especially your black booties!

    Xo, Hannah


  • Lucia

    You’re so cute. Love the outfit and your top
    luciasloves.blogspot.co.uk xx

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