I’ve gotten into the habit (good or bad, I can’t decide) of watching America’s Next Top Model frequently again. Kasia  Pilewicz is the first plus-size model I have seen on the show, and was one of the toughest competitors. Her soft, delicate photos were easily my favourites, and her features were striking and different. She didn’t win, I admit, but was an inspiration for all plus-size girls out there. 
( She is the one on the left in the second picture )
  • Blue Dressed Doll

    >Very nice photos! I love your blog to :-)
    You have a new follower!


  • Daphne
  • Lidiya

    >WOW! She is so beautiful! :)

  • Lesa

    >Beautiful— And she doesn't look plus size to me.

  • tessa

    >ooh i agree i LOVED kasia!


  • Daphne

    >Followed you! :)

  • Jazzy E (hivenn)

    >Amazing. It's so easy to get addicted to 'next top models' , I watched Austrailia's for a while. x hivenn

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    >Absolutely love these photos!! Great blog- following you :)


  • Jennifer Fabulous

    >I love this show. :) Kasia was definitely one of the most beautiful plus-size models on the show!

  • Bonbon-regen

    >Good job. It's fun to read it all. And look up the awesome pictures over and over again :)

    Looking forward to see you:

  • Enbrethiliel


    Hi, Izzy! =)

    I've been watching America's Next Top Model for a while and can name several full-figured models who have competed and one of whom who actually won! (I didn't name which cycle, in case it counts as a spoiler, somehow.)