After months of searching, I’ve finally reunited with the skirt of my dreams. I saw basically the exact one in Topshop a few months ago- fell in love, tried it on, didn’t have my size- and was left bitterly disappointed. Thank you, Pixie Market, for bringing us together once again. But seriously… how amazing is it? I have a “thing” going for midis right now, and the sheer panel makes it modern. Paired with my go-to (not kidding… I keep pulling it out of the dirty washing to wear it again and consequently it’s gotten pretty filthy) black top and my Gillies because a) I need to get my money’s worth from them and b) I love them. Run-on sentence because I get excited when I talk about clothing.

I probably missed my posts more than you did- I really hate leaving my blog for more than two days. The separation anxiety is real. But, life got in the way (code for I took photos and spent an entire day looking for the memory card) and a run of late nights has left me in a constant state of half-asleep. But, I’m finishing my episode of the Carrie Diaries and going to sleep. Promise. New posts coming soon! xo

Wearing: Paper Heart top, Pixie Market skirt (c/o), Windsor Smith Gillies. 
PS: I loved this post on Maria’s blog. She’s a beautiful girl and and her confidence is so inspiring. Self-love isa seriously hard thing to achieve (trust me) and I think every girl can take something away from this post. Props to you Maria, you’re amazing!


  • Amal

    This outfit is so perfect! The skirt and the shoes…oh, I want this!

  • Joana Casanova

    So beautiful. This outfit is fabulous. :)

  • Virginie Paladini

    You look lovely! :)
    Do you check your email and do you answer ? It’s just to know :)
    xxx Virginie

  • Catarina Magalhães

    You look so beautiful! Nice look!

  • Patrícia M.

    The look is completely adorable! Midi skirts are definitely something to fell in love about, and this one might be THE one! Love the contrasting with the lace-up shoes.


  • Erin Ng

    Hey love, just discovered your blog and I really love it! ♥ I really enjoyed scrolling through your beautiful yet simple outfits :)

    – Erin xo

  • Jeline Catt

    Such a pretty skirt!

  • Lena B.

    I remember seeing this skirt online (on mishka or something?) a while ago and died it’s beautiful, you look so fab in it! I love the carrie diaries too, don’t you just melt whenever austin butler comes on screen!?


  • Julia Tomas

    Perfect outfit !! Really love the skirt a lot :) Please visit my blog !

  • Consuelo Torres

    Yes!! I’m dying to get my hand on a middi skirt. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to style it without looking too dressy, and you pulled it off perfectly. Amazing post as always.

  • Julia Donnarie

    that skirt is absolutely lovely xx beautiful outift