>Macro mond… eeew.


Okay, believe it or not this wasn’t supposed to happen. It was supposed to be a cute little close up of our faces but then Paris just had to go and lick me up the nose with her incredible folding tongue. This photo is 100% real. Oh, well my skin may be a little airbrushed, but apart from that, this is all thanks to my dog, Paris.

  • Ashley Sisk

    >What a cute photo…I hardly believe that you need any airbrushing though. THanks for stopping by tonight!

  • Maaike

    >it's a cute shot!

  • Cozy Book Nook (Lesa)

    >Happy Macro Monday! Terrific photo– cute, funny and eeyew!!

  • "Lillagul"

    >So cute picture !!!
    ThankĀ“s for your comment on my Toad stoll :)

  • lisa

    >So adorable!!

  • Leslie

    >Wow! Cool shot!

  • tammymcchesney

    >This makes me smile…way cute! :)

  • Izzy Rose.

    >Thank you.