melbourne video diary

I have roughly three billion photos from Melbourne, so I thought I’d give you the condensed version in video form. Aside from photography, videography is a love of mine, and I have a countless number of pointless “short films” (yeah, I’m artsy and cool like that) stored on my iMovie. On a side note, getting back to reality/coming off the Melbourne high has been seriously hard, but regular posting/commenting should be back by tomorrow!

Also, tell me if you want to see a Melbourne/Birthday haul on my Youtube. Videos are fun.


  • Isabelle

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Melbourne, it’s such a beautiful city (and only a train ride away for me)! xx

  • Carina

    Your video brings back so many good memories from when I went to Melbourne! The shopping, the sightseeing (but mostly the eating…)

    I would love to see a birthday haul :)

    xx Carina

  • Maylis

    I just loved that video, i wish i could go to Melbourne…
    And please do a ‘birthday haul’!
    ps. I love your blog, seriously, since i discovered it i can’t get enough of it! :)

  • Sandrine V

    Hey Isabella!
    Melbourne looks so amazing! I wish I could visit Australia sometimes! You seemed to have so much fun in your video!

    Happy birthday and I would love to see a birthday haul!
    Sandrine xx

  • Yasmin

    seems like you had a wonderful birthday trip!
    Melbourne looks beautiful, I’ve been dying to visit for a while now.
    I’d love to see a haul video too :) xo

  • Sophie

    I loved this post! Melbourne is such a beautiful place & you really bought out the best of it in this video. Yes please to a video haul! ‘Cos I am nosy like that ;).

    S xo

  • leah

    Such an amazing video diary!! Absolutely love it! Im glad you have fun!

  • taylor

    a haul would be great! this video was lovely <3

  • Lena

    this is such a lovely video, al the footage and editing is soo good! I’d love to see a haul on youube if you were thinking of making one x

  • Maria

    I don’t know why but this video just made me so happy, warm and fuzzy. You guys looked like you had so much fun, and Doiffy! Such a peasant in the making.
    I would love to see a birthday haul xo
    P.S: WHAT MUSIC IS THIS?! I love it

  • Kenya

    Happy sweet sixteen!
    I love the music by the way! x

  • ariadna

    Ahh Melbourne looks like such a fun and amazing city, I hope I can travel someday,
    Happy birthday! X.

  • iEmma

    Isabella, this video is so great! you guys are too cool :3
    I made a really similar video of Amsterdam (I was there in the past few days with my family) – I’ll post it at the weekend I think. :)
    That dog at 0:31 OMG THOSE EYES!! Is it a REAL doggy? <3

    Emma xx

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