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Wearing: Capulet gingham top, Missguided jeans, vintage Doc Martens (1st image). Glassons turtleneck and vintage jeans (2nd image).

Helllooooooo! Aptly named this post “messy” as I feel the word is a representation of all things in my life right now- from my wardrobe to my general state of being. Overdramatic? Never.

For example: on Sunday night I attended a friend’s birthday celebration and wore my roommate Katie’s favourite vintage suede jacket. Came home somewhat intoxicated and put said jacket on the bathroom floor and went to sleep. Katie found said jacket on the floor in the morning, picked it up and put it in her room. Hungover me wakes up and begins freaking out because I can’t find the jacket anywhere- then the panic sets in and I call the uber driver, several friends, the bar we were at and then, if that wasn’t enough, went back to said bar and demanded that I search the place myself. Obviously, couldn’t find it, bought Katie a consolation donut and started fabricating how I was going to tell her. Couldn’t bring myself to do it for three days and spent hours and hours freaking out because that’s what I do. This morning finally bought her some chocolates (the donut went off) and wrote a long-winded note explaining and apologizing. RECIEVE LAUGHING PHONE CALL THIS MORNING SAYING SHE HAD JACKET THE WHOLE TIME. Small anecdote. But large indicator of level of adult capability and maturity.

So, moral of this story is when in doubt, buy chocolates because they don’t go off like donuts do. And pour yourself a glass of red wine (because that’s what real adults drink), maybe read a book and try not to beat yourself up. Because even though I do dumb shit all the time, I never am short for conversation starters. Goodnight and good luck xo

  • Izzy McLeod

    Oh dear that is messy, but at least it turned out fine!. If it makes you feel any better me and my flatmates went out lat week and I had to do a photo-shoot for one of them the next day still drunk from the night before… that was fun! I sobered up half way through and the horrific hangover hit. Fun times :’)