Posted on: Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wearing: Top c/o August St, jeans c/o Riders by Lee, Finery boots c/o Justa Local Store.
Wore this for a trip to the library because if you’ve read my blog for long enough, you’ll know a) I love to  read everything and b) I’m constantly overdressed.  Life’s short, so I figure why not wear your party frock to buy the groceries? At least our tiny town is finally getting a creative movement… note the random painting/graffiti. Let’s just say that’s the extent of the artistic talent here….

I should be  almost back from our micro-getaway because… it’s the last  day of holidays. I can’t even talk about it. Hurts my heart too much. But it’s okay because these holidays have been the bomb and I’M GRADUATING IN LESS THAN 6 WEEKS. Excited/scared/excited. Can’t really decide but it’s an adventure, right?

japanese wallpaper

Posted on: Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wearing: Playsuit c/o Ringuet, sandals c/o Lulu*s.
This post title is a double-wammy- both the name of my new favourite indie/electronic artist and a nod to the beautiful origami-esque folds and vibrant floral array on this Ringuet jumpsuit. You all know I’m a sucker for a good print and this one is beautiful. Plus- the construction on this beauty is nothing short of spectacular. The perk of having no boobs? Worrying about cleavage ain’t no thang. Actually, cleavage ain’t no thang. But, busty or not, the neoprene folds are so on-trend. I try to “put together” wearable, everyday-ish outfits here on the blog, but every now and again I get a gem like this one. Besides, my outfits lately haven’t been too interesting… bikinis and denim shorts?

What have y’all been up to?

90s kid

Posted on: Saturday, September 27, 2014

IMG_9002instIMG_9118instPicMonkey Collage
Wearing: Shirt c/o Supre, Jeans c/o Missguided, Seed sneakers.
And this, ladies and gents, is my little homage to the 90s, the era of Mary-Kate and Ashley, acid wash and Gameboys. For me, anyway. I’ve always loved the idea of fashion coming full circle and lately the 90s have been back. Big time. Those elastic chokers? Plaid? Mom jeans? Well, you know me. Mom jeans > skinny jeans/any other kind of jean except maybe boyfriend. And they’re pretty 90s too.

On a side note- I’ve come to the conclusion that internet guilt is by far the worst kind of guilt. It sounds terrible but I have such an obligation to you guys, to my social media, to my emails, and this latest hiatus has been hittin’ me hard. Basically I had some personal issues which may/may not be discussed later and basically my final exam block of MY ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL CAREER. I seriously can’t believe I’m graduating so soon and the excited/nervous feeling doesn’t compare to anything- even that flute recital I did in Year 3.

What you’ve missed- I spent a whole bunch of time pulling my hair out and drinking bad instant coffee, trying to pick up the pieces of extreme procrastination for weeks on end. Then I spent a week hanging out with friends, sleeping and catching the flu, proceeded by coming home, being ill and catching up on emails. Which leads us to here, our beautiful reunion. I filmed a super-short vlog explaining it all and it’s uploading now- plus, if you didn’t know my current favourites are now up on Ze Youtube. I’ve missed you and I’m slowly working through this mountain of emails and comments as an equally large mountain of snotty tissues arises. Ah, holidays.

let’s go down to the tennis court

Posted on: Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sassy schoolgirl/Lorde music video vibes from yesterday’s shoot. This is for a top-secret project to be revealed at a later date- so stay tuned. Slightly ironic that I’m rocking school-inspired pieces in my first few days of holidays (FINALLY) but these are pieces from a badass Clueless-esque school where the girls wear little plaid skirts and the boys wear leather jackets. Not like mine, where the girls wear itchy, unflattering, to-the-knee arrangements and the boys wear quick-dry sports shorts. Can I just be Cher Hollowitz already?

If you didn’t know HOLIDAYS ARE HERE and I’ve spent the past weekend wearing nail polish and thinking about things other than school. #YOLO. If you didn’t get the nail polish reference, also, we’re basically restricted from any kind of fun accessorizing whatsoever. I’ve also been wearing more than one earring in each ear AND my hair done. Just you wait until I’m out of school…

Super tired in all kinds of ways and right now is a little tough for me. I’m going through some stuff so if  haven’t been as present on social media/here you guys will know why. But- I have a Youtube video uploading and plenty of posts planned. I love you all, hope you’re happy/healthy/comfy at home. xx

stripes with sass

Posted on: Monday, September 15, 2014

Wearing: Minkpink dress, Supre hat, boots via Justa Local Store.

What is UP people of the internet! About an 11/10 tired but writing this post because it’s been too long and I miss you like I miss The Carrie Diaries and American candy. That’s a lot. And what better way to re-launch my life minus exam block than a totally botty-poppin’ ensemble? I know, I know, I should probably never say that, but in all seriousness I’m actually Kim Kardashian. Minus Kanye and most other things. Except we don’t speak about Kanye because the concert is tonight and I didn’t get tickets and I’ve resorted to the Yeezus album rapping me to sleep.

Back to the important things- I’m probably more in love with this dress than I should be. The midi length is so on-point and makes the whole skin-tight thing so much better. Wearing this Supre hat I picked up at the Robina store opening/Sarah Ellen meet-and-greet I attended on Saturday. Best day ever, also, because Sarah is the bomb and the store looked freakin’ sweet. More on that later. Also didn’t Photoshop out the craters on my face because a) I didn’t want to, b) I couldn’t be bothered and c) life is hard and craters happen and today was particularly shocking….

…Which means sleep needs to happen. Badly. I love you all x 10 and will be back sooner than you can re-watch the first ep of the Carrie Diaries. And bask in the glory that is Austin Butler. Ok this is why I need sleep… Austin Butler… goodnight loves!

style q & a

Posted on: Tuesday, September 9, 2014

photo-1 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetphoto

Why hello there! I feel like it’s been months, and some of the worst months of my life… considering the past week has been QCS/assessment overload. It’ll be over by next week and I think all my fellow year 12 students can share the excitement. I did manage, mind you, to film a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ back when I had purple hair and life was infinitely simpler (aka pre-QCS/exam block)…

I ended up calling it a “Style Q&A” since I was all out of ideas, but basically I just grabbed some questions from my Tumblr and answered them with outfit suggestions. My Youtube is looking a little sad right now, but I’ve got big plans for the holidays. As always. PS- Also included some Instagram photos as of late considering it’s been years and you probably can’t even remember what I look like anymore. Just kidding I’m the selfie queen and that’ll never happen. I’ve missed y’all! Be back soon with something fresh xo

embrace the lace

Posted on: Tuesday, September 2, 2014

IMG_8688IMG_8685PicMonkey CollageIMG_8663IMG_8632
Wearing: top, jeans, blazer and heels c/o Missguided.

There’s something unquestionably magical about lace when it’s done right. I’m not talking about the kind reserved for your grandmother’s curtains, or the kind reserved for the deepest, darkest corners of the lingerie department, but the delicate, feminine, timeless kind. The Sunday morning, light streaming through the open windows, crumpled white bedsheets, boyfriend sweater and that little lace bralette kind. Wow. Maybe I should have written today’s descriptive essay on lace bralettes? The fashion world seems to be pretty on point with their lace game (not at either end of that slightly scarring scale) and this crop top is no exception. After wearing it out on Friday night and being asked if it was Lover (aka the high-end lace experts) I’ve fallen in love…r. But thankfully it’s Missguided and even we peasants can afford it.

Referring to my essay anecdote earlier, today was one of the two days of hell us Queensland students have to sit through. The Queensland Core Skills test, according to teachers, determines a large chunk of your future. It’s safe to say we’ve all been under a lot of stress so my heart goes out to all QCS sitters and Year 12 students right now. One. More. Day. I’m going to prevent a ramble, have a shower and get some serious REM. So much love xo


Posted on: Saturday, August 30, 2014

IMG_0380PicMonkey Collageshellysedited

Wearing: Top c/o Three of Something, shorts c/o Mad Love the Label, shoes c/o Shelly London, jewels c/o FMN jewellery.

I’m fully aware that my Instagram has been full of a lot of empty promises lately… I can explain? I’m 49 days off graduating school FOREVER (aside from uni, but that’s a whole different story) and things have been insane. And not even in a good way! Insane in a 5 hours sleep this week, back-to-back exams and QCS test prep kind of way. Let’s just say I won’t be procrastinating like this again. I basically left everything ever until the night before.

Back to the outfit- I love the minimalist vibes these boots give out, but let’s be real- I’m not the most minimalistic of gals. So naturally I paired it with a bright blue top and what’s left of my wispy purple hair. Colour is my bff.

Off to Brisbane tonight, vlogging today and recovering from our peasant’s night out. We’re pretty crazy. What have you guys been up to, and what are you keen to see on the blog? Let me know! xo


Posted on: Sunday, August 24, 2014

IMG_0260IMG_0302PicMonkey CollageIMG_0240
Wearing: Dress c/o Isla by Talulah, hat c/o Missguided, boots c/o Justa Local Store, vintage belt and necklace (worn as belt).

Maybe having purple hair has changed me into some kind of hippie new-age goddess, or maybe I’m just really feeling those post-splendour vibes. Either way, I felt an immense amount of satisfaction after putting this outfit together and have proceeded to wear it quite a number of times. I thought the dress would be way too overdone for day, but, I discovered that a white maxi is simply perfect for most occasions. Just add worn-in boots and some vintage-lookin’ jewels and you’re good to go. Tie in a knot at the side if you’re feeling extra sassy and make sure that hair’s just-got-out-of-bed messy. Hellz yeah.

Ps sorry for being the worst blogger ever and saying this was up when it wasn’t…. procrastination/distraction/I’m-an-air-head. That’s my explanation. Yesterday was one of those HELLZ YEAH IT’S GOING TO BE SUCH A PRODUCTIVE DAY LET’S DO THIS vs taking selfies and watching reality TV and making brownies and re-dying my hair which didn’t need to be re-dyed kind of days. Sad but so, so true. So today, on this beautiful Sunday, I’m going to finish a video I’ve been filming for you guys and answer any questions you have via email/Tumblr/blog-post comments. Y’all have been awesome lately and I just wish we could all go shopping or have a sleepover or somethin’ because internet friends > everything else. Ok I’m going to go and be productive now? Love love love xo

just peachy

Posted on: Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wearing: Sweatshirt c/o Bonds, overalls c/o Shop Fashion Avenue, Seed sneakers.

Feelin’ like I’m 5 in the best kind of way. Wore this comfort-first kind of outfit for errand-running with Mum on a Sunday afternoon. After a big Friday night (I threw an illegal party-meaning ‘rents were out of town and I felt the rebellious urge- Mum found out and ultimately thought it was hilarious) I spent pretty much the remainder of the weekend either naked and laying in a bubble bath or wearing my pyjamas. Sorry not sorry. And apparently I couldn’t tear myself away from my PJs, considering this sweatshirt went straight from underneath my dressing gown to underneath these overalls. Paired with some questionable sneakers (they’re my little sisters and I’m still on the fence?), it was the ultimate outfit to buy PURPLE HAIR DYE.

Hells yeah. You probably saw it on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter but if you didn’t, there’s a full post plus vlog coming real soon. I woke up on Sunday wanting purple hair and went to bed blissfully purple-headed.  Success! What have y’all been up to lately? I feel like I’ve been kind of MIA due to social life complications (drama went down, ppl) but I’m back and want to know what you want to see! Outfit posts, beauty posts, vlogs? Anyways I better actually do some study now… it is my study period after all. Have an amazing morning!


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