Wearing: Vintage tee, Quay Sunglasses via Pure Moda, Supre Jeans, Lovely Wholesale platforms, Universal Store backpack.

HEY HEY HOW ARE WE? If you’re wondering how I am- I just wrote 3 paragraphs for this blog post and they all got deleted and floated off into cyberspace. So not too great. But I am happy to be back- feels like quite a while since I last posted. I could rattle of a list of baloney excuses, but I think I’ll spare you. It’s been crazy. After the whole Melbourne moving escapade (you can watch the full vlog here!) I came back home and now have one week here before the real deal. Only a little bit terrified. Talking about it kind of gives me the nervous sweats. BUT NO REALLY I’M FINE.

In more fashion-related news: since I got home I’ve been wearing either pyjamas, athletic wear or work clothes. That’s literally it. This post commended the first time I actually put in effort and left the house- bringing out the flared jeans, of course. I find that a lot of people really don’t like these pants (Kurt was confused by the mere concept of flared jeans and I got a lot of looks) but I love them. Y’all know I’ve been having a 70s moment for a while now. Basically, anything that looks remotely Almost Famous- send it my way. You best believe if it wasn’t so goddamn hot I would’ve rocked some faux fur.

So what’ve you been up to? What would you like to see more of from me? I miss posting on here but it won’t be too long before I’m all settled into Melb-town. WEEE I’M SO EXCITED! Talk soon, much love x


new beginnings

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Wearing: Top, jeans, jacket + backpack c/o Supre, Adidas sneakers.


Well guys, I’m here. I’m in Melbourne. We’ve come down to move all my stuff in for a little trip and I’ll be back in 3 weeks for the real deal. It all happened so quickly- the move, my degree, major life changes etc- that I had no time to do anything except work, pack and sleep these past few weeks. I’ve been vlogging here because I miss putting up regular videos so much- but today I dropped my camera and I DON’T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT OKAY?! I may or may not have cried for half an hour because in 2 months I’ve broken my laptop, phone and camera just straight-up being an idiot. Looks like we’ve got another hit coming for my bank account.

We also took an Ikea trip, met my roommate and set up my room. It’s very overwhelming but I’m trying to keep that anxious/panicky feeling under wraps. My brain is a little fried from trying to deal with everything all at once so if you’ve got any post/video suggestions do let me know! SO MUCH LOVE ALWAYS xx


day dream

Wearing: Top c/o Wish, skirt c/o Living Doll (similar), Adidas Superstars via Asos.

So I hate myself because this post was supposed to go up 2 DAYS AGO. I know. I’m rolling my eyes as well. Hope my excuse is legitimate enough though: I’m moving. In 2 weeks. To Melbourne. To study fashion. By myself. I’M FREAKING THE EF OUT. I kinda knew this was coming but also kinda didn’t- it was only really confirmed a couple of days ago. Needless to say, I’m pretty overwhelmed by the crazy amount of stuff I have to do right now. Breathe in. Breathe out.

I did manage to snap these photos between packing everything I own. I’m trying to shoot more on film before I leave to get some practice in. This little Pentax was stored in the very back of one of our black-hole cupboards. It still works- barely – but I’m keen on getting a brand spankin’ new film camera. Aaaand I have to leave this off here because I have a video to edit. If you’re not already, head over to my Youtube and subscribe because moving vlogs are coming very soon! So much lovin xx


a new year

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Wearing: Blesse’d Are The Meek jumpsuit c/o Elliat, Glassons hat (similar here), Lipstik heels (similar).  

HAPPY 2016 YOU BLOODY BABES YOU! I have been MIA everywhere for a good 3 days because on New Year’s Eve I accidentally got intoxicated, lost my wallet and broke my phone. Um. This is basically my life in a nutshell. So I’ve spent those three days trying to get my life together and a new iPhone is on the way (I’ll finally be able to Snapchat oh my LAWD) so we good. What did you guys do for New Year’s?

Also I am downright OBSESSED with this jumpsuit. Baby pink backless goodness and I am all about it. If I had a fancy event to attend you best believe I’d wear this. ALSO WOW I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THIS. Guys I’m moving to Melbourne at the start of February!! To study fashion!! And I’m losing my mind over how stressed I am but also very excited at the same time!! There will be moving vlogs on my channel and so much more to come. Could not be more excited to share the new year with you. So much love always. ♡