i hate mondays


Wearing: Kurt’s tee, Dad’s jacket, shorts c/o Mad Love the Label, shoes c/o Shellys London.
Took it back to basics after Halloween- because not every day is a zombie cheerleader day. Since Kurt accidentally left one of his tees at my house, I’ve unexpectedly been wearing it non-stop- and not just to sleep in. Naturally I had to steal another one because in all seriousness, what doesn’t go with a white tee? This is one of two looks I styled with these killer Shellys London booties, so keep your eyes on their Tumblr (or head over there now if you want a kick-butt playlist).

Feeling the Monday-itis right now and we RAN OUT OF COFFEE. This is an abomination and I’m going to have to drink tea, which is frankly not okay. I know I’m sounding like a broken record here but really, I’m just getting through these last few weeks of school before my white Christmas in America.  I’ve done a little too much online shopping and tbh, not really sure what I’m supposed to do with my turtlenecks in the current 40-degree heat. God, now it’s raining. The world is practically begging me not to go to school. Hope you’re not feeling the Monday-itis quite so hard… have a beautiful day!

PS: Note the eyebrow game. Three cheers for no longer having furry caterpillars!

float on

Wearing: Tee c/o Three of Something, shorts c/o Rusty, hat c/o Supre, little sis’ kimono.
From where you’d rather be. Took an accidental mini-hiatus due to forgetting about a beach holiday we’ve apparently had booked for months (hence, 0 scheduled posts). It’s the middle of my last term at school and granted, I didn’t manage the whole spontaneous vacation thing very well. But after a deep breath and a day at the beach I decided to embrace the peaceful atmosphere, not do any school work and spend the next three days in my bikini. Done and done.

If you’re an Aussie you’ll know about the label Rustyit’s been around forever and for me, encompasses all the great things about Australian beach culture. I was pretty thrilled to get some gear from them just in time. Pretty sure I don’t even need to explain this outfit. An Izzy uniform? Kimono, denim, tee, big hat. Minimal effort. Maximum I’m-a-boho-beach-babe.

I’m off to enjoy our last morning here. Be back soon with some new stuff- looking at a little blog re-vamp in more ways than just the header. Let me know if you have any post requests! xx
PS- I went to see the Maze Runner last night. What even the heck it was so good.

kylie: part 1

IMG_9996 IMG_9922IMG_9981IMG_9935
Wearing: Silent Theory crop, Jeans and boots c/o Rusty Australia, bag c/o Oasap.
I hate to admit that I’m just as taken with Kylie Jenner as the rest of the world… whether or not her lips are real, not so much- but her style is on point. So after a bit of an Instagram stalk I decided to go there with the midriff/baggy jeans. Her style’s kind of evolved over the- weeks?- but this is an Izzy interpretation bc always be urself! ~inspirational~

To be honest it’s pretty sexy these days and that’s not really my thang. In my dreams I might be able to pull off thigh-high leather boots but for now, these Rusty flats are probably more comfortable.

Movie/pizza night is happening because Kurt and I had a tough day of shooting photos. Completely kidding- we sat around talking about graduation and eating Hershey’s bars. How’s your weekend been? So much love xx


Wearing: Dress c/o Justa Local Store, shoes c/o Shellys London. 
I’m a cat, duh.
Having a Hawaiian party of one in this beautiful dress by New Zealand label Blak. Y’all probably know of my penchant for tropical prints by now. I’m happy to report the monochrome palette and simple shape of this dress makes it the most wearable of my island-print collection by far. Paired it with cat ears for no particular reason except that it’s almost Halloween and totally justified? Oh, and “in Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.” Just kidding. I’m a total Cady Heron and planning on wearing false teeth and plenty of blood. Sorry about the Mean Girls references but it’s just too great an opportunity to pass up. 

Fun stuff coming soon- watch this space. I would like to ramble on as I usually do, but my life has basically consisted of keeping my sanity/running my blog/surviving my last ever exam block. So far, not too shabby. Goodnight lovers! x

not valentino

Wearing: Tee c/o Off Da Hook, shorts c/o Rusty.
There’s nothing sexier/simpler/better than a denim and a white tee. It’s always in style, looks great on actually everyone-ladies and gents- and is reminiscent of the best things in life: James Dean, Calvin Klein ads and Lana Del Rey lyrics. I dragged my little sister out of her teenage-cave to take some simple snaps against the only attractive wall our house has to offer. Then we ate icy poles in the sun and listened to Ariana Grande because she’s my #girlcrush and idec if she’s ridiculously mainstream. The all-American vibes of this shoot also had us talking about our impending trip to America at the end of this year… if you’re an LA, San Fran, Dallas or Austin native hit me up. Because we could eat icy poles and listen to Ariana Grande together. Or whatever.

Resisting the urge to re-state how crazy it is that I’m graduating in four weeks. Resisting. Had a beautifully sunny weekend with some beautifully sunny people, playing dress-up in my re-organised closet and not doing my 1200 word essay for Study of Religion. Sorry not sorry. How did you spend your weekend? Trying to keep as up-to-date as possible with posts for y’all because I love it and love you. Speaking of- I was thinking about a makeup tutorial for the look I’m wearing here. Thoughts? Have a super-rad Monday. Be productive and stuff. Maybe do that 1200 word essay?

stay gold

sg5smallIMG_9746sg3PicMonkey Collage2sg2sg1insta
I like to think of my blog as a creative journal and outlet. I’ve always been the kind of person that has projects and ideas running through their brain at all times, and once I have an idea- it has to happen. My brain has been brushed with gold, apparently, as I haven’t been able to get this concept out of my head. Seriously- entire pinboards, Tumblr posts and Spotify playlists (Bat for Lashes’ All Your Gold on repeat) have been covered in glittering gold. So, we drove to the craft store for glitter, gold leaf and a very confused look when I stated that I wanted to put these on my face. Took matters into my own hands and kind of smushed things around with moisturizer and lipgloss until it was what I wanted. Professional make-up artist right here.

Can’t say this little shoot had a purpose but it sure was fun. The photos aren’t half bad either. Yay for creativity! And craft stores. Stay gold xx


Wearing: Top c/o August St, jeans c/o Riders by Lee, Finery boots c/o Justa Local Store.
Wore this for a trip to the library because if you’ve read my blog for long enough, you’ll know a) I love to  read everything and b) I’m constantly overdressed.  Life’s short, so I figure why not wear your party frock to buy the groceries? At least our tiny town is finally getting a creative movement… note the random painting/graffiti. Let’s just say that’s the extent of the artistic talent here….

I should be  almost back from our micro-getaway because… it’s the last  day of holidays. I can’t even talk about it. Hurts my heart too much. But it’s okay because these holidays have been the bomb and I’M GRADUATING IN LESS THAN 6 WEEKS. Excited/scared/excited. Can’t really decide but it’s an adventure, right?

japanese wallpaper

Wearing: Playsuit c/o Ringuet, sandals c/o Lulu*s.
This post title is a double-wammy- both the name of my new favourite indie/electronic artist and a nod to the beautiful origami-esque folds and vibrant floral array on this Ringuet jumpsuit. You all know I’m a sucker for a good print and this one is beautiful. Plus- the construction on this beauty is nothing short of spectacular. The perk of having no boobs? Worrying about cleavage ain’t no thang. Actually, cleavage ain’t no thang. But, busty or not, the neoprene folds are so on-trend. I try to “put together” wearable, everyday-ish outfits here on the blog, but every now and again I get a gem like this one. Besides, my outfits lately haven’t been too interesting… bikinis and denim shorts?

What have y’all been up to?

90s kid

IMG_9002instIMG_9118instPicMonkey Collage
Wearing: Shirt c/o Supre, Jeans c/o Missguided, Seed sneakers.
And this, ladies and gents, is my little homage to the 90s, the era of Mary-Kate and Ashley, acid wash and Gameboys. For me, anyway. I’ve always loved the idea of fashion coming full circle and lately the 90s have been back. Big time. Those elastic chokers? Plaid? Mom jeans? Well, you know me. Mom jeans > skinny jeans/any other kind of jean except maybe boyfriend. And they’re pretty 90s too.

On a side note- I’ve come to the conclusion that internet guilt is by far the worst kind of guilt. It sounds terrible but I have such an obligation to you guys, to my social media, to my emails, and this latest hiatus has been hittin’ me hard. Basically I had some personal issues which may/may not be discussed later and basically my final exam block of MY ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL CAREER. I seriously can’t believe I’m graduating so soon and the excited/nervous feeling doesn’t compare to anything- even that flute recital I did in Year 3.

What you’ve missed- I spent a whole bunch of time pulling my hair out and drinking bad instant coffee, trying to pick up the pieces of extreme procrastination for weeks on end. Then I spent a week hanging out with friends, sleeping and catching the flu, proceeded by coming home, being ill and catching up on emails. Which leads us to here, our beautiful reunion. I filmed a super-short vlog explaining it all and it’s uploading now- plus, if you didn’t know my current favourites are now up on Ze Youtube. I’ve missed you and I’m slowly working through this mountain of emails and comments as an equally large mountain of snotty tissues arises. Ah, holidays.

let’s go down to the tennis court

Sassy schoolgirl/Lorde music video vibes from yesterday’s shoot. This is for a top-secret project to be revealed at a later date- so stay tuned. Slightly ironic that I’m rocking school-inspired pieces in my first few days of holidays (FINALLY) but these are pieces from a badass Clueless-esque school where the girls wear little plaid skirts and the boys wear leather jackets. Not like mine, where the girls wear itchy, unflattering, to-the-knee arrangements and the boys wear quick-dry sports shorts. Can I just be Cher Hollowitz already?

If you didn’t know HOLIDAYS ARE HERE and I’ve spent the past weekend wearing nail polish and thinking about things other than school. #YOLO. If you didn’t get the nail polish reference, also, we’re basically restricted from any kind of fun accessorizing whatsoever. I’ve also been wearing more than one earring in each ear AND my hair done. Just you wait until I’m out of school…

Super tired in all kinds of ways and right now is a little tough for me. I’m going through some stuff so if  haven’t been as present on social media/here you guys will know why. But- I have a Youtube video uploading and plenty of posts planned. I love you all, hope you’re happy/healthy/comfy at home. xx

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