izzy’s august playlist


Somebody snapped me with a playlist request, so snappy friend- here you go. I’ve been meaning to do one after missing last month’s, so I’m keeping the theme running with a random mid-month mix. A breakdown: sweet, sweet vocals and swagger from queen Lana, a v danceable tune from Circa Waves, Drake’s new track (which I think we’re all a little obsessed with), a Banks remix, new Sam Smith/Disclosure and plenty of the Wombats. Really obsessed with this month’s playlist so lemme know what you think! Here’s da link!

Also shoutout to all the wonderful internet humans who’ve been introducing me to new artists. After fashion, music is one of my greatest loves- so getting to talk about it and share it is really cool. Also today was supposed to be productive, but silly Iz thought it would be a good idea to go out last night. WHY DO I ALWAYS DO THIS TO MYSELF?? So basically I was just slightly hungover and very irritable. Teens these days, amiritie? How was your weekend? Sending so much love, wherever you are. xx



Wearing: Quay Sunglasses c/o Pure Moda, Topshop top, skirt c/o Minkpink, boots c/o Justa Local Store.

HAPPY WEEKEND MY LOVES! Pretty happy it’s Saturday to be honest. Happier than usual, if that’s even possible. I had the longest week ever, the world has just seemed to be against me since I got back from Melb-town. For example: I was moving some things in a trolley at work (I work as a waitress as well as being a full-time internet addict) the trolley picked up speed, rolled down the hill and, before I could catch it, ran into the back of a car and smashed out a taillight. AWESOME. JUST AWESOME. Between this and the other million things that went wrong I didn’t get as much posted as I wanted to. Which is never a nice feeling.

Buuuutt I did shoot this monochrome look complete with quite possibly my new favourite sunglasses. And posted a video! So things aren’t too bad. Positivity, people. Think I might go over to Kurt’s and force him to film with me and then watch 4 hours of Gossip Girl. What are you up to tonight? Also, if there’s anything you want to see here let me know. Always happy to take those requests. MUCH LOVE AND HAVE A GOOD NIGHT xo


spaced out

IMG_2839IMG_2873IMG_2879 copyIMG_2813 copyIMG_2867
Wearing: Dress c/o Ringuet, jacket c/o Dion Lee for Target, heels c/o Missguided (similar here).

Sometimes I dress like a free spirit in bolo ties and boater hats, other times I wear Ringuet. I’ve always been a sucker for a good print and this one reminds me of outer space and coral reef. Really doesn’t get any better. Not really my “everyday” outfit but I like to show more dressy looks here too- basically I’m incredibly indecisive and wake up wanting to wear a different style everyday. And after a long day of waitress work I needed a pair of heels and some eyeliner on. You feel me.

It’s midnight and honestly I have no idea what I’ve been doing for these past 3 hours. No. Idea. We got home from Melbs last night and I miss it already- let’s just say editing my vlog isn’t helping. Still have no idea what’s happening with uni/moving situation next year and tbh I’m a little terrified. I guess I’ll keep you updated. Also have had my head in the clouds for the past 24 hours just thinking about the million things I could be/should be doing. Feeling inspired but also unaccomplished. IT’S ALMOST 1AM AND I got 5 hrs sleep last night and I literally have no idea what I’m talking about. That’s enough! Talk soon. Much love x



Wearing: Sweater c/o Living Doll (similar),  jacket c/o Living Doll (similar), jeans c/o Ziggy Denim, sunglasses c/o Oscar & Frank.

It’s almost midnight here, my whole family is asleep and the glittery Melbourne lights are dotting the skyline beautifully. I always forget how uniquely cool this city is when I’m away- and how freaking freezing it is too. I THOUGHT IT WAS COLD WHEN I LEFT HOME. Going out for dinner now entails me putting on everything I own and then adding a super unflattering pom-pom beanie. Not on fleek.

For those of you who don’t know, my fam bam and I came down here for the RMIT open day. After I graduated last year I was accepted into their Fashion Merchandising course but being from QLD, it’s a pretty big move. I’m a little more convinced after today but I just really don’t know, man. Money and blogging and friends and about a million other things need to be considered. Sigh. But I’m vlogging what I can so you’ll see that soon and I’ll keep you updated. Anyways- it’s been a big day and now dad’s snoring. Goodnight- so much love. xx