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WASSUP BEAUTIFUL INTERNET PEOPLE! Look at me- posting this before 1 am. Snaps for Izzy. I wore this little getup to work (minus uncomfortable heels, I might add) and then took these photos in front of roughly 25 people. I’m exaggerating, but considering my usual crowd is one- mum- it was a little uncomfortable. Plus, as we were leaving, one of the mechanics from the shop opposite kindly informed us that there are a lot of fleas in the area. And that we may not want to take photos there again. ACTUAL FLEAS. I HAVE FLEA BITES. I hope that makes you feel better about your life.

OH AND PS I’ll be hanging out at Dissh’s VIP night on Thursday!  I love the brand to death and am very excited to get my mitts on 20% off new arrivals (like this getup). Rumour has it there will be candy. You can see the event here for the full deets!


Dad is away and we are currently eating pancakes w/ maple syrup for dinner and watching episode #4 of Jane the Virgin. Fantastic and recommend doing both. Simultaneously. Hope y’all have been well- there will be a new Youtube video tomorrow so keep yo’ eyes peeled. So, so much love. ❤

Wearing: Dissh Top, Dissh Skirt, Supre belt, Windsor Smith heels


So I’ve basically been wearing some variation of this outfit for the past 4 days. And I’m okay with that. Although these shoes are huge on me (I have no patience and don’t want to return them) I already love them to death. And there’s really no going wrong with a white button-up and denim shorty-shorts.

Been so crazy-busy lately that I haven’t even had time to clean my room. That’s a lie. I have had time to clean my room but I just don’t want to OKAY?! I’ve been working full-time hours this past week and by the time I get home, I’m so tired that all I want to do is pass out. Waah. BUT I did squeeze in a hair appointment and let’s just say I don’t look like I do in these photos anymore…  But now it’s Sunday and I’m going to relax and film and eat cereal for lunch and toasted sandwiches for dinner. And reply to yo’ emails too. OOOh and I uploaded a video this morning (summer haul) so go check it out and subscribe! So much love ♡

Wearing: Minkpink Top, Glassons shorts, Adidas Superstar sneakers.



Hey! How’s it going? You guys should probably know by now that post tonight really means post really early tomorrow morning because I fell asleep whilst writing it. Sorry ’bout that. But look at my shoooooes! I finally got my mits on the Superstars and couldn’t be more stoked. They actually arrived and were too big but I wore them anyways. Beauty is pain. And I have absolutely zero patience.

I also added another pair of overalls to my collection. Like I said on Instagram- I will keep wearing overalls as long as they make them in my size. Which will probably be forever because as much as I want to be 6 feet tall, I’ve finished growing. Hmph.

So it’s a beautiful Thursday morning and I gotta go to work. As you guys know, I have a new job at a clothing store and couldn’t be happier. Surround me with clothing always. Plus the shopping centre is decked out in Christmas decorations- you just can’t be sad around oversized sparkling Christmas trees. I’m also going back to brown hair this afternoon. Do blondes have more fun? Still debating- but I do know these roots are OUTTA CONTROL. See you on the dark side. Have an amazing day! ♥


Wearing: Top c/o Minkpink, overalls c/o Its Boutique, Adidas sneakers. 

spring loaded

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Wearing: Bless’d Are the Meek top, Living Doll jeans (similar), Lipstik heels (similar), Asos bag.

HEYYYY there how are we all tonight? I’m getting this post up before midnight which is quite the accomplishment on my part. Last night I fell asleep watching Youtube videos (not unusual) but they autoplayed for so long that I woke up and was in some weird-ass, deep, dark corner of the internet. Lovely. I’ll get my life (and sleep schedule together sometime soon. No really I will.

I wore this outfit yesterday (okay I didn’t wear the heels the whole time. My feet have feelings too) because it’s getting to that delightfully sweaty temperature here in Australia- summer. I hate it purely because everyone else is carving pumpkins, drinking mulled cider and wearing plum liquid lipstick while the southern hemisphere is crying and sweating. So to cheer me up, I whipped out the florals and my personal favourite- boyfriend jeans. Something about distressed denim makes me keep thinking that I need more and sooner or later my wardrobe will explode. If I don’t Instagram for 3 days just know I’ve been buried alive under a pile of skinny jeans.

Aaaand on that note I’m probably going to head to bed. I’ve been feeling like the poop emoji all day and staying up whilst autoplaying weird youtube videos probs won’t help. Oh! Check out my new youtube video that I put up this morning! Kinda serious but v important. Much love ♡