Wearing: Dress c/o Ziggy Denim, jacket (around waist) c/o Supre, Converse shoes.

Almost fell into a literal junk heap taking these photos and came out with even more bruises and scratches than I began with. This is what you call extreme blogging. It’s probably a good thing I opted for the converse? To be honest, I wasn’t completely sold on the unusual informality of this outfit but ended up falling in love. Double denim gets me every time.

I know there was a delay on this one babes, but honestly I’ve been werkin’ my butt off. If you didn’t know, I’m a blogger by day and waitress by night. Also some lunchtimes. Mornings occasionally. Impressive- I know. BUT there are exciting things happening in the very near future so feel free to follow me everywhere and find it out. I mean on the internet. Don’t follow me home plz. Or if you do at least bring popcorn and a good movie? It’s almost midnight and I’m making bad jokes which means BED TIME FOR IZ. I love you all v much and will talk to you tomorrow.


greased lightning

Wearing: Top and jacket c/o Living Doll, Factorie shorts, watch c/o Daniel Wellington, Urban Outfitters boots.

Any outfit that reminds you of the Pink Ladies and JT’s hip swingin’ glory days is going to be a good one. I have a very special place in my heart for Grease. And today, this happened: I got dressed in this outfit and we rolled up at the usual photo-taking spot- only to find this highly appropriate, badass vehicle parked in the middle of the deserted parking lot. If this doesn’t say rock ‘n’ roll (and maybe it doesn’t because i’m really not that knowledgeable on the era) than HONEY I DON’T WANNA BE ROCK N’ ROLL NO MORE. Disclaimer: things in my life never work out this smoothly. Okay, we get it Izzy. I see you rolling your eyes.

Oh and Happy Easter you beautiful internet friends! I hope you ate your weight in chocolate and hot cross buns! For the first time in my seventeen years, I played the Easter bunny (I’m sorry if I just ruined your childhood) to my three and one-year old bffs. I take this role very seriously and I assure you, this hunt was of the highest standard. It was also the cutest thing ever and I’m still in a ridiculously good mood because of it. Ending on that note- sweet dreams, talk tomorrow. xx




Wearing: Dress c/o Staple the Label, sunglasses c/o ZeroUV, watch c/o Daniel Wellington, Urban Outfitters boots.
I sincerely apologise for the stripe overkill in my outfits as of late. It’s gotten to the point where I just put them on subconsciously and walk out the door. Or add 5 different striped items to my cart and check out. Whoops. Suppose it’s just one of those default, easy things, like takeout for dinner or putting your hair in a bun. I do have an excuse- this little number is part of the Staple Style Challenge, in collaboration with The Minimalist, Naked Vice and QT Gold Coast Hotel This past week I worked roughly 30 hours (I’m on that Melbourne saving grind) so I guess I’m lacking inspiration. And in my downtime I finished ALL OF THE SEASONS of Girls and Broad City with absolutely no ragrets.

Happy Easter weekend loves, what are your plans? I’ve caught up on sleep, cleaned out my wardrobe (oh my goodness) and played easter bunny for the toddlers next door. Now going to eat my weight in hot cross buns and edit for the rest of my life. ‘Tis the season! Much love x



stripe up

IMG_9326IMG_9361IMG_9358IMG_9376 copyIMG_9325 copy
Wearing: top c/o Shop Tobi, shorts c/o Mad Love, hat c/o Supre, Urban Outfitters boots.
Just reinforcing my previous point (see Instagram) that everything in my wardrobe is either striped or denim. Or faux leather. Snapped this on my way to board games night (it’s a thing) with some peeps and had serious technical issues- hence the delay. But it’s here now and better late than never, right? I have a watch now so I know that this is late. Otherwise I totally wouldn’t. Can you tell I’m excited about my watch?

Just to spice things up thought I’d let you know WOW MY LIFE IS BORING RN. Workin’ to pay those bills when I get to Melbs, doing business-y things and catching up on sleep. Are you riveted? Feel free to actually spice things up by hitting up my Tumblr/Twitter and saying hi. I’ve got a video coming tomorrow so stay excited for that. And what have you been doing? Is your life more exciting than mine? Let’s hope so. Much luv x