After a really freaking long time, I’m finally back on the Youtube train. God damn I’ve missed it. Here’s a video where I talk about all the hot mess things I’ve done because WOOOWEE there’s a lot of them. I thought it was only appropriate to return with this. If you love it, let me know! Give it a thumbs up and all that other Youtube jazz! And subscribe! Also if you have any requests let me know, I’ll be filming today ♡

pink + white

Wearing: Dress c/o Glassons, thrifted top (worn underneath), See by Chloe bag via Shopbop, Vanessa Mooney earrings via Shopbop, RM Williams boots (thrifted).

This whole silky slip trend is really, for lack of a better phrase- gettin’ me goin’. To be honest, I just want to feel like I’m Parisian all the time- and silky things do that to me. I mean, if you were in Paris you would be wearing a silk robe and eating a crossaint with your hair in one of those bed-head-but-not-really updos. Matter of fact. I’m also digging the t-shirt underneath because 99% of the time it’s to cold for the whole romantic-slip-dress thing. Nice in theory tho.

Really hoping you can all follow my train of thought tonight. Sometimes I’m the only passenger on the ol’ train of thought and it’s whizzing around too fast to make any sense. U feel? Today I also had to say goodbye forever (two years, but like that’s forever) to another one of my best friends, Leah. She’s moving to Canada with my other best friend (Kurt) to do awesome best friend things without me. Hmph. And my only life update is that I’m still home and really just using it as an opporunity to have other people cook for me and do absolutely nothing. Adult life is just too hard. I give up. I hope you’re all feeling a little less delusional, have a wonderful night! x


natural habitat

IMG_8968IMG_8991IMG_8870IMG_8978IMG_8984 (1)IMG_8897 (1)IMG_8992 IMG_8983 (1)
Wearing: Uniqlo black turtleneck, vintage jeans.

So I’m back in my hometown for my mid-semester break and feeling a little out of my element. I mean, I’m currently full of homecooked food, smelling like a vanilla cupcake and snuggled in a dressing gown, but I guess a little bit of me got really used to the grit and grime of the city. Isn’t it funny how when you visit a place you have an entirely different perception of it than when you live there? Don’t get me wrong- this city is the best- but I used to visit thinking that everything was shiny and glamorous. Cities are dirty and chaotic, man- but that’s also what I’ve learnt to adore.

I know it’s been minutes but honestly, I just needed to get that last leg of my term out of the way. In classic Izzy fashion I left every necessary thing til the last minute and scrambled to finisht them all in hours where I should have been sleeping. Many lattes were involved and also toast at weird hours of the morning. Anyways, I’ll be seeing more of you- have a beautiful weekend!


bad to the bone

Wearing: Thrifted Bad to the Bone tee, turtleneck (worn underneath) c/o Glassons, Levis “Wedgie” jeans via Shopbop, thrifted RM Williams boots.

So this has inadvertently become my daily uniform: wedgie jeans (appropriately named as I have a wedgie most of the time) (tmi??? I don’t really know anymore with this internet thing anymore sorry), an oversized t-shirt of some kind, a turtleneck, a bomber jacket and the same goddamn boots every time. Sometimes I’ll really mix it up and wear a different pair of jeans. Wild.

This is usually the part where I tell you about my weekend but I actually can’t remember anything I did?? Must not have been that exciting. I didn’t go out though which meant I didn’t have a hangover even once so basically #fitspo #cleanliving #newme. Hope you had wonderful hangover-free weekends too! xx