on the fringe

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Wearing: Dress, jacket and heels (similar) c/o Missguided.

Any garment that you can describe as both “swishy” and “majestical”, in my opinion, is a good one. One thing I’ve learnt from wearing this jacket: kids like the tassels, boys- not so much. While a little girl was absolutely infatuated with it, my friend’s boyfriend politely asked what was going on with my “strings.” It’s fashun, guys. And I plan on wearing it allll the way to Splendour. And I haven’t even talked about these shoes. MY GOODNESS, THESE SHOES. Kylie wore something similar to the Topshop opening and that may or may not be the reason I got them. I’m a fangirl. Sue me.

Currently uploading a new video, eating dark chocolate and watching Entourage reruns because you know, Saturday night. Also OITNB is done and dusted. I’m a loose cannon. I talked a little last week about passion and doing what you love. After dedicating even a little more time to writing and blogging I feel so much more inspiration to continue. I hope you guys do too. And I’ll talk to you soon! Much love x


a corner of my room

Pictured: Lights via Typo, lamp via Kmart, glasses via Oscar Wylee, photos via Printl,  jacket via Missguided.

Thought I’d switch it up a little and show you some photos without my face in them. I can hear the *collective gasp* from here- I know. But I’m doing this new thing where I try to post as often as I possibly humanly sanely can- this decided yesterday. I don’t want to make any promises because I am a commitment-phobe, but hopefully you’ll be seeing more of my face (also not my face).

DIY-ing never seems to go well for me, but a couple of weeks back I decided (fine, it was my mum’s idea. Mum you get full credit. Stop rubbing it in my face now.) to make my wall fancy. I ventured to Bunnings (a hardware store. To preface: I’ve never been to one of these establishments before) and kept annoying stoneworkers until I got this piece of wire grid. And then I took it home, covered it in fairy lights and hung up these adorable Instagram print-outs from Printl. I’m kind of in love with the whole concept because I can switch it up super easily and hang up things that would otherwise contribute to my floordrobe. If I can do it, you can do it. And that’s all for today- talk very soon! Much love x


VIDEO: My Everyday Makeup


Well hello! Just leaving this here. I’m not sure if all of you know about my Youtube-ing escapades but, errr… now you do. Trying my hardest to make kewl videos that hopefully don’t embarrass me all over the internet. So here’s what I put on my face everyday- let me know if you like it. Preferably not if you don’t. Ignorance is bliss sometimes, guys.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a “proper” post. Goodnight loves x



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Wearing: Topshop crop, skirt c/o The Haute Pursuit, earrings c/o The Haute Pursuit, watch c/o Daniel Wellington, heels c/o Shop Priceless, Vidakush septum clip.

I won’t lie and tell you I haven’t worn this skirt 5 out of 7 days this past week. So now it’s all out on the table. Suppose I’ve been in a tiny style/life/inspiration rut this past week or so and am making tiny monochrome moves to get out of it. At least my nails are purple? But grey-on-grey-on-black is cool- I’m not hating. Especially when this skirt gives me a booty- a tiny booty, yes- but a booty nonetheless. Have I said booty enough now?

So my update: I’m sick of feeling sub-par. Just okay, not the best, have been better- I want to feel on top of my game and ready to take on the world, Beyoncé-style. Basically I’ve been floating along, not really throwing myself into anything that I’m passionate about. So this afternoon I started working on some projects. Some exciting projects that make me happy and will hopefully make you happy too. But now it’s time for a break and another episode of OITNB. Because I’m passionate about that too, alright!? Anyway- send love and good vibes my way. I’m sending them out to you. I’ll see you very soon… I hope you’re feeling happy and excited about life and all the things. Much love x0

Wearing: Lace top c/o Missguided, skirt c/o Elliat, heels c/o Missguided, MAC “Velvet Teddy” on lips.