Pictured: Strapless blouse, metallic skirt, leather clutch, Love Me tee, clear glasses, denim jeans, gold choker, tie front bikini top, mules. 

Unfortunately, mum’s decided to skip out on our usual sad Australian attempt at Thanksgiving this year- but that doesn’t mean I can’t partake in Black Friday. I’m so broke I can barely afford to Uber Eats a pizza, but with a little research I’ve worked out the sales that are actually worth my scraped-together pennies.

The Revolve sale is gonna be dope so here are my top add-to-cart picks. Over 350 styles are 50% off and there’s free express shipping on orders over $100. Not great facts for the bank account but great in every other sense of the word. Get shoppin to make me feel better about myself. xx

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the roadtrip wrap-up

So it’s been a while- I know- but in all fairness during this month I’ve finished my first year of university, made a whole bunch of new friends and road-tripped from Bondi to Byron to Brisbane to back home in the span of 10 short days. Which is what this post is about. Yesterday I left Brisbane and am now home on the coast for three short days before Melbourne again. I love and miss my family but feel like that city is truly becoming a home. A very small, usually dirty and overpriced home, but a home nonetheless. So here is photographic documentation of the magnificent shitshow that ensued when we took 8 girls in a soccer mom van across three states.


2 of us got tattoos in Newtown and I stood against a cool-looking wall for something different.

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We got sunburnt at Coogee beach and I fell over and embarrassed myself and sliced my knee open. Just another day simultaneously injuring and mortifying myself.
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We made it to Byron and got more sunburnt and found somebody’s court appearance notice on the beach. He had assault charges in every state and apparently didn’t feel like showing up that day. Then we took a surfing lesson except our instructor was a dingbat and I got into a fight with him about wetsuit sizes. And then fell off the board a bunch.

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Then we finally made it to Brisbane and perched ourselves on my friend Nina’s ridiculously beautiful balcony. She lives in a hotel. As you do. We went out and I was looking after everyone else for a somewhat refreshing change.

rt15hiiiiAnd every day finished with a pretty pinch-yourself kinda sunset. Feelin pretty lucky to have these ladies and this life. I hope you’ve all been having as much fun as I have. Talk sooner than a month’s time, promise x



studio 3

Wearing: Top c/o We are Cow, Lee shorts, RM Williams boots.

It was finally a sunny day in Melb and naturally I took full advantage with a crop top and cutoff shorts. Of course it was raining an hour later, but it was nice while it lasted.

I’ve officially finished exams and could not be more stoked. Have slept at least 30 hours in the past 2 days and eaten my weight in vegemite toast and microwavable Annie’s meals. Also watched an absurd amount of America’s Next Top Model reruns. How are exams treating you? No obligations and ready to chat- Tumblr message me tonight to keep me busy! xx


6pm skyline

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Wearing: dress via We Are Cow. 

One of the cooler things I can now say I’ve done: snuck onto a hotel rooftop with my best friend to take in an illegally mesmerizing city view. We acquired a friend named Adrian who does this whole breaking-onto-rooftops thing for a hobby and tagged along on Tuesday. Basically, it goes without saying that it took a lot of convincing (and chickening out twice) to get us up here but my god was it worth it. I feel like cityscapes aren’t conventionally beautiful- monotone concrete wastelands- but something about seeing it all sprawled out like that gives me a feeling of power. We’re not so insignificant when we come face-to-face with 64-story skyscrapers.

I do apologise for my accidental hiatus- my life has been a series of ever-changing chaos recently. And not all good change, either. I’ve got some wonderful new people in my life but am an easily distracted and excitable person, meaning socialising put some otherwise very important things on the backburner. Like my sanity, for instance. On the positive side, I’ve got 2 weeks left of my first week of uni and it’s looking like I probably won’t fail. How’s that for adult. Hope you’re all well and have more brain cells floating around than me. Happy Sunday x