off duty

Posted on: Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I like to think I’ve nailed the whole “off-duty” thing. But considering I am currently unemployed and entire life is basically off-duty, it comes pretty easily. So when Somedays Lovin’, Arrow Divine and Shambhala Resort Byron asked me to be a part of their “Off Duty” themed style challenge, challenge was obviously accepted. Pulled this “I don’t give a…” shirt out of dad’s wardrobe, and this little romper conveniently covered the not-so-accurate depiction of a rat’s ass. Remind me never to let me dad wear that in public.

Keeping it short and sweet as Maria and I have a big night of Gossip Girl re-runs ahead. My holidays are almost over and I don’t want to talk about it. Plz. If you’ve got any post suggestions, I’ve been on a spree lately and am looking for inspiration! Feel free to leave them in  the comments below. Hope you’re having an amazing week!

Wearing: Romper c/o Somedays Lovin’, Tee and denim shirt c/o Dad’s wardrobe, boots c/o Justa Local Store.

PS- You can nab 20% off these amazing Maidenlove boots by using the code “VON20″ at the checkout! You’re welcome. ❤ 

hair today

Posted on: Sunday, July 6, 2014

PicMonkey Collage
I’ve got to be honest here- I can probably count the times my hair has worked out exactly the way I wanted on my fingers. Whenever I go to the hairdressers they give me something kind of close to what I wanted. When I do my hair it looks okay for ten minutes before falling flat. The few times I’ve dyed my hair it’s either not made any difference or turned it to some kind of yellowy straw. Plus I’ve got these wispy bits of frizz on the top of my head Kurt likes to refer to as “Hagrid” that never, ever go away.  It’s been really, really long, short and the current dry inbetween. But I’ve accepted the crazy mane for what it is and feel pretty lucky considering I seriously don’t do anything at all.

So those lovely people who have been asking me what I’ve been doing to my hair lately- it was probably just one  of those rare good hair days. I almost never style it, let it air-dry and use whatever shampoo and conditioner we have on hand.  Lately, though, I’ve gotten into a very loose translation of a “regime,” in that I use some pretty good products to make my hair look better than usual.

Left to right: (Left) Urban Fudge Sea Salt spray, (Centre) Original Mineral’s “Maintain the Mane” and “Original Detox” shampoo, “Seven Day Miracle” and “The Power Base” Masques, (Right) Schwarzkopf Daily Oil Elixir. 

Sea salt spray has become my new best friend. It somewhat enhances the already-messy waves I have going on. Plus, this one by Urban Fudge smells like a summer vacation and doesn’t leave my strands grossly crispy. I usually use that on second-day hair to give it that extra oomph. As for shampoo/conditioner, Original Mineral is expensive but one of the best I’ve used. In my opinion everyone needs a “detox” shampoo in conjunction to their normal one, for when you have product build-up or just oily hair. Also invest in a masque or two for dryer days. Finally, buy some kind of oil (this one was the cheapest and works really well in my humble opinion) and apply to freshly-washed hair for silky smooth ends.

When this doesn’t work and you’re having the worst hair day ever, there’s always the ponytail. I like messily sitting on the top of my head. Basically brush it out, scoop/comb it up with your fingers, tie and scruff. Complex stuff.

But truly, nothing beats the hat. Those five black fedoras sitting in my wardrobe get a lot of love.

Hope this helps! I just put it together on a whim so let me know if you like this style of post. Also leave any suggestions in the comments below- this was based off an email suggestion I received last week. Love you all, hope you had a wonderful weekend!



Posted on: Friday, July 4, 2014

I have somehow acquired a total of five black fedora hats, all basically identical, that I really don’t remember purchasing. I think it’s turned into a subconscious thing. Whenever I see one I feel a strong need to add-to-cart despite the ever-increasing pile-up in my room, forget about it and get a surprise when the same thing arrives 5 times in the mailbox. Anyone want a black fedora?

Seriously can’t stop wearing these boots- the colour/style/heel height combination is on point. If you by any chance want to pick up a pair of your own, Justa Local Store donates $25 from each pair to charity. Nice one, guys. This smock is another repeat offender as of late. I like to think of them as “stylish sacks.” As I’m struggling to string together sentences right now, Camilla basically summed up every feeling I have about the matter. She’s my fave.

One last thing before I pass out from exhaustion- if you’re a little confused by the whole “brood” theme happening on my Instagram, Kurt’s family bought a cafe that opened up on Tuesday. If you’re a Sunshine Coast local come and say hi! We make good coffee. Plus cakes. Oh, the cakes.

Sleep time. PS- Vlog now up on my Youtube channel! Thumbs up/comment/like/whatever it is you kids do these days. Enjoy your weekend!

Wearing: Dress and boots c/o Justa Local Store, hat c/o Oasap.



Posted on: Monday, June 30, 2014

Here we have an absolutely blinding visual assault of colours for something a little different. I shot these last week, proceeded to edit them and realised I was too tired/cranky to fish through and find the good ones, thus completely forgetting about them all together. This is how my brain works.

Made it through my final exam on Friday and celebrated with a little party at Kurt’s on Saturday…. then stayed at his house until Monday afternoon. Needless to say we watched too many movies, drank too much coffee, laughed about really stupid things and didn’t get any sleep. It was a totally appropriate start to the holidays but I’m really glad to be reunited with my computer/filthy room and ready to start ticking off the metaphorical and literal lists I’ve had running for these holidays. Watch this space and enjoy the holidays/this wonderful Monday!

Wearing: Sweater c/o Three of Something, Jeans c/o Oasap, shoes and sunglasses c/o Lovely Wholesale. 

Posted on: Tuesday, June 24, 2014

winter1IMG_7263IMG_7239 I’m alive! I made it through my second year 12 exam block with a solid 60% of my sanity still intact. Also, since it’s been over a week since my last post- what even?- here’s what you’ve missed: 1. Lots of study. And procrastination. Mostly procrastination. 2. I headed off to the Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search in Westfield Chermside…. And it was amazing. I loved meeting so many of you and I even loved the bit where I chatted to Kate Peck, on stage, in front of the entire of Chermside. Even if I was wetting myself. But that post’s coming soon, along with a little video I’m in the process of making. Watch this space and let me know if you’re a new reader! Well that’s kind of it. My life hasn’t been too exciting as of late. But exams are over now- which means I can actually say that I will not be disappearing for the next week. What can I say? When there’s no school I tend to spend a lot of time on the internet. And when there is school too. Goodnight and I’ll be back soon!

Wearing: Skirt c/o Riders by Lee, cardigan and hat c/o Oasap, boots c/o Justa Local Store, necklace and rings c/o FMN jewellery.


Posted on: Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I know it’s been slightly sporadic here lately, but I can totally explain.
a) Two words: exam. block.
b) I may or may not have thought that starting Orange in the New Black was a good idea. AN ENTIRE SEASON IN LESS THAN A WEEK. During exam time. I’m probably the worst person ever.

But how great is this outfit? It was one of those moments when a bunch of garments magically arrived at my doorstep that all fit perfectly together. More or less. This colour palette + these ethereal jewels + these chunky heels make me happier than an outfit really should. Wrapping this up early because study/sleep/the early alarm I have set for yoga tomorrow morning, which I may or may not snooze as it will be 3 degrees. Ew.

OOOOH but, if you don’t already know, I’ll be at the Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search this Saturday for the Queensland Roadshow! It’ll start at 9am at Westfield Chermside. I’ll be taking photos, interviewing gals and probably insta-spamming everyone. Come along because I would love to meet some of you, plus it’s a really awesome event. If you need any more deets just ask!

Wearing: Skirt c/o Ringuet, sweater c/o Three of Something, Necklace and rings c/o FMN jewellery, heels c/o Lovely Wholesale.

riders by lee

Posted on: Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back with more denim (woops) and probably my most-worn item: the black hat. Slightly predictable but pretty much all I could muster up, with the whole brain-frying thing induced by upcoming exam block. In retrospect, this weekend probably wasn’t the best time to binge-watch an entire season of Orange is the New Black. Many regrets. Updates since my last post: School is making me cry, I babysat for my neighbours and visited Grandma. Drank copious amounts of tea. Kurt’s started wearing one of those little man-buns. Still undecided.
AND THAT’S LITERALLY IT. Life’s a little slow for me right now but I’ll be rolling out some different posts pretty soon. Please say your life is more exciting than mine right now?!

Oh, and just thought I’d take the opportunity to spread some love. You guys are the best and your comments make me unbelievably happy!

Wearing: Cotton on Top, jeans c/o Riders by Lee, shoes c/o Lovely Wholesale, hat c/o Missguided.


Posted on: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

PicMonkey Collage1IMG_6944IMG_6897IMG_6950
Oversized denim-actually just denim in general- has been on high rotation for me this long weekend. Primarily because it’s just so freakin’ easy. Saturday was a Three of Something tank and light wash skinnies, Saturday night was a striped crop and high-waisted denim mini, Sunday was a little white dress with a chambray tee over the top and Monday I finished it all off with a bang: double denim and a comfy tee. So I unintentionally spent the entire weekend wearing denim. Is this a bad thing? Not so much. It’s a classic, guys. Just no triple denim, please! Kurt tried to wear jeans, a chambray tee and a denim snapback to dinner once. He took it off after incessant protesting from my end. Obviously.

Nothing exciting to report because does that ever happen? I’m happy to say that I’ve hopefully got something worth posting about on the cards soon (can’t. contain. much. longer.) but for now, I’ll leave you with the exciting announcement that I’m going to clean my room. I actually couldn’t go to bed even if I wanted to seeing as it’s COMPLETELY COVERED in everything I’ve ever owned. I also have a yoga mat laid out for all those home workouts I do (pfft) buried in clean laundry. How I manage to actually do schoolwork, blog and stay somewhat organised will forever be a mystery to me…

Wearing: Top c/o Missguided, jeans c/o Missguided, Dad’s chambray shirt, Sunglasses c/o ZeroUV Finery boots c/o Justa Local Store, Elephant necklace c/o Justa Local Store.


Posted on: Sunday, June 8, 2014

Soaking up the last remnants of summer in white lace- because really, what else would be appropriate? The beach is so turbulently moody and beautiful on windy winter days like these. Thank god for the long weekend. I spent all morning recovering from one too many late nights, and the afternoon drinking chai on the beach with mum. Bliss.

Quick update: things are going really well for me at the moment. Happy, healthy and eating plenty of delicious food. I honestly haven’t felt this good in a really, really long time and I can now say that recovery is so worth it. The months of pain are worth a lifetime of freedom! Soz for the sappiness, I just felt the need to let y’all know. We’re all friends here.

Australians, soak up that long weekend… I sure will be. So much love.

PS- I’ve given my Tumblr a revamp and have found myself re-addicted in the process. I post everything from my writing to photos of doughnuts. Check it.

PPS- One of my friends is a finalist in a comp with Mavi jeans to win a trip to Turkey. I wouldn’t normally ask this but if you could swing a vote in Bonnie’s direction she would be so stoked!

Wearing: Dress c/o Ladakh, hat c/o Missguided, sandals c/o Shellys London.

a day in the life

Posted on: Thursday, June 5, 2014

After many months and many questions asking when the next one would be out… I’ve finally made a video! Here’s what I hope is a somewhat interesting “day in the life video” I filmed on a random Sunday. Believe it or not it’s actually one of the more exciting Sundays I’ve had lately. I figured me laying in my bed watching New Girl and eating veggie chips wouldn’t be as great?

Probably don’t need to tell you again that school is the worst. But it is, OKAY?! And I’m currently swamped. I planned a complete post for this afternoon but that all ended up flying out the window, along with my last scrap of sanity. And then I had a bubble bath and a sniffle and felt a little better. Also unemployed as of this week. Sad face.

All sad faces aside things will be better tomorrow- FRIDAY. Plus long weekend following that. Woop woop! I’ll be back very soon. Also, if you have any video requests for the future (I am hoping to make more soon) let me know!

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