backyard bandits

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It’s been a ridiculous amount of time since I last posted here- as per usual- and I am left scrambling trying to remember what happened in the past month or so. Not a lot, probably- I’m working in a new job, it’s really cold in Melbourne, we still have mice. Like I said- uneventful. Some of these photos were taken on film last time I went home. Posting them now because I miss Adele and now Kurt’s home too, meaning everyone’s having fun without me in Queensland. Never thought I’d make that statement.

Honestly, it’s been so damn cold I haven’t had the chance to wear anything aside from jeans and unflattering knitwear- I’ve never been so excited for summer in my life. Talk soon xx

homemade dynamite

HEYhey4hey1 hey4 hey5 hey6 Wearing: Top c/o Supre, thrifted trousers, RM Williams boots. 

So I’m back on the coast for the holidays and thoroughly enjoying home’s usual delights: family, meals not cooked by me and free petrol. Mainly family. Of course. The Sunshine Coast ain’t so sunny right now (I mean you can’t really complain about 23 degrees, but I’m not swimming in the ocean unless I’m sweating on the shore u feel me) and in all honesty there’s not a tonne of things to do, so Adele and I have been driving around aimlessly for like 3 days now. And it’s been really nice. I feel like the older I get, the more I appreciate doing nothing. And naps! I even read the newspaper with my coffee this morning. That’s called maturity, folks.

I won’t bore you any longer- I miss my housemates dearly but like I said- pretty great to be home. I’ve been vlogging what I can so hopefully I can remember how to edit a video after all this time. It’s been a while. Have a wonderful night x


freaking out the neighbourhood

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Wearing: Thrifted Joy Division tee, thrifted trousers, Vans sneakers.

Good morning! It is day one of my official three days off and I have only moved out of bed for food and a laptop charger to continue the 2-day binge of OITNB. I like to consider myself an all-or-nothing kind of person and when I watch a TV series, I watch 4 seasons in 4 days. Minimal movement. Maximum concentration. It’s a skill, really.

My housemate Tara is a film and photography student and often assists me in the whole taking-photos-of-myself-thing when my tripod fails on me. Sounds a lot more narcissistic when typed. Anyways- we searched down this alleyway and stumbled upon an aesthetically pleasing wall, proceeded to set ourselves up in front of it and promptly moved after discovering ACTUAL HUMAN FECES ft. TOILET PAPER covering the ground. I actually gagged. On the contrary- it’s sunny outside, albeit 5 degrees- and doesn’t smell like faces most of the time. We’re going on a picnic. Have a wonderful day.



Hello! Been another hot minute since my last post but I can assure you, not a lot went down in that time aside from excessive amounts of study and that wonderful period of time known as mid-semester exams. I’ve been on holidays for about 2 weeks now and have been working pretty much full time during the day (I work at Topshop) and sleeping off a flu at night. Thrilling, huh. On a more exciting note- I did get to join in on an awesome housemate-collaborative shoot we did with Babescrub, shot at Katie’s boyfriend’s cousin’s place (??) because we needed a good-looking bathroom and let’s be honest- you can’t really fill our kinda mouldy shower with flower petals and rosewater.

Also- I managed to save enough to finally get my video camera fixed, meaning videos can and will ensue within the next week. Some of you have been asking for them over on my Tumblr so feel free to leave any requests here or there for some motivation for me to get filming. Have a wonderful day xx