Posted on: Sunday, March 16, 2014

church2church3church4After being in a location rut with my photos recently, this church was a Godsend (you see what I did there… crack myself up).I spent most of the weekend with him and his sister Leah, hanging and coffee shops and watching movies, but the highlight was definitely taking these photos. I know it’s a chronic case of outfit-repeating, but really… could there be a more perfect outfit for this? No, and I think the lovely people of this church would agree. I got a few funny stares but we all know they were digging the shoes.

Funny Story of the Weekend time: I picked up my phone yesterday and opened Instagram to discover 1,000 new followers. That’s one third of my entire following in less than an hour. Confused, I checked my comments, and one of them read: “Did you know you are popular in China?” Turns out my photos were posted on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Facebook, and I guess they went… viral? Followers have now doubled and I’m getting some pretty great comments. Oh, the magic of the internet.

Hope you all had wonderfully random experiences this weekend too.

Wearing: Dress and shoes c/o Lulu*s. 


postcards from paradise #2

Posted on: Thursday, March 13, 2014

In a terrible series of events, I haven’t been able to take any photos since my post on Sunday. Tragedy, I know. So instead of doing a throw-together post I knew I’d wind up hating, I thought I’d share with you guys the second installment in my Postcards from Paradise series. It was part of a collab with Sunday Somewhere, and here are the photos I never got around to posting. Sorry if you’ve seen them a billion times on Instagram, but I really wanted to share the vintage car shots. As soon as I get my hands on a camera (and get this SOR essay draft in) there will be something fresh on the blog. Until then! xx




Posted on: Sunday, March 9, 2014


Props to me for two posts in two days! If we can ignore the pile of subjects I didn’t study for… I was really productive this weekend. I figured I should probably take a break from concrete walls and tin stairs by actually going outside. Despite my recent aversion to flora in my photos, we managed to find this amazing spot. These shoes are all kinds of wonderful and I apologise in advance for the numerous times you’ll see them. For all you lucky people going into Spring… the little white dress is mandatory. And this one has all the witchy-bohemian vibes you could want.

I won’t bore you again with how much school work I have, but basically my weekend has been spent at my desk with a pen in my mouth. Hope yours was a little more exciting… feel free to inspire me in the comments. I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be seeing a post tomorrow (I’m not always this productive… or such a procrastinator) but I’ll be back soon. Let’s pray I don’t drown in schoolwork!

Wearing: Dress and shoes c/o Lulu*s, Hat c/o Oasap.



Posted on: Saturday, March 8, 2014


So to say the least- this week has been busy. Whilst balancing the insane amount of schoolwork piled on this week, I managed to slip in a trip to Sydney and back, shoot a style edit, attend a store opening and watch copious amounts of online TV. How I always manage to fit in the last one will forever astound me. You could probably put it down to the lack of sleep. But, I had a really, really good time and it’s kind of sad to be back to reality (i.e. school). I did, however, come home to this little number from Three of Something and it made everything a little better. Feelin’ pretty slick pairing it with these shades. And it’s not often I feel slick.

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t… seriously? Get on that), I flew down to attend the launch of the Oscar & Frank pop-up store. Oscar & Frank are the only sausage dogs I know who have their own eyewear store, and the director, Mitch, also happens to be Kurt’s big bro. There were photographers and DJs and sunglasses. It was great. I do want to give you a full run-down of my 34 hours in Syd, but for now, sleep. Happy Saturday.

Wearing: Dress c/o Three of Something, sunglasses c/o ZeroUV, Windsor Smith heels.


postcards from paradise #1

Posted on: Sunday, March 2, 2014


Normally, if you asked me about where I live, I would proceed to tell you how I just can’t wait to get out of here. But today, I realised that it’s not so bad having the beach 15 minutes from your house, especially when it’s as beautiful as this one. My Sunday, appropriately, was spent shooting something special for Sunday Somewhere. Postcards from Paradise is an upcoming collaboration with a few other bloggers that I’m stoked to be a part of. As nerdy as it is, I love having special projects to plan for, and specifically… make themed Pinterest boards for. Yes, I’m one of those people. 

The official shots will be released soon, but, as per usual, I got impatient and had to share. I’ve been a little MIA because I’m currently drowning in a sea of schoolwork. Someone throw me a lifering, plz. Oooh, but I am jetting off somewhere for a microsecond this week (it’s about 36 hours) and I’m sure you’ll be hearing all about it. Have a wonderful start to the week! xx

Sunglasses- Laura c/o Sunday Somewhere



Posted on: Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Apparently I’m into polka dots at the moment… and this location? I will admit, stunning backdrops are limited when you live in less-than-sophisticated suburbia. But I’m also a little lazy right now. Which is why this romper was an obvious choice- it feels like you’re basically wearing nothing, it’s a top and pants in one, and you don’t have to wear a bra. Possibly TMI but this is what happens when I get excited about clothing.

So staying an extra two hours at school today is followed by an extra three tomorrow… I can’t say that I’m loving the whole extra school thing but the fact that it’s the home stretch (my last year) makes it OK. Kurt and I are planning an amazing trip at the end of this year, and I’m honestly so, so excited to figure out what the heck I’m doing with my life. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. xo

Wearing: Playsuit c/o Pink Stitch, hat c/o Oasap, heels c/o Shop Priceless


Ps- the title of this post is a very, very subtle Vampire Weekend reference. If you got it than we should be BFFS.


Posted on: Monday, February 24, 2014


There’s something so simply 50′s about wearing a midi skirt, lace-ups and polka dots. Summer in Australia, for most, means a never-ending stream of ripped denim, crop tops and minuscule mini skirts. Don’t get me wrong- I love ripped denim as much as the next gal, but sometimes it’s nice to look different. Side note: currently obsessed with all things spotty, New Girl and these shoes. No surprise there.

Keepin’ it short and sweet because I feel a ferrel study-of-religion mood coming on. Year 12 is the worst. You see? I can’t stop the negativity when there’s ethics homework to do. Debbie Downer’s going to go eat ice-cream and probably, maybe do that homework now. Happy Monday xx

Wearing: Top c/o Pink Stitch, skirt c/o Pixie Market, shoes c/o Shellys London.


one item, three ways

Posted on: Saturday, February 22, 2014


This post is just a sneaky peek of something I have coming soon to the Shellys London blog…. I couldn’t wait because a) I’m ridiculously impatient and b) mildly obsessed with these shoes. Not really mildly, actually. You know that feeling when you wear something particular, and you love it, and the compliments just keep on coming? That’s the case with these babies. I wore them recently on a school excursion and I’m pretty sure my English teacher’s giving me an A purely because she loved my shoes so much. Well, maybe in a perfect world.

Just to make things clear: this is going to be part of my “One Item, Three Ways” post featuring (obviously) these brogues. And aside from shooting this, today was, I won’t lie, pretty poop-y. Just one of those things. So I’m going to take a bubble bath now and pretend that my problems don’t exist. Thank you for the amazing support on my last post, I’m excited for where my blog is headed in the future. So much love.

Look 1: Gap sweater, overalls c/o Shop Fashion Avenue, Shellys London “Loviri” brogues (worn throughout).
Look 2: blouse c/o Three of Something, skirt c/o Front Row Shop, MAC’s “MAC Red” lipstick.
Look 3: Book of Deer dress, hat c/o Oasap.


dolly blog squad- march issue

Posted on: Wednesday, February 19, 2014



Dolly has always been the classic “rite of passage” magazine for us Australian girls. Around 14 or 15, you get your first issue, and it opens your eyes to the world of boys and makeup and celebrities you didn’t even know existed. Later on you move on to Cosmo, but for a while there, it’s basically the bible.

And for good reason- it’s cheerful, it’s colourful and it’s eclectic. There’s so much in one issue that it doesn’t take you 5 minutes to read (ahem.. every other magazine) and the fashion in it is surprisingly affordable. And that’s why I’m so happy to announce that I’m part of Dolly Mag’s new Blog Squad, meaning I’ll be reviewing the mag here every month, talking about upcoming collabs and exciting things and hopefully being featured in the mag itself! So I hope y’all are as chuffed as I am, and looking forward to upcoming posts. Hope you are all having the best week ever and I’ll see you very soon for an outfit! xx



Posted on: Sunday, February 16, 2014


It was 40 degrees today, and let’s just say the motivation to take these shots was lacking. The day kicked off with an early swim at the beach and a chai, shortly followed by many hours of doing nothing under the air-con, a swim in the pool, a few more hours of nothing and many, many frozen blueberries. Winter has my heart but summer, sometimes you’re great, too.

Anyway, I forced myself out of the pool purely to show you the gorgeous print on this skirt. Also because I needed to do a post. But mainly the print. I mean- look at it. High waist + slit + abstract print = perfection. See Miss Budge, I am good at math!

My apologies for the incredibly disjointed paragraphs and lack of sense today. I think the heat is driving me mad. I’m going to go put on my classic lazy outfit (lightweight tee, shorts like this, prescription glasses like these- I’m blind as a bat) and eat some more blueberries now. Happy Sunday! xx

Wearing: Skirt c/o Ringuet, top c/o Missguided, shoes c/o Shop Priceless.


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