Wearing: Top and shorts c/o Lulu & Rose, boots c/o Glassons, hat c/o Glassons.

A little something we shot back home because here in Melbourne, it’s 9 degrees and drizzling in the worst, most annoying kind of way. And tomorrow it’ll probably be a heatwave. Or hail. You just never really know.

I love top and short sets, playsuits and dresses for the same reason- you don’t have to worry about more than one aspect of your outfit. Your top is ALREADY matched with your bottoms and gee whiz that saves a buttload of time. Plus looks really cute and put together. I’m sorry I just said gee whiz. Also, this time-saving thing is really handy because yo girl is in crunch time at school and watching way too many episodes of New Girl to be in crunch time. Whoops.

Yesterday I had a really exciting meeting and I can’t wait to show your guys what’s next for VON. Watch this space. xx


wishlist// ♡ blue jean baby ♡

Clockwise (from top left corner): Vanessa Mooney bracelets, Levis Kick Flare jeans, Asos Western boots, Gisele PJ set,  Ulla Johnson Milo Top, Vanessa Mooney concho choker, FallenBrokenSt cap, RayBan sunglasses, Lace-Up denim dress. 

Thought I’d give y’all a quick wishlist because YO GIRL HAS BEEN ONLINE SHOPPING PROCRASTINATING AGAIN. As you know, I’m dedicated to that 70s vibe right now, so obviously my wardrobe has a heavy denim focus. Really anything navy/light blue/denim-coloured goes straight into my cart. And then I leave it there because I’m a broke-ass uni student and make a wishlist about it. But, the good news for the broke uni students- Shopbop is having a 25% off basically everything sale for friends and fam with the code “INTHEFAM.” I may or may not have put off buying groceries and used it to buy that concho choker.

So, basically- there’s a haul coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. My pantry is bare as hell but my wardrobe will be poppin’. Ah, another lesson in great life decisions with Izzy. What’s on your wishlist right now? See y’all soon!



IMG_8603 IMG_8651 (1)IMG_8616IMG_8637 (1)IMG_8646IMG_8657 (1)
Wearing: Thrifted top (underneath) (similar), Overalls c/o WE ARE COW, boots c/o Glassons, Sportsgirl bandana (similar).

I’ve been back home for what feels like 5 minutes and tomorrow morning I have to leave. It’s really been a week, but I’ve probably been asleep for roughly half that time if I’m honest. Coming here I made a long list of things I had to accomplish, people I had to see and schoolwork I had to finish but of course… not a lot on that list was ticked off. Whoops. I did binge-watch season 5 of Broad City if that helps?? YAAS QUEEN!

A girl at school came up to me the other day and complimented my “range of denim garments.” I think that’s good thing? Yo girl does wear an unhealthy amount of it. Triple denim is something I rock way too casually. Also I’ve started dressing like a farmer/cowboy and lowkey wanna get a goat and a pair of cowboy boots. Despite my copious amounts of sleep this week I’m feeling pretty damn tired (and still have my whole life to pack) (explains the weirdness of this post) so I’m out- have a good sleep my loves xxx


my week in photos #2

photo1photo9photo10photo2 photo5photo6photo7hi13photo3photo8

‘Twas a wonderful week filled with art, friends and good food. I love doing these posts because I get to reflect and reminisce on my week (and you guys seem to enjoy it too). I’m nostalgic like that. So this week I: saw a really freaking beautiful sunset, went to the Jeremy Scott x Melissa event (the collection is AMAZING btw), rocked my customised Supre jacket and felt like a badass, plus one-d my friend Bellamie to said event, re-vamped my desk, had coffee with my five-year-old-friend and saw the Andy Warhol x Ai Wei Wei exhibit at the NGV. It was magical.

And to finish it all off, I got to fly home yesterday. I missed my family, friends and dogs (lol) so much and it is so dang nice to be back in my old room. Too hot for my new Melbournite self here in QLD but I’m getting used to it. Also, I should definitely not be allowed to drive after a month away from the wheel. Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly crash-hot to begin with. I guess my body’s pretty stoked too because I’ve been home for about 24 hours and have slept for roughly 15 of them. Kinda seems like I’m a 3-nap-a-day kinda gal now. I have a vlog of this week coming tomorrow if I don’t sleep through this entire week. I’ll talk to y’all very soon- have a wonderful Easter weekend. ♡