the new boho

Wearing: Dress c/o Minkpink, jacket c/o Supre, necklace + rings c/o Pandora, Windsor Smith “Gillie” heels, MAC “Velvet Teddy” on lips.

A stack of silver chains, distressed denim, a pop of print and killer heels. That’s my kind of boho- considering I’m a little too uptight for the whole bare-feet and cheesecloth tunic thing. And this dress is all kinds of absolutely-freaking-perfect; I know I love something when people begin to comment on why the hell I haven’t taken it off. “Shouldn’t you like… put that in the wash or something?” Thanks Kurt, burst my style bubble. WHO’S THE ONE WITH THE FASHION BLOG HERE?!

Because we love the #realtalk here on VON, I figured I’d tell you how uninspired and all-round poo-y I’ve been feeling lately. I don’t know, man. I really don’t. But the message- it’s okay to not be okay. Clichè, yeah, but something that I needed to hear and you probably do too.

“Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlights reel.” Remember you only ever get a snippet of someone’s online life and everyone has days where they just feel erughhhhhh. So yeah- that’s my message. Chin up loves xx


peach fuzz

IMG_1008IMG_0948 copyIMG_0997IMG_0999
Wearing: Sweater c/o Dolly Girl Fashion, jeans c/o Supre, hat c/o Missguided, Ecote boots.
You know I’m all about pastels right now- and just look at this sweater. After I got home from Sydney it was laying on my bed (my sister took the liberty of opening all my packages, thanks sis) and I immediately pulled it on and went to sleep. It was a wonderful sleep, let me tell you. And two days later I feel like I only just woke up- a non-stop couple of days apparently means mild hibernation for me. But Sydney was all worth it. I had the best time holy wow and you need to go check my Instagram because Kurt surprised me with something pretty kewl. Plus I hung out with the peeps at Girlfriend and filmed some Youtube videos with them. I AM EXCITED.

Happy Monday my loves, let’s make this week amazing. I feel like I’m on a roll. There’s a Youtube video coming today and I’ve finished Broad City for a second time and it’s not even 8 am. Kicking goals over here. So much lovin’ xx


city & sea

Wearing: Top c/o Supre, jeans c/o Ziggy Denim, Quay sunglasses, Witchery boots.

Yesterday, following a wonderfully last-minute series of events, I found myself in Sydney again. With Kurt and two sausage dogs. Yep- half of my time is spent dog-sitting, the other cafe-hopping. Sometimes I get work done too. Anyway, I’m stoked of course- Sydney’s fast-becoming a favourite jaunt of mine. The perfect mix of the city & the sea. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of sand everywhere or cold water; but it is beautiful.

Plus, Cronulla beach looks supa kewl mirrored in these sunglasses I picked up today. Someone stop me from shopping any more. Maybe I should stop coming to Sydney. BUT before I do, I’ll be hanging with the peeps at Girlfriend Magazine tomorrow. We’ll be filming some videos about fashion (what else?) and it should be fabulous. Watch this space! Much love xx


boys are from mars

Wearing: crop top c/o Lotus Mars, skirt c/o Supre, shoes c/o Lovely Wholesale, vintage backpack, MAC “Velvet Teddy” on lips.
Today was a good day. When I was in school Mondays signified the end of the world  weekend but they’re not so bad anymore. Today I ate cake for breakfast and spent an hour trying on ridiculous hats in a costume shop for no particular reason. Being an adult is great. And since my Monday was a #funday, this little crop and distressed denim were highly appropriate- and tbh I wear backpacks more than handbags. High school habits die hard.

I hope your day was wonderful too! Sending so much love your way. If you don’t follow me on twitter, you may not have seen this:
The feedback on my eating disorder video has been SO INCREDIBLE, I love you all so much and wanted to thank you for everything (insert 15 love heart emojis here).
But seriously. I know I said it in my last post but I needed to say it again! Filming some more videos and planning a lil giveaway to thank you. Going to watch Broad City reruns and reblog the night away now. MUCH LOVE x

*Post title is both a reference to Lotus Mars (the label this crop came from) and my complete and utter inability to understand the male species.