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Wearing: Dress c/o Tobi, jacket (around waist) c/o Suprè, clutch c/o Klarra, shoes c/o Pixie Market.

Well hey there! Got a simple LBD and denim to kick off the new week. And thank goodness for that- my last week was, quite frankly, no fun at all. I worked a lot and was so exhausted, in my downtime was terribly unproductive and let my room become a pigsty, was really moody and, to finish it off, failed my driving test… I’m okay though, we’re okay, and this week I’m trying to just chill. Sorry for bombarding you with the negativity, too- I promise I’m not usually like this. I guess it’s good to let you guys know my life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows too.

How have your weeks been? I spent my first blissful day today chilling, editing, filming and snacking. Also spent last night eating vegetarian lasagne and watching Oscar winners with Kurt. Little bit of that and I’m feeling back to normal- plus it feels so good to post after 6 days off. I was going nuts. Keep an eye on my Youtube because I’ve got a video going live tonight. Much love, thank you for everything! x

PS- thank you to everyone who entered my Dior giveaway and I’ve still got 2 tickets left for the 19th if you live in the Brisbane area. Check it out here. I’m going by a first come, first serve basis if you’re interested!

love me like you do

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Wearing: Crop top c/o Supre, jacket c/o Living Doll, American Apparel shorts.

Couldn’t wait for winter to bust out this beauty. So I sacrificed myself to the fashion gods and sweated under this magical jacket that is CLEARLY made from unicorn fur. It’s the only logical explanation. Wore this to pick my little sister up from school because I’m a fashion killa 24/7. This is a legitimate statement- my life has been a little bland recently, guys.

I’m kidding- and actually really happy. Graduation, though I didn’t realise it at the time, meant a spring clean in my life; letting unnecessary things and people just fall away. And now I have what I truly love, who I truly love and the ability to dedicate all my time to them. Which brings me to my next thing… you know that last Thursday I went to the Dior and I media screening. And I’m pleased to say the peeps at Madman Entertainment have been nice enough to let me give you guys 5 double passes to see it for yourself! If you live in or around the Brisbane area this is for you- they’re for the 19th of March at the Palace Centro Cinema. It’ll be a pre-release screening- the real deal comes out on the 26th.


All you have to do is follow me on Twitter & Instagram and leave a comment with your email down below! It’s amazing guys, you need to see it. I’m also uploading a vlog as I type this (Youtube channel here) which includes some footage from that day and my mini movie review. Keep an eye out for that.

Much love, see you very soon! x



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Wearing: top c/o THE WHITEPEPPER, Forever 21 skirt, boots c/o Shellys London.
How can you look at these tiny stegosaurus’ and brontosaurus’ and not feel happy? TRICK QUESTION- you can’t. Yep, my favourite prehistoric print is back again. Toned it down with some black-on-black action because I didn’t factor in the 40-degree heat when I got dressed this morning. Fashun is pain. Also sweat.

Today I attended a screening of the upcoming Dior and I movie- and was completely blown away. It’s a beautifully compelling film about Raf Simmon’s first Dior haute couture collection back in 2012. I ACTUALLY CRIED. It’s unlike any other fashion documentary I’ve ever watched: it has the suspense of an action movie with the visual beauty of fine fashion and art. I’m going to spare you the next 5 paragraphs and just tell you to see it. And Brisbane gals, keep your eyes peeled for the next post because I’m giving away 5 double passes to the next screening! We can then fangirl together. Have a wonderful night/day, much love! x

Holla if you want to SNAPCHAT me: @isabellawight


white pepper

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Wearing: Denim dungarees c/o THE WHITEPEPPER, top (worn underneath) c/o Three of Something, Lipstik heels.
Happy Monday! Here are some photos I snapped yesterday, because there’s no better way to start your week than with overalls. You probably saw me fangirling in my haul video and already know that dungarees make my little blogger heart melt. Because I’ve been blessed with looking perpetually younger than I am, (I could rattle off a number of incidents, but being told I have to be 16 to take a hot cross bun sampler in the grocery store is one of my faves) I like to dress up my childlike pieces. And although these shoes are pinky-toe suicide, they elevate these dungarees just the right amount. All of that being said, wouldn’t hesitate to put on my converses and score a kid’s meal.

It’s a beautiful day, and I’ve accidentally spent half of it sleeping off back-to-back night shifts from this weekend. Not that I’m complaining- it’s nice to have a little bit of security for when #brokestudentlyf begins next year. But now I have a day off and I’m going to spend it with Kurt, watching movies, making pizza and being generally unproductive. Let me know if there are any videos/posts/anything you’d like to see and have a beautiful day! x