purple haze

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Wearing: (Image 1) thrifted tee, Stolen Girlfriend’s Club jeans (cut into shorts), my housemate’s sunglasses, thrifted bag.

Appropriate title as things have been a little hazy since diving head-first back into uni. I’m a little rusty in terms of the whole studying thing and second year is infinitely harder than first, but it’s alright. I finally feel settled back into Melbourne life (the whole being-homeless-for-two-weeks-thing kind of threw me off) and ready to get a ROUTINE because I am a goddamn mess. My sleeping patterns are that of a nocturnal, overhyped chipmunk and it’s been a while since a meal that wasn’t microwaveable. It sounds pitiful because it is, my friends.

But that’s alright because I’ve got a weekend with nothing on except a date with my laptop and a shit-tonne of sporadic naps. No complaints here except for the numerous ones I’ve already made in this post. Happy almost-weekend x


  • http://www.livforstyle.net Liv

    Love this vintage inspired look!



  • http://www.totalmodisch.blogspot.co.uk/ Ruby@TotalModisch

    I love your style! Always love your photography style, your blog and insta have such a good vibe x