Wearing: vintage dress, Supre belt, FallenBrokenStreet hat, RM Williams boots.

Bringin some life back into this blog with a little something from home. I literally can’t even keep track of the amount of photos taken against this purple wall- most with giggling onlookers, might I add. It’s actually some kind of a dance studio behind the famed wall so there’s never a shortage of r’n’b beats to keep things interesting. I’m home for the (very short) Easter break and have already spent 2 of my 4 days napping and eating hot cross buns. Mainly whilst weepily scrolling through my Coachella-clogged Instagram feed. What I wouldn’t give to be in a sweaty desert moshpit rn. Believe it or not-this is a thought I have often. But for now, I’m in my old-room-turned-storage-facility-guest-room with checkered sheets and a stuffed animal. Perfectly acceptable for an almost-20-year-old, right?


  • Sophie ♥

    Love this ‘Chella inspired outfit. My gosh the FOMO is strong. What I would give to see Lady Gaga amidst a sea of kicked up dirt and sweaty bodies in a desert. And of course Lorde killing it! Hope you’re having fun at home xx

  • Izzy McLeod

    Love the look, and yeah perfectly acceptable I am the same this easter :’)

    The Quirky Queer

  • Natasha Wilson

    i love the dress, its beautiful!! i wish i was at coachella toooooo

    Tasha x