shoes and socks

Derek Heart sweater, Cherokee skirt, Target tights, vintage hat, Mossimo shoes.

I am officially a woman! No, really! I picked out and bought my very first pair of heels (I know you have all seen my black wedges before but they were a gift and don’t count)! It took a little bit of persuading but after I buttered Mother up with a few peppermint Oreos I was set to go. I now laze around the house in these shoes, go grocery shopping in them, sleep in them… that kind of thing.
This outfit was mostly a result of me wanting to wear my shoes and turned out to be a nice mash-up of bargain buys and vintage pieces borrowed off my lovely Grandmother. Big sweaters have been my go-to items since I caught a nasty cold and have spent a great deal of time in bed. My laziness never ceases to amaze me on these chilly winter mornings. I have learnt how to sleep in and avoid doing any kind of work by kind of sliding under the covers and snoring whenever someone walks past, surviving on smuggled cough drops, my laptop and harem pants. How have your lazy holidays been?

  • Sweet Harvest Moon

    >Love your blue jumper!

  • Lidiya

    >The heels look gorgeous and I adore this outfit, cute jumper <3

  • Pijo

    >sweet 😀

  • the goldfish girl

    >amazing outfit!!!congrats for your first heels!!

  • Veronica

    >I love the sweater and skirt combo. And I remember my first pair of heels…I looked like a baby giraffe trying to walk, but it was so worth it!!

  • Squared

    >lovely! love this

  • Emma, Fashion Obsessed

    >my gosh Izzy you are just stunning :)

    love this look


  • Amy

    >Followed (:
    Your blog is gorgeous!
    And you're a fellow aussie, YAY! Where are you from in Aus, it seems like it's cold there for December?

  • batblush

    >what a sweet outfit! totally my taste exactly <3

    by the way, did you ever mention what state you're staying in for your American holiday? I live in North Carolina and it looks a lot like where you're at right now! XD

  • Ellie Burns

    >i really love your jumper- lovely blog xx

  • Jazzy E (Hivenn)

    >Beautiful. x hivennn

  • m i s s . t e a

    >Love the bowler+ wedges+ oversized jumper combo! So very stylish :) Also, the background setting is so picturesque! xx misstea & co.

  • Twee

    >The jumper is really chic~! It's such a lovely outfit too~! It really suits you =)

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  • Clara Turbay

    >Stunning blog keep doing it!

  • Emma

    >Your sweater, hat and tights are just too awesome! Great outfit :)

  • le sorelle

    >I love borrowing pieces from my Grandma! She has the greatest things! Congrats on buying your first pair of heels, you've made a fabulous choice! And an even better choice choosing to wear them with socks! :)



    >omg you look so pretty! i love this outfit, the jumper looks so cozy and cute!



  • Annie

    >Love this look…that chunky sweater with the skirt is so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  • Holly and Emily

    >saw you on the teen vogue website and instantly fell in love with your style! Have followed you now…would mean the world if you followed me – i only started my blog today.#Sorry i dont mean too pull the sympathy vote ! xx

  • Celia Aranda

    >Aww I love your blog!
    Your style is so amazing and I like that sweater so much 😉
    New follower !
    XO, Celia

  • lepinkbow

    >really cute outfit! cant wait to see your new heels! (:


  • Elyse E

    >I love your outfit! I remember when I bought me very first pair of heels, amazing ahah!
    Great blog :) You have a new follower for sure :)
    Come and follow my blog as well darling!

  • Hollie douglas

    >your jumper seems really cosy and it's a nice colour :)

  • Aliza

    >i absolutely love this outfit! so wonderful. I love the shoes and the high socks and the sweater. it all comes together quite nicely.

  • Cherlyn Degraffenried

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