shrinking violet

The Jacaranda trees are fully in bloom here in Australia (yes, I am aware there are no violets in these photos) and it’s so beautiful. Flora is one of my favourite parts about the glorious month of Spring. I know, I know, I’ve worn this skirt many times-here, here and here– but Mum recently got this top from Portmans (I’m her personal stylist, so I totally take credit for it) and I had to. I had to clash it with my faithful Faith & Lola. Whilst sitting in a Jacaranda tree. It wasn’t very comfortable, but beauty is pain. Or fashion is pain. Or outfit posts are pain. All of the above.

My little absence (it took about two days longer than usual to put this post up) was due to the fact, like I said in my last post, school is back and I’ve unfortunately had to get into the swing of things again. But, this weekend I’m off to the city with Mum and Adele (my little sister, in case you’re wondering- and no, she can’t sing) and that’s always exciting. I’ll admit, I have a bit of a love affair with the city. The lights, the busyness of it all, the opportunities- it’s a nice break from everyday life. Hope you are all swell and enjoying falling leaves in Autumn, or falling flowers in Spring. Talk soon!

PS. I have been featured in two adorable interviews. One on You Can’t Buy Culture, one on Nana Wintour!

Wearing: Portmans top, Faith & Lola skirt, Miss Shop boots, Revlon Lip Butter in “Raspberry Pie.”
  • Georgia

    Isn’t springtime just lovely? I remember once a year at my old house the lawn would be purple from Jacaranda blossoms! The pattern clash is lovely, and the boots amazing!
    Georgia x

  • Patrícia Marques

    Flowers and stripes together is just perfect!


  • Jeline

    you look amazing, as usual!

  • Nicole Ema Raybaud

    Love this look! I always love a striped top paired with a bright skirt! You look beautiful as always xx

  • alina

    beautiful shoes, I invite you to me

  • Alessia

    Congrat for your blog! I like it so much! Cool! This outfit stripe and flowers is just perfect! And love the one with the rose handband, very original!!

    Check my blog if u like mine, maybe we can follow each others! Kiss kiss

  • LUAR

    You and your outfit are gorgeous!

    L U A R


  • Malena

    Wow, very beautiful pics! love your skirt :)

  • Katie

    Oh my … fourth photo is totally the best <3 You are too cute <3

  • Michelle Ho

    Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  • ellen

    i need i new post! 😉
    i just wanted to saw i have been following your blog for awhile but recently i fallen in love with your photography and style, i check your blog everyday, its simply amazing and so inspiring! keep up the posts 😛

  • Juliette

    Wow amazing outfit !!! You are really cute and the shoes are lovely !

  • Astrid

    I love that stripy shirt. Ultra french nautical (: And your lipstick is really pretty too.
    Astrid from

  • Melissa

    I love that skirt – so much fun. Great look, dear.

    <3 Melissa