>Small town world


So for Valentines Day, (still going on about it) my family and I had a quaint brunch in the cutest little town. I decided to experiment with the look a little, with the dress that I made and have never worn. Paired with my new boots from Target, ( I know right! $50!) and some mismatched bracelets, (The ones that didn’t somehow get stuck together with a mysterious purple glue) it looked pretty cute. Not sure what the vibe was, but still cute.

So, just the usual has been happening. Math exams, boiling hot weather and a lot of reading (mainly The Clique). What’s been happening with you, fellow bloggers?


  • Lesa

    >Cute boots! Is wearing boots in the summer common in Oz? Cowboys wear boots year round here but I always think their feet/legs must be so hot!