space invader

space2space1space3I’m not even ashamed to admit that I ordered these solely because of their shininess. My magpie-like qualities really seem to get the better of me when it comes to shoes. But c’mon- everyone loves a little holographic in their lives. And these boots not only make me feel like I’m living in a space age, but they make me even more excited for cooler months. I know, I know, I should be appreciating Summer right now- and I am- but my sweater pile and line of Chelsea boots is calling to me.

I haven’t got an incredible amount to say right now, life has been pretty basic as of late. Doctors appointments, sleepovers with Kurt and the occasional swim.The two-weeks-until-school panic is also starting to settle in, and the fact that it’s my last year of high school doesn’t help. Hopefully I’ll make it out alive. What have you been up to lately? Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend! xo

Wearing: Sweater c/o Chicnova, skirt c/o Oasap, boots c/o Missguided.


  • Sabrina In Monaco

    love it <3<3

  • Virginie Paladini

    Lovely look! I realy like it and you’re very pretty :)

  • Lucy Smith-Butler

    I have given up, I genuinely wish I looked and dressed like you!

  • Catarina Magalhães
  • Joana from Electrical Being

    Going to a concert tonight with my friends which is perfect since school for me begins in 3 days. I’ll take 2 weeks of vacay than 3 days anytime!

  • Lazy Obsession Blog

    the shininess is all the more reason to buy it!! love it x

  • Emily Black

    Great outfit, I’m hanging out for Winter too, I just like the clothes better during the colder months! Also, you’ll get through your last year for sure. I had a bit of a hard time during mine but even I got through, and looking back I remember it as being a very special year despite all the hardships that went along with it! x

  • Jacqueline

    nice sweater, I’m liking this ‘tropical fruit’ wave of fabrics bursting through at the moment… gorman has some really nice stuff too.
    your boots are shiny true, but magpie qualities aren’t that bad… :) it means you end of with shininess everywhere and that’s gooood. :)

  • Lena B.

    these boots are fab! I’m shamelessly excited for winter too; I went to the markets today and bought two jumpers. I’m not mentally prepared to go back to school, year 12 omg!

  • Khrizelle Gutierrez

    I am deeply in love with your blog ever since!! You’re so fab and gorg!!

  • Joana Casanova
  • yasmin

    Izzy you look amazing!
    Looove your shoes, I seem to be attracted to everything shiny too.

  • Kelsey Doyle

    Hey, I’m only new to the blogging world, and I was wondering how much you purchased your theme for? I’ve been looking around but I’m not sure what’s expensive and what’s an average price. Thank you! (p.s, I absolutely love your blog, it’s gorgeous!) X

  • Caitlyn

    Literally obsessed with any piece thats holographic RN