splendour series: outfit #2

Wearing: Dress c/o Lulu*s (similar), sandals c/o Lulu*s, bag c/o Lulu*s, vintage concho belt (similar).
Hey! How you doin’? (Joey Tribiani reference intended) Here, friends, I present you with part two of my Splendour lookbook. I have always avoided maxi dresses because I am a tiny human and maxi-anything looks like an oversized potato sack on me- but now, not so much. Tying it in a knot made a world of difference, plus DANG THIS THING IS COMFORTABLE. It’s like one continuous flow of fabric and I didn’t even wear a bra. P.S. TMI isn’t a thing if you’re reading this blog- hope you’ve figured that one out by now.

If that entire paragraph didn’t make sense, it’s because I woke up at 3:46 this morning to catch a flight to Cairns. Let me tell you, I definitely had the intention of going to bed early in preparation. I got two hours sleep and regret everything. Basically, we’re here for one of our infamous dad-booked family holidays. Things never seem to go smoothly for the Wight family. But so far so good, we’re staying in Port Douglas and the weather is stunning. Keep up with my Insta/Snapchat/Twitter for beach snaps and me being an idiot and stuff. I need sleep SO BADLY. Let me know what you’re doing/where you’re going/what you’re wearing because I’m nosy like that. Talk soon. Much love xx


  • Jaydah Merrick

    I feel the same way with maxi dresses love the one your wearing too cute

  • Zophia Dadlez

    “infamous dad-booked family holidays” FINALLY someone else gets it! hahahaha.

    Zophia’s Camera

  • kathleen

    LOVE this look, the dress is such a nice print!
    Made In The 1990’s.

  • Maggie

    This outfit is amazing, you always make me want to shop at these stores such as Lulus. I follow your blog religiously and you inspired me to make my own.


  • http://www.permanentprocrastination.com/ Permanent Procrastination

    I always feel like that when it comes to maxi dresses as well, because I’m so short. I need to give them a go!

    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

  • http://iwanttoliveinla.blogspot.com.es claudia

    I loveeeee this post! YOU ARE AMAZING IZZY! And you’ll always be one of my favorite bloggers :)

    — I want to live in L. A —

  • Caitriona Tighe

    I never actually tried maxi dresses before either as I too, am a tiny human. Hahaha I totally need to try some out for summer. That one is beautiful !! :) Enjoy your holiday x

    Caitriona | caitrionatighe.blogspot.ie/

  • http://brambleandlace.blogspot.com Zoe

    love love love this outfit! Izzy, you never fail to deliver the fashion goods and this post is definitely no exception. hope you’re having a blast in Port Douglas! x


  • http://www.dressesmallau.com/ Ivy Liya

    The backless dress is a little sexy, but with the white dot, it is change more charming.
    backless dress