I know the locations a little redundant…. but at least the outfit’s not? I’m the annoying kind of person who can never make up their mind, and that seems to translate to my outfit choices. We were wandering through West End when I spotted this dress in the Happy Cabin boutique, and I surprised myself by falling in love with it. If you’re into it, Book of Deer has so many unique pieces (this blouse!) and is now credited as one of my favourite labels. More to come about that shopping venture later…

School tomorrow and I’M DYING. Everyone else seems to be excited to go back and I’m just not feelin’ it. Holidays forever, please. But, maybe this means I’ll swing into a more regular posting routine… and get to bed before 1 am? We’ll see. Good luck to all those going back with me! xo

Wearing: Book of Deer dress via The Happy Cabin, Hat c/o Lack of Color, shoes c/o Lulu*s
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  • http://www.thestylerawr.com/ TheStyleRawr

    Love your hat and that blouse! This location totally works. 😉 x

  • http://sartorialust.net/ Jeline Catt

    Gorgeous dress! x


  • itsnades

    the dress’s print is so unique <3


  • http://likeaharte.blogspot.com/ Ivana Petrovic

    Not redundant at all – I think it gives that stunning dress a chance to shine! :-)

    Like A Harte

  • Tia

    Love the shoes (and everything else of course!)

    x tiaelisabeth.blogspot.ca

  • Joana Casanova
  • F Andii

    Love your style!! Perfect outfit!

  • http://bittersweetroses.blogspot.com/ Nastya Rudakova

    That look is so pretty! And I usually feel the same too when it’s time to go back to school, so I wish you a good start of the term! :)
    Nastya ❤️

  • http://baconsquared.blogspot.com/ Steph & Cher

    I absolutely adore this outfit! It’s such a classic look and you pull it off so well. And I’m so jealous that you don’t have to go back until tomorrow. I’ve been in school for a few weeks now!


  • http://www.tutusaresweeter.com/ Amal

    This is the most beautiful blouse ever! Everything is perfect from the print to the little bows! It’s so perfect!

  • Andrea

    The outfit is so simple yet so chic and pretty. I love the hat, you could wear it with multiple outfits.


  • Lena B.

    you seriously become a bigger babe with each blog post! I love the happy cabin! they have the sweetest things in there and it’s just so darn lovely



  • http://peterandpan.weebly.com/ Emma Sh

    I absolutely adore this outfit!

  • http://lazyobsession.blogspot.com/ Lazy Obsession Blog

    such cute photos, I absolutely love that hat 😮 I go back to college on Monday and I’m currently DREADING it :/

  • Lu

    perfect dress and i want your hat!!

  • yasmin

    Izzy you look amazing! Totally lusting over your hat and hair xo

  • Sasha Leon J

    In love with the shoes and hat!

  • Sasha Leon J

    oh and you’re gorgeous!!


  • skinny_buddha

    wonderful dress and you have an amazing sense of style!

  • Joanna Southcott

    This is going to sound weird, but how tall are you? It’s because I might purchase this same dress, but I’m about ‘4’10….and I think this style only really works if the dress is shorter and not longer. That, and I don’t want to look like a little kid lol.

    • Joanna Southcott

      P.S. It (and the way you’ve styled it) look amazing on you!