>spot of op-shopping


Finding something that doesn’t stink and looks okay can sometimes be a tricky task while op-shopping or bargain shopping (two dollar stores, discount stores, outlets etc). I must admit when doing just this with lovely blogger Maria yesterday we were unsuccessful in what we actually set out to buy. On the other hand, the things we never thought we needed were actually what we bought. Maria managed to score six videos for three dollars in an op-shop, plus an interesting book about the Cottingley fairies mystery, her new obsession. I bought this cute cream metal beside table for thirty dollars, replacing my metallic-pink-and-butterflies one I had before. None of which we actually intended to buy, but that’s the beauty of op-shopping. Things you had forgotten about or never thought you could find appear and outdated items can become worthy of wearing again. So go ahead, restore your wardrobe/room/bookshelf/movie collection with an op-shop find.


  • Rebecca’s Vintage Romance

    >That table looks beautiful! I've been looking for something like that for my bedroom too. I always find second-hand shops hit & miss, but then sometimes I find the most wonderful things!
    Rebecca x

  • m i s s . t e a

    >this happens to me too often, i come across something that i didnt think i needed and end up falling in love with it! probably why my bank account keeps going down! xx misstea & co.

  • Lindsay

    >i love the last picture! so cute 😉 good luck with future vintage finds


  • tessa

    >thanks for the lovely comment :) followed you on bloglovin. let's keep in touch :)

  • Valentine Rose

    >Love the table, so gorgeous!


  • Lovely B.

    >you have such tantalizing eyes! i read your previous posts and i love your blog! I am following you now, hope you follow my blog too! :) i love to hear more of you soon..
    thank you so much!