stuck in a cloud


I realised, whilst on the three-hour drive here, that I never even told you all I was going away- and we all know if you didn’t announce it on social media, it didn’t happen (or at least in my world). After a mix-up with the dates to Splendour we accidentally booked to holidays in Byron. I’m definitely not complaining. We arrived in the sleepy town of South Golden Beach yesterday and I’m already in love. There’s basically nothing but a beach, some bicycle riders and a pizza shop. Bliss.

And, after almost a year of pining over ombre locks, I took the plunge. I went to Dollhouse Hair in Brunswick Heads randomly after Googling nearby salons, and would definitely recommend it. The lady was so lovely and the prices were affordable (student discount, get on that). It’s definitely different, but I’m pretty sure I love it- thoughts?

I have limited internet access but will still be posting/replying to emails! Also hit my up on Twitter with any questions/comments. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! xx

Wearing: Top c/o Kee Boutique , shorts c/o Sheinside .