sweet 16

Put together some of my all-time favourite out-takes- a combination of hideous selfies, stupid facials and behind-the scenes mischief -to mark my 16th birthday and past year of blogging. I’ve had a ridiculous amount of fun, both today and in my past year of being 15, and can’t wait to share more! Thanks for the birthday wishes. xo


  • http://lauraisthriftingthroughlife.blogspot.com Laura

    What a fun post! Hope that you have a very happy birthday!


  • http://cleartheway.wordpress.com Kate

    These are great! haha, so much fun!

  • http://noise-and-confusionn.blogspot.co.uk/ Yasmin

    these photos are the cutest! happy birthday izzy, hope 16 will be a good age for you :) xo

  • http://twitter.com/KNTRO KNTRO

    Hi Isabella,

    This is my first time commenting in your personal blog but I’m one of your fans at LB.

    Nice megamix of photos, specially because you wear so fabulous comparing to the rest of girls around your age. Besides, most photos are taken very professionally so that adds a higher value.

    Hope you had a happy birthday with your loved ones. 😉

    Best regards from Argentina.

  • http://beingmaru.blogspot.com/ Maru Conti

    Happy Birthday, Izzy!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/joelle.genco Joelle

    Happy Belated Birthday! These picture are great, you should put at least one of these types of picture into your normal posts. Keep on blogging, I absolutely love your blog (hoping to start one of my own this summer kind of like yours, if you have any tips for stating it please email me 😀 )

  • http://styledwithglamour.blogspot.com Jade

    Happy Birthday! Love the post!

    Love Jade xxx

  • http://sundance--kid.blogspot.co.nz/ jane

    hey isabella! happy birthday! you are the most gorgeous girl and i hope you had a lovely day!
    (by the way, it’s jane from the tale of two buttons, i restarted yay!)
    xo jane

  • http://brokegirldilemmas.blogspot.com Jessica

    woot, can’t wait to see what you post in the next year