Wearing: Thrifted tee, thrifted skirt, Reebok sneakers.
hey6 hey1Melbourne is finally lifting itself out of the annual sad seasonal smog to bring us all new life and- wait for it- sunshine! I don’t think I really noticed the correlation between the seasons and my moods until this winter. Now, instead of rolling my corpse off a sizzling electric blanket at 8 every morning, I’m cleansing, toning and moisturising at 7, out the door (happily) by 8 and managing to squeeze a feel-good funny compilation Youtube video break in there. A new woman.

Despite feeling a looming existential crisis most of the time, that is. Early 20’s are hard. Is this the peak of my attractiveness? My housemate Nina said this to me the other day whilst we were laying on her bead, staring at the ceiling with bowls of two minute noodle remnants sprawled across the duvet cover. “You know this is probably the most attractive we’ll ever be?” God, I hope not. Yesterday I arrived at work with greasy coconut oil residue all over my head from a failed hair mask, dirty overalls and stubby little excuses for fingernails because I had bitten them all off during my last lecture. Does everybody else struggle to have it together as much as I do????????? Just curious. Anyway- I better go and work on that. Enjoy these photos of me looking more together than yesterday.