teenage fever

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Wearing: Thrifted top, Supre Jeans, Thrifted camera.

Spent the afternoon exploring our new digs with film camera in tow. Don’t be fooled- it was roughly 37 degrees while these photos were being taken and I have no idea what possessed me to wear jeans. Guess I’m just too eager for that Melbourne winter feelin’. This city dramatically changes with the seasons, in my opinion. As do I. And apparently summer was not my shining hour. Currently buried under a Mount-Everest-sized heaping mound of uni work that makes my brain wanna melt and my eyes wanna water. With tears, that is. Also forgot I had a blog there for a bit. Additionally hoping you didn’t forget I existed during that time but I’d probably understand.

In other news- our landlord hates us, yesterday my card declined at Woolworths and I had to abandon my $30 worth of delicious 2 minute noodles and hummus at the register, my coffee dude at uni now knows me by name and upgraded me to a large for free, there’s a mouse living under our couch. Sometimes it’s really hard living a lavish lifestyle like this, it really is. Going to sleep in my palace. Goodnight x


  • http://muccycloud.com Izzy McLeod

    Loving this, though how you survived in Jeans in 37 degrees is beyond me, I struggle in a bikini in 37 degrees. And I’m sorry for your loss of instant noodles and hummus it is a real tragedy when stuff like that happens

    The Quirky Queer

  • http://fruitofdelight.blogspot.co.uk/ Abigail A

    Love the outfit, that top is so nice!

    abi | http://fruitofdelight.blogspot.co.uk/