the hit list #1

A compilation of the internet’s current greatest hits.

The Lazy Oaf “Fun” dress… I’ve been obsessed with the UK brand in general. The dress basically sums it up: fun, look-at-me prints and super-cool detailing.

This DIY camera strap tutorial on Design Love Fest. Turning your camera into an accessory? I think yes.

The amazing duvet covers on the DENY Designs site. Created by artists and graphic designers, they’re custom printed for each customer who orders- not to mention completely gorgeous.

The “banana-date nut shake” recipe on the This Rawsome Vegan Life site. I stumbled across Em’s site when looking for a raw hot chocolate recipe– and haven’t looked back since. I’m really interested in the concept of raw veganism, and these recipes are not only healthy and 100% raw, but truly, truly delicious.

This photo I found on Tumblr. Obsessed.

¬†Aeon attire’s super-cool range of shades. They’re a brand that just launched out of Canada, and their hats, beanies and sunglasses have a too-cool-for-school edge.

I hope you enjoyed my little list of links I’ve been loving. Alliteration is fun. Tell me if you did enjoy… because I’ve got a whole lotta links. Talk soon xo

  • Sarah

    lazy oaf is such a cool brand and i’ve always loved their quirky and fun pieces! those sunglasses are also super cool and i think a sleepover like that picture you found on tumblr would be so great. imagine how pretty the city lights would look at night!


  • Lillian

    I love Lazy Oaf! Also the sunglasses pic looks super cool :)

    Lillian from The Rustyhead

  • Beatriz

    I LOVE your blog and your style.
    Kisses from Brazil

  • Joana from Electrical Being

    Sweet mattress. If only they had one that read, “Rad.”

  • Ruby Sterland

    Love the dress and the camera strap! Great post Isabella x

  • mai

    i really love that fun dress! it does shouts fun!!

  • Tracy

    love this post. it’s an amuse bouche for the eyeballs. ask your mother how to say that in french.

  • Elle & Bee

    Love the Lazy Oaf dress, the doona cover, the view and the cateye sunglasses!! Lovely post!!