the school shoe situation

At the start of the year Mum bought me these school shoes, which at the time, I didn’t really mind. But as soon as I tried them on I realised looked like Bigfoot and Oh my Gosh how could I ever wear these to high school. So I got out my old school shoes, that were three years old, and cracked in half with the stuffing falling out, but made my feet look smaller. And I wore them for about half a year. Mum groaned every time I stepped out of the house and several times I have tried to have a nice conversation and the whole time this person would be staring at my boganish shoes in utter horror. And I know for a fact my LAN teacher, Ms Schowey, did not like them one bit.
Eventually Mum told me that I had to wear my polished, put together Bigfoot shoes or she would disown me as a child. The first day I had to wear them coincidentally my fairy Gramother called. I explained the horrific situation I was in and she offered to buy me some new ones. (HALLELUJAH)

  • iam3332

    >How beautiful. Your new shces are like ballet slippers. You must dance thru your day now. I'm so happy you have a fairy gramother.

  • nicolecl79

    >Oh goodness, the old shoes are really dead aren;t they!?

    Here's a link for you to try out:

    Alexa Chung likes their clothes and I know she likes to hang out with Tavi a little :)

  • maria.clare

    >peasant, take my word for it; your new shoes look great! they are so cute and make you look peteite and dainty :) i still cant beleive those 3 year old shoes STILL fit you!! have your feet failed to grow in the past 3 years or something? 😀

  • Izzy Rose.

    >I love my new shoes, and yes, I will dance through my days now.
    Nicole- Thank you for the link. I love Topshop and Alexa Chung and Tavi. It's just such a shame they don't have Topshop in Australia.
    Maria- yes, I think I have feet growth failure.

  • Hoktong

    hello I’m come from china!

  • Hannah

    I might have just read all of your posts :) Loved them